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21 Top Travel Gifts Guys Will Love

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When it comes to celebrating the men in your life, I’ve got you covered with some great ideas for travel gifts that are sure to make your guy smile.

I’m pretty sure if I asked the men I know, they would say, “Enough ties already!” and “No more mugs!”

Seriously. No more.

Travel Gifts for Guys

What do the dads, grandpas, guys, men, dudes in our life really want? Especially if they love to travel? I asked my husband, Chris, what travel gifts he uses and loves the most and my phone set off buzzing with all the ideas from him.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This page may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

I like to think I am a pretty good gift giver. I take note of “I wish I had” comments or observe moments such as when my father-in-law is making tacos and uses makeshift stands to hold the tacos upright in the oven. A stainless steel taco holder [affiliate] would be the perfect gift.

Taco Holder gift

Gotta say, Amazon is pretty amazing in being able to find travel gifts of all shapes and sizes and then delivering them within days. And if you simply can’t find the right gift, well, an Amazon Gift Card[affiliate] seems to fit the bill too.

Still, unless your father, husband, son, brother, or boyfriend gives really good hints, sometimes finding a gift—travel gifts especially—that will be appreciated and meaningful is a challenge.

And if the guy in your life really wants something, he often just buys it for himself. So, when special days such as Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas come around, you might be left wondering, “What would he want or need?”

Wonder no more.

With our ability to travel the world, stay connected to home, and capture memories, travel gifts are always appropriate. If your guy loves gadgets, devices or electronics this list is for him.

Travel Themed T-Shirt

I love the sentiment of the quote on this T-shirt[affiliate]. In fact, I even have a shirt for myself in pink.

travel t-shirt gift

The clear message to each of us is that our journey has purpose.

“Not all who wander are lost.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

Wireless Headphones

Chris loves to use his Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones[affiliate] while traveling. The benefit to traveling with the Bose Headphones is that they are corded and offer less chances of falling out of your ears and getting lost while you sleep.

Bose headphones as a gift

You can also plug into the plane’s onboard system to watch movies or listen to music.

Even after hours of wearing and sleeping in the Bose headphones, they do not hurt Chris’ ears. He says they are his “faves”. This is one of the travel gifts I highly recommend.


I have mentioned in other posts about The North Face Recon Backpacks[affiliate] that Chris and I both love. (Mine is designed specifically for women[affiliate]. They could make the perfect matching travel gifts for both of you!

As we travel, hike, act as tourists, or sightsee, we wear our backpacks all day long. The backpacks boast the following features to make them comfortable to wear:

  • a padded laptop section
  • a large middle section
  • lots of interior pockets
  • expandable side pockets for a water bottle
  • a mesh front pocket
  • a sternum strap
  • a waist belt
North Face Backpack gift idea

Camelbak Pack

If a full-size backpack is not what you need, especially if you are interested in a hiking backpack, check out the 3.0 Liter CamelBak Pack [affiliate] complete with the hydration pack. (It also comes in a smaller 2.0 Liter[affiliate] size.) This is the perfect gift for the outdoorsy guy.

Camelbak Backpack Gift idea

When it is just Chris and I hiking, we like to take this pack and fill it up with snacks and a lunch for our hikes closer to home.

When our girls join us on our hiking excursions, we pull out the Camelbak 3.0 Liter Hydration Pack Reservoir [affiliate] (or bladder) and tuck it into the padded laptop section of Chris’ North Face Backpack.

Camelbak reservoir

It has a larger capacity for snacks and food for the five of us and the Camelbak reservoir fits perfectly into the laptop section of Chris’ The North Face Recon Backpack[affiliate]. The laptop section is padded enough to keep the water in the reservoir cool and minimizes any leaks to other sections of the backpack.

Portable Charger

If you are using your phone[affiliate] throughout the day for taking photos, getting directions, navigating and checking maps, figuring out transportation, or researching on the internet don’t forget to pack a Portable Charger (or TWO!) so you can recharge your phone when needed.

If you are using your phone for all of those activities, you will most likely use up your battery before the end of the day.

Portable chargers come in a variety of sizes and shapes from the size of a tube of lipstick to a cell phone to even larger. Portable chargers are convenient and easy to pack into your carry-on as you sightsee each day.

They are one of the travel gifts I received for Christmas last year.

Portable Charger for travel

When I say, “Bring along a portable charger [affiliate] or two…”, I mean two if you have kids who use up all of THEIR batteries playing games and using social media and want to charge their phone. Having two, means there is one available for you so you can map the train schedules back to the hotel. Only somewhat important right?

And…don’t forget to bring your charging cable.

Dopp Kit

Dopp kit“,[affiliate] a term often used in the United States for a man’s toiletry bag, is an essential travel gift for toiletries. Invest in quality luggage that has the space you need and that will last for years.

Dopp kit travel gift

Be sure to repack or restock as soon as you arrive home from a trip so that it is ready to go for your next trip.

Travel Organizer for Electronics

Is your guy a gadget guy? My husband loves cool gadgets that not only work seamlessly with his electronics but also have great function too. With all of the gadgets and electronics, an organizer is essential.

Travelon tech organizaer

The Travelon Urban Tech Organizer[affiliate] features an abundance of zippered pockets and lets you see at a glance if you have forgotten to pack a cord, charging cable, or charger.

UV Swim Shirt for the Beach

Beyond the PCA Sunscreen[affiliate] for sun protection (which I am a huge proponent of), a fantastic travel gift idea is a Men’s UV Swim Shirt[affiliate] to protect your skin if you are planning to spend a day at the beach. There’s nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than a bad sunburn.

UV Swim shirt

Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount

These magnetic car phone mounts are such awesome little gadgets and make fantastic travel gifts.

