15 Popular Photography Gadgets your Valentine will Love

15 Popular Photography Gadgets

It is always the perfect time to consider photography gadgets to add to your photography repertoire.

The photography bug bit me about ten years ago, and I haven’t stopped adding to my photography gadget collection or taking pictures since. I was maintaining a family blog for grandparents and family near and far; they loved seeing photos of our girls and our family through the years.

I’m the kind of mother/photographer who when my four-year old daughter got her hair caught in the mesh of the trampoline enclosure said to her, “I don’t suppose you’d hold on a minute while I go get the camera?” 

Her immediate response: “No!” 

Being the kind of mom that I am, and knowing that Kristen wasn’t in immediate danger, I ran for my camera anyway. Somehow Kristen had extricated her hair by the time I got back.

She wasn’t very happy with me.

IMG 6141

As I have continued to strengthen my photography skills through the years, taken classes, added to my photography gadgets, and espoused the philosophy of “practice, practice, practice,” my skills have definitely improved. I still consider myself to be an amateur or hobby photographer but have learned a thing or two in the process. 

And…I have developed a list of must-have photography gadgets for photography at home, on the road, and for travel.

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I began my photo journey with a Canon G-series camera (which sadly I later left on a bus in the Philippines) and then upgraded to a Canon T-series [affiliates].

My Canon T3i was perfect for learning photography and with that camera I took some of My Favorite Photos over the years.

I love my Canon cameras, and in my beginning stages of learning, my children quickly tired of my requests for them to pose. They mastered the art of smiling for the camera and then returning to a solemn-faced pose as soon as the camera clicked.

For Christmas 2020, I was thrilled to upgrade another step to a Canon 6D Mark II [affiliate]. Again, there was a learning curve and I had new buttons and features to learn. Always seems as though there is so much to learn!

If you spend anytime on social media, you’ll soon encounter people who are passionate about their brand of camera. There has long been a debate about which camera brand is the best—Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc.

The answer? Whatever camera you have with you!!!

And nowadays, with the advances in smart phone camera technology, the best camera might just be in your back pocket!

Mills lake for winter hiking

Here is a list of the essential photography gadgets that I use and that anyone would be sure to love. You’ll find some of these accessories in 14 Genius Gadgets for Travel as you consider which gadgets are most appropriate to pack for travel as well.

Photography Gadgets

1. Lenses

My go to lens with my Canon T3i was the Canon EF-S 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 [affiliates] with image stabilization. It came with me on all of my domestic and international adventures.

The drawback to upgrading from the T-series is that my Canon EF-S lenses are no longer compatible with Canon 6D Mark II.

That’s an important consideration as the photography hobby comes with some expensive photography gadgets and equipment!

The good news, my relatively inexpensive Canon “nifty fifty” lens—an EF lens—worked with both cameras. So, at least I had one lens I could practice with until investing in new lenses for my 6D Mark II. (Be sure to pick the nifty fifty lens suited to your brand of camera).

The Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens affiliate was delivered to my house a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to trying it out in Yosemite.

An Alberta sunset visible on a road trip to Alberta and BC in Canada

2. Camera Straps

I find that the camera strap gets hot and sweaty on my neck when I wear my camera all day long as I travel and sight see. To ease the discomfort, I recommend investing in a softer, more colorful version. There are a few different styles you might be interested in:

Blue Woven Camera Strap [affiliates]

Floral Camera Strap – a little more feminine

Vintage Fabric Camera Strap

My advice when it comes to carrying your camera? Get in the habit of ALWAYS putting the strap around your neck. When you hand the camera to someone else to take a picture, ask them to put the strap around their neck as opposed to just holding the camera free hand.

Your camera is a big investment and while you may try to be careful, accidents happen.

3. Remote Control

The Canon Wireless Remote Control [affiliate] is one of my favorite handy photography gadgets. It allows you to take “selfies” with your DSLr!

Or, if your hands are full holding reflectors or if you are using a tripod, you can easily set up your camera on the remote setting and enable the remote control. 

There is a specific camera setting. 

I remember last Christmas trying to take pictures with my camera while it was on a tripod and thinking my remote was broken. I hadn’t remembered to change the setting on my camera! Duh.

Trees on sunset boulevard for off season destinations

4. Camera Bag or Travel Backpack

I have a The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack [affiliate] that I use when I travel with my camera. I opted for this type of bag for my camera and photography gadgets because it also has plenty of room for my iPad, iPhone, travel essentials, and carry on items. 

Plus it was designed for a woman’s body. It had a sternum strap, it came with a waist strap, and had extra padding against my back. All important considerations if you know you will be wearing your backpack all day long as you travel and site see.

There is also a The North Face Recon Backpack that my husband loves for all the same reasons as well and which is a also better fit for his frame.

