Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner in New Zealand on your adventures as a couple

10 Getaways and Adventures as a Couple

When Should You Plan Adventures as a Couple?

Are you researching ideas for a honeymoon destination?

Maybe you need a weekend getaway as a couple to rekindle the romance.

Are you empty nesters who love to travel the world together and want a little adventure as well?

Discover amazing destinations for your getaways with the perfect amount of adventures as a couple balanced with an ambiance of romance.

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Ask Each Other Questions on Your Adventures as a Couple

You will find that time together as a couple is time well spent. In fact, print a list of 99 Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner as You Travel to learn something new and spark the conversation.

After one, five, or twenty years together you may be surprised to find out that there are still things you can discover about each other. If you are newly engaged (or even just dating), these questions are perfect for digging deep and covering the questions that are vital to knowing each other.

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Getaways and Adventures as a Couple—What are YOU Looking For?

If you are looking for getaways and adventures as a couple, here are some great ideas for you. Some of these locations bring to mind romance, some adventure, and some simply shout, “Take your picture here!” Famous landmarks, historic cities, or destinations off the beaten path, these destinations are sure to inspire your next adventures.

Paris, France

Eiffel tower with Fall tree as a destination for adventures as a couple

As the City of Love, Paris is often considered to be one of the most romantic destinations for couples in the world. Is Paris on your bucket list? Not only is Paris great for romance, but it also offers getaways and adventures as a couple for those who love to explore the world together.

Consider beginning with a walking tour to learn more about the city. Need more ideas and reasons to visit Paris? How about baguettes and patisseries, cathedrals and museums, a romantic cruise along the Seine, or simply the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower, long considered to be the emblem of Paris, was constructed for the Paris World Fair in 1889 by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, with plans to later deconstruct it. Due to its height and unique silhouette, the Eiffel Tower quickly gained popularity and charm and has been drawing crowds and tourists alike since.

Things to Do in Paris on Your Romantic Adventures as a Couple

  • Plan to capture Instagrammable moments around this romantic French capital, specifically with the Eiffel Tower
  • Visit one of the many churches and cathedrals of Paris: Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Saint-Eustache Church, The Madeleine Church, Cathedral Basilica of Saint-Denis, Sainte-Chapelle, Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church, or Saint-Sulpice (featured in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, it has become a popular tourist destination in Paris)
  • Enjoy the beauty of Trocadero with its gardens, fountains, and stunning backdrop to the Eiffel Tower
  • Stroll hand in hand through the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Jardin de Tuileries
  • Spend an afternoon exploring The Louvre
  • Schedule a day trip to Normandy, the Palace of Versailles, or Givenchy
  • Walk along the Champs-Elysees
  • Book a river cruise along the Seine

You will return home with fond memories of Paris as one of the best romantic destinations (and maybe make plans to return again for more adventures as a couple).

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Wellington, New Zealand

Rafting on the Rangitieki River in New Zealand on adventures as a couple

Interested in Class 5 white water rafting? An excursion to the heart of New Zealand for one of the best getaways and adventures as a couple that you could imagine should be on your bucket list.

Not only is the Rangitikei River popular for white water rafting but also for jet boating, kayaking, and fishing.

Your wet suit attire to raft the Rangitikei River, will be provided. You’ll be outfitted in a long-sleeved shirt, a fleece long sleeve, a wet suit, booties, a helmet, and then another jacket before a thirty-minute bus ride to the drop off point if you choose your adventure with the River Valley Adventure Lodge.

You will need to rent a car and then plan to spend the night at the lodge if you are coming from any distance away.

Pay attention to your river guides. Their instructions will hopefully keep you from being dumped from your raft (but your insulating layers should keep the chill of the river from dampening the rest of your day if you do happen to find yourself swimming).

Experience the exhilaration of class three to class five rapids for two and half hours of fun if you opt for the morning trip, longer if a full day trip is on your schedule.


Don’t forget your sunglasses if you are going to be on the river all day long as well as your sunglass strap to avoid losing your glasses in the river!

Tuscany, Italy

Florence Italy as adventures as a couple

There is just something magical about Tuscany as one of the destinations for getaways and adventures as a couple. Not only does it inspire romance, but Tuscany is also full of history, artistic treasures, and amazing landscapes.

