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I'm Jolayne

I created simplyjolayne as a resource for travelers and travel wannabes: YOU!

simplyjolayne is all about the adventures my husband and I take as a couple and with our daughters. Chris and I started traveling with our girls when they were infants and have since instilled within them a love adventure, mad airport and travel skillz, and a lifelong desire to explore the world.

My husband and I are either dreaming of amazing destinations… planning our next trip together… or having the time of our lives experiencing it!

Chris and I are planners, so we each spend loads of time researching our trips, discovering once-in-a-lifetime adventures, finding hidden gems, and sharing our extensive knowledge here. At simplyjolayne, you will find:

  • Inspiration for first time travelers
  • Amazing destinations and must-see sites to add to YOUR bucket list
  • Travel products that I love and recommend
  • Travel tips
  • Planning advice
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As a travel professional and enthusiast offering destination reviews, itineraries, and recommendations as well as tips, tools, and resources, I will help you jump from having newbie travel jitters to being a confident traveler with a high travel IQ!

My goal is to boost your travel confidence, encourage YOU to live out your travel dreams, motivate you to begin your travel adventures, and inspire you to explore the world!

Tapping into 25+ years of domestic and international travel experience, I also share insights into family travel, romantic couples getaways, cruising, and adding a lot of pizzazz to your vacations with photography tips and Instagram-worthy snapshots.

You can develop your own travel planning skills, adopt an adventuresome mindset, and create travel habits to help you achieve your travel goals.

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Where We've Been

Canada – I grew up in Southern Alberta, so it has been fun introducing my family to some of the favorite places I visited as a young child. Chris and I visited Quebec together for the first time in 2022, and we loved visiting Vancouver Island and British Columbia a couple of years ago.

EuropeEurope is my happy place. We have loved our adventures in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czechia, and Spain

South Korea – Even quick day trips during an airport layover can give glimpses into local life.

New Zealand & Australia – We explored around Melbourne. I loved the beach boxes in  Brighton Beach. While  Wellington, NZ might be known as Windy Wellington, it has a lot to offer. Have you ever rafted on the Rangitikei River?

Philippines – Our girls’ first international trip included discovering new friends, a humanitarian trip to an orphanage, swimming in the South China Sea, and relaxing on the beach in Boracay.

Thailand – We visited family in Bangkok, saw Wats in Ayutthaya, took an overnight train to Chiang Mai, and ziplined through the jungle.

United KingdomLondon is a must-see on everyone’s list, but you really need to add a few days in Bristol, Bath, Cambridge, and the Cotswolds.

United States – We are working our way through the US one state and one National Park at a time. We call Colorado home and do a lot of exploring, hiking, and adventuring in our favorite state.

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Ready to discover the magic of TRAVEL?

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