Want to know what I pack in my carry on? Check out My Carry On Packing List.

Around town, a chic camera bag can be disguised to look sleek and stylish without screaming to the world “Expensive camera equipment here!!!” (The same with a nondescript backpack.)

BagSmart Camera Backpack [affiliates] – anti-theft design with water resistant canvas

Brevite Jumper Photo Compact Camera Backpack – a travel friendly backpack with room for your camera, laptop, and more.

5. Camera Insert

In order to use my backpack as a carryon, I  found a Camera Insert [affiliate] that slips into the largest section of my backpack and allows me to carry my camera with one or two lenses, camera cleaning equipment, the charger with a back up battery, and a backpack rain cover.

The space dividers with the insert are changeable with velcro tabs and allow me to easily change the space as needed.

I tend to travel light even with my camera equipment, especially since I have learned from experience that too many lenses and photography gadgets add to the weight and strain on my back.

Adventure Seeking Women riding elephants

6. Memory Card

For many years, I have shot in JPEG format with my camera. I am learning more all of the time and will start shooting RAW this year.

To accommodate the size of RAW files, be sure to have sufficient memory in your SD Cards [affiliate]. I usually shoot for one to two weeks straight on vacation, and having a card (or two) with enough space is an important consideration. 

Having a back up card isn’t a bad idea either.

7. Back up Battery and Charger

Not only should you have a back up SD card as part of your photography gadgets, but you should also have a back up Camera Battery along with your Battery Charger [affiliate]. I have never taken so many photos in a day that I have needed to change batteries while I was out and about, but I have definitely come close.

The battery and battery charger are specific to each camera style. Make sure you find the battery and charger that match your camera.

After a day of sightseeing, I make sure that both of my batteries are charged and ready to go for the next day. 

Wouldn’t you be sad to miss out on amazing photos because your camera battery died? 

8. Lens Cap Lanyard

Lenses come with a lens cap, but when you remove the cap to take pictures, you either have to hold the cap in your hand, stuff it in a pocket, or ask your travel companion to hold it for you.

To alleviate this problem, I recommend investing in a Lens Cap Lanyard [affiliate] to add to your photography gadgets that attaches to the lens cap on one end and the other end has an elastic loop that slips over the circumference of the lens. You never have to worry about losing the cap and can keep your hands free for the more important task of taking pictures.

Believe me, you will appreciate this handy accessory.

9. Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit need not be huge or bulky. But you’ll definitely want this as one of your photography gadgets to remove dust and fingerprints from you lenses. I use a Lens Pen [affiliate] and carry microfiber cloths that I also use to clean my glasses.

10. Lens Filters

There is a debate in the photography community as to the need or value of Lens Filters. For certain types of photography, filters are essential in achieving a specific look and feel to your photos. 

I have always used a UV Protected Lens Filter [affiliate] on my lenses, mostly to protect the expensive lens.

I have not noticed that this filter detracts from the look of my photos. Shoot, some people don’t even use the lens cap. To each his own and you will have to decide what is important for you. This is one of the photography gadgets I use all of the time.

Be sure to purchase the correct size of filter for your lens.

11. Lens Hood

While you often hear about the “golden hours” in photography, it isn’t always practical to only shoot at the first light of the morning or in the waning hours of the evening for the best light. If you are like me, you are shooting and sightseeing all day long when you travel and need to account for the sun as best you can.

This is where the Lens Hood [affiliate] comes in as an important tool in your photography gadgets collection. 

The lens hood blocks the direct sunlight from hitting the lens and allows for taking photos in the bright light of the day.

Again, be sure to purchase the correct size for your lens.

12. Waterproof Backpack Cover

When Chris and I were exploring Florence for the first time together, the weather was not cooperative. We experienced rain all day long. That didn’t stop us from exploring!

20171105 JKline 4528 LRE Web

At the first shop we stopped at, the owner created a backpack rain cover out of plastic bags to cover our backpack and keep it and the contents—my camera and photography gadgets—from getting soaked.

While Chris may have looked as though he was walking around with a huge green turtle on his back, the plastic bags saved the day.

Not long after we arrived home, we searched on Amazon and found Waterproof Backpack Covers [affiliate] for future rainy days.

13. Tripod

While not one of your essential photography gadgets, you may find that a tripod for your camera or your iPhone would come in handy for family photos, still shots, and travel photography.

You may wish to invest in a Mini Tripod [affiliates] that would be easily transportable.

Or a more substantial Tripod for a variety of photography situations.

The GorillaPod might be a great in between tripod if your camera and lens fit the 6.6 pound weight specification.

14. External Flash

An External Flash [affiliate] will come in handy for your indoor and outdoor photography when you find yourself in low-light situations. 

Once you have mastered the settings on your camera, take some time to learn this ins and outs another useful tool in your photography gadgets collection.