Begin your adventures in Florence, the capital city of the Tuscany region.

Some of the world’s greatest artistic treasures find a home in Florence’s museums, palaces, and churches. Masterpieces from Botticelli, Correggio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raffaello (to name a few Renaissance and 14th-century artists) are featured in the Uffizi Museum.

If you have never seen Michelangelo’s David, you will find a replica in the Piazza della Signoria. The original is to be found in the Accademia Gallery.

Wander through some of the oldest streets in the city until you reach the Arno River where you’ll also find the Ponte Vecchio. Ponte Vecchio was built for the house of Medici when they moved from Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti (across the Arno River) and felt they needed a private route to keep them connected with the Uffizi yet separate from the people.

The Corridoio Vasariano (built by Giorgio Vasari in 1565) runs above the shops along the Ponte Vecchio. Meander across the bridge exploring the shops as you go. Shops have been a part of the bridge since the 13th century.

If you wish to have another view of the Ponte Vecchio during your adventures as a couple, set your sites on the Piazzale Michaelangelo (Michaelangelo Square) lookout point. The stairs to reach the square that sit above the city aren’t so fun, but the view is spectacular.

Tourists crowd the square most evenings as many came to watch the sunset along the Arno river and the Ponte Vecchio. Artists and art students alike fill the steps and sit along the wall drawing the scene below.

During your “Firenze” adventures as a couple, you can’t miss out on the markets in Florence. Are you looking for an Italian leather purse or wallet, a belt made to fit your waist, or a colorful scarf? Wander through the many markets of the city.

A Few Ideas for More Treasure Hunting:

  • Mercato Centrale – perfect as a gourmet food court that also sells fresh, local ingredients.
  • San Lorenzo Outdoor Market – this market sprawls through the San Lorenzo neighborhood and is the original leather market. Be prepared for a bit of haggling.
  • Mercato Nuovo – locally known as the Mercato Porcellino, this market is where you can find the bronze statue of a wild boar (Il Porcellino) among other treasures. Tradition says that rubbing its nose while dropping a coin from its mouth as you make a wish will bring you good luck.
  • Mercato Sant’Ambrosio – a covered indoor and outdoor market boasting local ingredients and an authentic Italian market experience.

Of course, you can’t miss seeing the Duomo in the heart of the city. The square always seems to be teeming with tourists. If you wish to know more of the history, download a FREE walking tour from the Rick Steves Europe App.

For lunch or a few moments of quiet, walk a couple of blocks from the main tourist draws to find quieter streets, quaint eateries where locals like to eat, and, of course, gelato.

While in Florence for your getaway and adventures as a couple, don’t forget to visit Boboli Gardens, take a tour of the church of San Miniato al Monte, or set out to explore delightful day trips within Tuscany.

How about San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Cinque Terre, or Pisa?

Whether you choose to spend your day wandering through historic villages, driving along the Tuscan countryside, or enjoying an afternoon photographing hidden gems, Tuscany is sure to capture your heart. You’ll find yourself wanting to return again and again.

Siena, Italy

Siena Italy is perfect for off season destinations

If you have planned a trip to Florence in Tuscany be sure to include a day trip to Siena. Siena is a short one hour and 15 minutes bus ride from Florence along a beautiful route skirted with wineries dotting the mountain sides. Bellisimo. You will fall in love with the Italian countryside as you continue your adventures as a couple.

Fancy a walking tour? Download the Rick Steves’ Siena walking tour from the Rick Steves’ Audio Europe app (a free app I might add) and fill your backpack  [affiliate] for the day. Plan to spend your day exploring the streets of Siena.

Don’t to forget to pack your Built Bar protein bars for the day as well.

Bonus * Use Code SJTRAVELS at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

After exiting the bus, you will need to climb up to the Central Square. The unusual aspect of Siena’s Central Square is that it does not feature a duomo (cathedral) as is the case in many European cities.

Instead it is home to the City Hall, and every year hosts the famous Palio horse race.

