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Adventure Seeking Women and riding elephants

Great Gifts Ideas for Adventure Seeking Women

Gift Ideas For Adventure Seeking Women Who Love to Travel and Take Pictures Along the Way When you choose to celebrate the adventure seeking women in your life—whether it is

Essential toiletries for your travel adventures

Best Essential Toiletries for Travel

One of the most common questions my husband, Chris, and I are often asked is, “What should I pack for a trip?” We’ve all heard the famous phrase from a

Beautiful Lakes Haiyaha

11 Instagrammably Beautiful Lakes Around the World

In our travels, Chris and I have encountered many breathtakingly beautiful lakes all around the world. Some of these beautiful lakes have tourists flocking to them by the thousands each

Day Trips in Italy red poppies along the train track

7 Best Day Trips in Italy for Photographers

I LOVE Italy. I love picturesque day trips in Italy. The small towns, the winding streets, the beautiful doorways and passageways, the quaint architecture. I love it all. I love

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