15. Peak Design Camera Clip

If you have traveled and explored with a DSLR camera around your neck all day long, you know it can cause a lot of neck strain. One of the best travel and photography gadgets is a Peak Design Camera Clip. The clip sure make travel easier.

The metal Peak Design Camera Clip clamps easily to any backpack strap for a secure, lockable, and convenient way to access your camera as you sightsee. Add an Arca tripod-compatible plate to your camera (included). With the push of a quick-release button, your camera then clips on and off as you need to use it as you take adventures, explore, and travel the world.

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Final Thoughts on Popular Photography Gadgets

If you love to take pictures or know someone who is a photographer at heart, consider investing in some of these gadgets to record the memories of life.

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1 year ago

wow great post. as a food blogger i need most of these gadgets to up my photography game. will purchase a few. thanks for sharing

1 year ago

All of these suggestions are amazing. I too love photography, taken a few lessons but due to no budget I actually invested in a few gadgets myself too but for my mobile phone.

Mary Monique
1 year ago

I’m not passionate about photography but I do love to get in front of the camera and be goofy with my cousins sometimes. This is a great list of gadgets! I love the remote personally and I want the wide lens as well haha. I also like how you neatly put the pictures of each one so we could see. Thanks for sharing!! xo


Kali Allen
1 year ago

Love the Lens Pen! Great recommendation.

1 year ago

I love the floral camera strap! So pretty. I have a lot of these gadgets as well and they really do help. The wireless remote was really helpful when I took our own family pictures! It saved me from running frantically from the camera and jumping into position like I used to!

1 year ago

I have been using my iPhone for most of my photography, but you have motivated me to pull out my Nikon and the rest of my gear and use it more! These are all great suggestions, and remind me that I need to buy a new camera strap cover!

1 year ago

Lots of amazing gadgets here. I’ve never used a cannon but would love to give them a go.

Julie Plagens
1 year ago

Cool gadgets. I’d love to learn photography. It looks so fun. I would especially like the remote control gadget!

1 year ago

This is so helpful! I don’t have a camera, but have really started to get interested in getting one to bump my photography up. This seems like a great place to start.

1 year ago

This guide to camera accessories is so handy! I’ve had my trusty camera for a few years now but I really need to invest in some better lenses! I also use Canon so will definitely check out your suggestions! Thanks for the great guide!

1 year ago

I’m honestly still learning to use my camera and hoping to get better at it, but this is a great list and that remote control definitely is super helpful! I love the idea of that camera insert bag too!

Cris F.
Cris F.
1 year ago

This is a great list of photography gear! I had no idea there were lens cap lanyards but will now look for one for my Canon. I need to get one of those nifty fifty lenses, too.

1 year ago

I have that Canon remote, but I can never get it to set up to my camera. I did it once and that was it – no idea what I’m doing wrong! It would be much easier to have it working than to be running around on the 10 sec timer to get in position for the photo!

Josy A
1 year ago

Heh! I think if I ever have a child I will be similar! I am almost always in reach of my camera!

One thing I have loved recently is a lens that clips into my phone…so if I am going on backpacking hikes and can’t carry my main camera, I can still take good photos with my phone. It has been fabulous.

1 year ago

gosh you’re a lifesaver i just got a new canon body last month and i’ve literally been spending the past few weeks looking for a camera strap. for some reason i never thought to look on amazon. love those that you’ve picked out, definitely giving them a look after this!

1 year ago

Love your camera set-up. I used to use a “real” camera, now resort exclusively to my iPhone… primarily because of sheer simplicity and convenience. That being said, I love having a mini tripod and a remote-control available for my pics.

Linda (LD Holland)
1 year ago

We have bags of photography gadgets. But I am always looking for new ones to try. We are currently looking for a new mirrorless camera so that will mean new lenses for sure! And a whole raft of lens cap lanyards since we lose these at a high rate. 

1 year ago

This is an awesome list of camera gear for travel bloggers. I was a photographer back in the darkroom ages. While I love my iPhone, which takes amazing photos, I now have a new digital camera. This list is a great resource for new gadgets!

1 year ago

I used to think a tripod wasn’t necessary, but they’re fantastic! If you’re on the fence about it, I suggest getting the smaller ones to use – they’re awesome! You’ve intrigued me into the lens ball – I’ll have to check them out!

1 year ago

I really enjoyed this article. There is so much technology and camera gear now sometimes it’s really nice to read other peoples opinions. Thank you for putting this together!

1 year ago

This is the best list that I have found so far! Well done for putting it together!

10 months ago

These are great ideas!

10 months ago

All such useful things for your camera bag. I particularly like the tripods!

10 months ago

Brilliant list and really good resources. I am really hoping to purchase a new camera and there were several you suggested that I hadn’t seen before. It would be nice to have some decent photos for a change!