What to See in Siena on Your Adventures as a Couple

There is so much to explore in Siena; purchase the OPA SI Pass if delving into history delights you. The Pass gives you access to all of the museums in the Cathedral Complex:

  • Cathedral (with art treasures by Michelangelo, Donatello, and Bernini and its amazing marble-inlay floor)
  • Piccolomini Library
  • Baptistry of San Giovanni
  • Crypt
  • Museo dell’Opera
  • Panoramic terrace of the Duomo Nuovo (unfinished facade of the cathedral)
  • San Bernadino Oratory
  • Santa Maria della Scala hospital and museum
  • Old Hospital

Plan to climb up to the unfinished facade of the church carefully navigating the narrow circular stairs until the breathtaking view of Siena unfolds around you in 360 degrees of glory.

Note * The queue to visit the panoramic terrace may be long, but the view at the top is totally worth the wait and the effort. It will be a highlight of your adventures as a couple on this trip.

Aix-en-Provence, South of France

Pavillon Vendrome in Aix en Provence, France Europe Travel

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Aix-en-Provence in the South of France? Did you know that it makes a great choice for an off season getaway for an adventurous couple? Plan your visit in the Fall or Spring and you’ll encounter fewer tourists, temperate weather, and a more relaxed vibe.

Must-dos to Add to Your Itinerary for Your Adventures as a Couple in Aix:

  • Stroll along the Cours Mirabeau. The main street off of the rotunda had once been a dividing line of class—the poor on the left side of the street, the rich on the right side. At night the gate to the poor section used to be locked so that no one could sneak out!
  • Plan your visit around the Christmas Market that begins around the end of November if you are visiting in the off season
  • Visit Aix Cathedral
  • Explore “Old Aix” – You will find that Aix-en-Provence is totally walkable with easy to see markets, architecture, boutiques, cafes, classic French galleries, and the Old Belfry
  • If you have never had a beignets before, stop by PAUL bakery. They might just become your favorite treat ever!
  • Visit the studio of Paul Cézanne where he worked for the last four years of his life
  • Don’t forget Camp des Milles—France’s only World War II internment and deportation camp

After a thorough discovery of Aix-en-Provence, plan for some amazing day trips to villages and towns around Aix-en-Provence. You won’t be disappointed. Your hotel concierge will be a wealth of knowledge as you plan your days.

  • Lourmarin
  • Bonnieux
  • Cassis
  • Roussillon
  • Gourdes
  • Abbey de Senanque
  • Goult
  • Les Baux-de-Provence
  • St. Remy

Rent a car, pack a picnic lunch, and set off along the winding back roads of the French countryside to explore during your adventures as a couple.

St. John, US Virgin Islands

St John in the US Virgin Island a great places for adventures as a couple

Whether you are visiting St. John in the US Virgin Islands as a destination or simply on a ship excursion, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful sandy beaches and clear water.

In fact, if you ARE a cruise ship visitor to St. Thomas, choose an excursion to St. John. You will make the trek to Trunk Bay by taxi and ferry and taxi again just to spend a few hours enjoying everything that makes this beach famous and fabulous!

Trunk Beach is a must-see on many bucket lists.

There are plenty of options for beaches, so be sure to explore the whole island if you get a chance to spend more than an afternoon on St. John.

Guests to the Trunk Bay beach can enjoy white sand beaches, crystal clear water, snorkeling along the snorkel trail, showers and bathrooms along with food, drinks, and chair rentals. Trunk Bay does have a lifeguard… as well as a minimal entrance fee.

You can bring your own snorkel equipment or rent what you need right on the beach. If you have never snorkeled before and this is the first of your snorkel adventures as a couple, here’s the basics of snorkeling:

Forget about breathing through your nose. Forget about the small amount of water gathering around your nostrils. Certainly don’t breath that water in. Concentrate on breathing through your mouth. And while you might be enjoying yourself immensely, don’t smile or you’ll break the seal around your mouth. Relax and enjoy.

There are a variety of amazing beaches in St. John, but if you have to choose just one for your adventures as a couple, you won’t be disappointed with Trunk Bay.

Beaches and Attractions on St. John

  • Virgin Islands National Park with plantation ruins, ancient petroglyphs, beaches and hiking trails.
  • The petroglyphs at Reef Bay Valley with hiking trails
  • Ruins at the Annaberg Sugar Plantation
  • Reef Bay Sugar Factory
  • Honeymoon Beach, Cinnamon Bay Beach, and Maho Bay Beach
  • Ram Head Trail Hike

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast for off season destinations and adventures as a couple

Any time of year is a stunning time to visit the Oregon coast for fantastic adventures as a couple.