You place a metal plate (included with your purchase) inside your phone case. The magnetized phone mount [affiliate] slides on to your air vent slat; place your phone against the phone mount and voila! instant attachment.

magnetized air vent mount

Don’t be like us and forget to remove it from the rental car when you return it though!


If your guy is the kind of guy who like a little bling in his life, how about a pair of Superman cufflinks or Airplane cufflinks[affiliate] as travel gifts? These cufflinks are always great conversation starters for my husband.

superman cufflink gifts
Superman Cufflinks
Airplane cufflinks travel gifts
Airplane Cufflinks

Metal Collar Stays

Chris is a business traveler and likes to have his shirts and collars “just so”. Treat you guy to metal collar stays[affiliate]. They make perfect travel gifts.

metal collar stays travel gift

Retractable Cables

Have you ever tried retractable cables[affiliate]? If you can keep your kids from playing with this fun little gadget and messing up the spring action, they are great for keeping cables organized.

retractable cable as a travel gift

USB-C Charger

Chris loves this USB-C Charger[affiliate] gadget and says it charges his laptop in record time.

USB C Charger Gift

Sunglasses Strap

Many years ago as we were kayaking in the ocean. Chris lost his prescription sunglasses as his kayak dumped over in the ocean. Ever since, we keep sunglass straps[affiliate] in my backpack as well as his.

If you wear sunglasses (and you should!), these straps are invaluable.

sunglass adjustable strap travel gift

Sock Subscription

These funky socks[affiliate] may not be for every guy, but my guy would certainly love receiving a new pair every month to pack with his travel clothes. Add a little bling to your feet with these as travel gifts.

monthly sock subscription travel gift

Metal Luggage Tags

Have you ever picked up the wrong luggage at the airport, driven home with someone else’s bag, and then received a call from the airport informing you of the mistake? I may or may not have.

These luggage tags(affiliate) are bright and easily identifiable…and essential.

41vtPlq bL. SL500

Mesh Travel Bags

If you want to go a little fancier on your travel storage bags, Chris and I both use Water Resistant Travel Pouches[affiliate]. Guys love to be organized too! And these pouches as travel gifts are versatile for toiletries, snacks, and essential gadgets.

mesh travel bags as gifts

Audible Gift Card

How about the ultimate gift that says “adventure awaits”? An Audible Gift Card[affiliate] opens up the world of books as you travel and makes a great gift.

Amazon Gift Card

For all types of budgets, an Amazon Gift Card[affiliate] leaves the options open for your dad, grandpa, brother, son, guy, or boyfriend. If your guys loves books, he can even use his gift card toward an Audible Membership.

Ebooks make the best travel gifts ever.

Amazon travel gifts

Final Thoughts on the Top Travel Gifts Guys Love

Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day in June, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or “just because” moments, dads, grandpas, brothers, sons, guys, dudes, and boyfriends will love these travel gifts.

Travel gifts for guys

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6 months ago

Love these ideas! My husband would love the taco holder. I need to snag those for Father’s Day for him!

6 months ago

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

6 months ago

These are some great ideas! I love the portable charger, that is so useful when traveling! Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Record
6 months ago

LOVE this post! Esp. because it reaffirms my recent purchases for my husband including the backpack and hydration pack you referenced! He likes getting a new t shirt in each new city we visit

6 months ago

Retractable cables are such a great idea! My cables are always getting knotted and wrapped around each other when I’m traveling, so I may need to pick some of those up for myself. I also love the idea of a sock subscription as a gift, super cute!

Julie A Plagens
6 months ago

How fun. I have never heard of a sock subscription before. What a cool gift for someone.

6 months ago

Thanks for the great ideas!!

6 months ago

I love the idea of organizing electronics. We are drowning in cords all the time. Great list!

6 months ago

Wireless headphones are a great gift and so useful! Awesome list 🙂

Sandra Ans
5 months ago

I like your ideas, especially all the technical gifts like Wireless Headphones, Portable chargers, and USB-C chargers! I think, for a man, these are very cool gifts!

Stephanie Donaire Simpson

I also have the problem where the guys in my family just buy what they want. I really like a lot of these ideas! Great suggestions!

2 months ago

These are great ideas! I really need to get my husband a portable charger.

2 months ago

The taco holder is brilliant! Such a clever gift idea. I have been looking at buying a power bank for ages and it’s great to see that you suggested one that is airline approved.

2 months ago

Love some of these ideas. Already have some Christmas gifts in mind so pinned for later.

2 months ago

Love the travel organiser for electronics! Nevermind my husband, I think I need that. Ha!

2 months ago

So many good ideas… love the taco holder haha

2 months ago

So many great ideas! My guy would love the backpack and the phone charger.

2 months ago

So many good ideas, especially the electronics organizer! That would be perfect for my husband! And LOL we left our car phone mount in the rental car recently too. OOPS.

2 months ago

So many great ideas! The metal collar stays are a great idea even if you are not traveling.

2 months ago

Great gift ideas! I love the sock subscription. Such a unique gift idea.

Constanza Vázquez
2 months ago

Love it! So cutee!! I´m not married or mom yet but my dad may like some of these, even though he is a bit older for trlaveling now.

2 months ago

I find that guys are always so hard to shop for so I appreciate this post. The Dopp kit is a great recommendation as my husband is currently obsessed with his. Secretly I just think he like saying “dopp kit” hahaha.

Josy A
2 months ago

My dad doesn’t travel much, but I still think he’d like some of these. The portable charger is a great idea!

20 days ago

These are great ideas with Christmas just around the corner for the travellers in our family.

Komal Singh
19 days ago

These are amazing gift ideas for the travel enthusiast!