Your days along the coast may simply include strolling hand in hand along the beach for an early morning walk or a quiet afternoon meandering as you look for seashells.

If you are searching for a little more adventure, numerous hikes along the coast are available with varying skill levels. For instance, for an easy 0.5 mile trail, you can hike the Cape Meares Lighthouse Loop just outside of Tillamook, Oregon.

For something a little more vigorous, explore the Cape Meares Beach Trail. It is a 1.5 mile out and back trail. Be sure to check the tide schedule and plan your time on the beach at low tide.

The AllTrails App is perfect for finding the hike that matches your needs. Gift the give of hiking all year long with an AllTrails Gift Card.

Don’t forget to add a short side trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and enjoy a scoop or two of their delicious ice cream… followed by another walk along the beach.

If you love chocolate, plan a short excursion to Coastal Mist Chocolate Boutique in Old Town Bandon, OR and indulge in a few treats. The chocolate is simply divine. The Old Town is pretty fun to see as well.

Today, there are just 11 lighthouses that remain along the Oregon Coast. Plan to visit them all or choose a few. If you are in Bandon for the chocolate, the Coquille River Lighthouse is not too far away.

Sightseeing along Highway 101 of the coast should be at the top of your list of adventures as a couple in Oregon. Be sure to plan for plenty of roadside stops along the way. Start in the North at Cannon Beach and make your way down to Gold Beach and enjoy plenty of amazing scenery along the way.

What Can You Do Along the Oregon Coast?

  • Fish
  • Explore tide pools
  • Hike along the Oregon Coast Trail for more than 370 miles
  • Bike
  • Visit museums
  • Take pictures at the Seaside turn around
  • Fly kites in Lincoln City

At the end of the day, head back to the beach. There is just something about the crashing of the surf and spectacular sunsets that helps to rekindle connections with your partner…and maybe a little romance.

If you or your partner love to take photographs, you will have ample opportunities during your couple’s getaway to snap pictures here and there. Don’t forget to bring your camera or your smart phone.

Check out the GyPSy Guide tours to add more to your adventure.

Banner 300x250 1

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent Belgium view and awesome adventures as a couple

Perhaps in your travel planning to Belgium you have considered adventures as a couple in Belgium. Certainly, Brussels as the home to European Parliament, Bruges the fairytale “Venice of the North”, and Antwerp the diamond capital of the world, come readily to mind.

But, have you heard of Ghent?

You may not fully recognize the magic of Ghent (English spelling) until you emerge from your hotel after a delicious European breakfast of pastries and breads, fruit, sliced meats and cheeses.

Step into a storybook setting of Ghent with the architecture, the canal, the cobbled streets, the smell, and the beautiful sunshine highlighting Korenlei (street) next to the canal in the center of the historic district. The sights and sounds are simply amazing.  

During your visit to Ghent, be sure to visit St. Bavo’s Cathedral. Note * there is an admission fee. The cathedral houses an impressive collection of art, specifically the Ghent Altarpiece—Jan and Hubert van Eyck’s famous “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”.

There are approximately 300 narrow steps to the top of the church to the bell tower… or you can take the elevator part of the way up.

Every 15 minutes the bells of the belfry play. If you are lucky enough to be in the tower, you’ll be treated to a musical display of sight and sound. Don’t worry, it isn’t too loud. 

Did you know that four songs are chosen by the public every two years through online voting? The last vote took place early in 2021. Check out the Facebook page for Belfort Gent if you are interested in voting next time.

St. Nicholas’ Church sits next to St. Bavo’s Cathedral and you can view it and the rest of the city from the parapet at St. Bavo’s.

Things to Do in Ghent On Your Adventures as a Couple

  • Take a boat tour along the canal after exploring the churches. Your guide may offer the tour in more than one language. Ghent is a hidden gem and you’ll discover more of it along the boat tour
  • Tour Gravensteen or Castle of the Counts – famous for its torture chambers and now torture museum. Be sure to climb to the rooftop for more amazing views
  • Try “cuberdon’ or Ghent noses – a candy that is a specialty of Ghent
  • View the instagrammably beautiful St. Michael’s Bridge
  • If you can, visit St. Bavo’s Abbey – it is not open every day in an attempt to aid in its preservation
  • Enjoy the sites or stop for lunch at one of the cafes along Graslei and Korenlei in the very heart of old town Ghent
  • Peruse the Vrijdagmarkt (Friday Market) in the city square of historic Ghent
  • Be sure to stroll in the evening – the nighttime views in old town Ghent are just as inspiring

Riquewihr, France

Passageway in Riquewihr France

If you are making your way from Strasbourg, France to Freiberg, Germany during your adventures as a couple, take time for a detour in one of the most charming European towns in France—Riquewihr. Enjoy the scenery along the way as you travel by train first to Colmar and then by bus to Riquewihr.

The French countryside is dotted with vineyards and farms and when you step off the bus in Riquewihr, you will feel as though you are stepping into a fairy tale.

Apparently, the animators and creators of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast came to Riquewihr when looking for inspiration in creating that Old Provincial Town. If ever there was a charming European town, this is it.


Riquewihr is encircled by a double fortification wall with ruins of the 13th-century ramparts surrounding a portion of the city. You discover its charm the moment you step through the arched entryway.

The scene before you is delightful and picturesque. Riquewihr is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The allure of Riquewihr can be found in the wandering.

Start your day early in Riquewihr. It may be tucked away from Colmar and Strasbourg, but it is becoming more and more popular with tourists each year. Be prepared for tourists and tour groups to descend upon Riquewihr as the day moves on.

Riquewihr’s main street, the Rue Charles de Gaulle, is lined with Renaissance homes, courtyards, and inviting alleyways. Alleyways that simply invite exploration.

If you stay on this main street, it will lead you to Dolder, a tower made of pink sandstone that served as the belfry or watch tower beginning in the 13th century. Explore the Museum of Art and Popular Tradition within the tower.

The stunning and colorful architecture of the houses in Riquewihr date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

If you are looking for a cute little sidewalk cafe for lunch—Restaurant-Pizzeria du Vignoble—is out of the way of the main flow of tourists and a perfect place to enjoy lunch on the patio.

Do you collect souvenirs to remember your travel adventures as a couple? Peruse the many shops for treasures as well as traditional foods—think macarons and pastries.

Prague, Czechia

Prague Castle Grand Hall Ceiling Prague, Czech Republic Europe Travel

No trip to Prague would be complete without visiting the main tourist sites during your adventures as a couple in the land of Bohemia.

Prague Castle

As you plan for your Prague adventures, you might read that crowds are crazy after 11:00 am each day at the Prague Castle. However, whoever wrote that bit of wisdom is completely wrong. The castle grounds are packed wall to wall with tourists and so many brides and grooms having bridal and wedding pictures taken starting early in the morning.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to work with the crowds and to see both the castle and the chapel. The view from the castle balconies as well as the ceiling in the grand hall can’t be missed.

Prague Astronomical Clock

If visiting the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square is on your list of sites to see, be mindful that it is on every other tourist’s list as well. The clock chimes at the top of the hour and if you aren’t there early, you will hear the chimes more than see them when the clock chimes.

Many of the tourists will move out of the way once the chimes finish ringing, but many hang around to take pictures… then more pictures… and then some pictures of their friends. Be patient.

Charles Bridge

Karlova Street may be considered a tourist trap as it is lined with shops and cafes and leads right to the Charles Bridge. Still it is fun to experience, especially if you are a people watcher. Try visiting Charles Bridge early in the morning if you are trying to capture a few pictures without tourists.

Among the many amazing sites to see in Prague, be sure to add these to your list of things to do on your adventures as a couple:

  • Havel Market – this market is pretty touristy. If you are looking for souvenirs or mementos, this is a good place to search. You can also find a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. The market dates back to 1232 and is the only preserved market place in Old Town.
  • Golden Lane – while still on the grounds of the Prague Castle, make sure you find the Golden Lane. The lane is lined with brightly colored, tiny houses which used to be home to the castle guards. Today, many of the Golden Lane houses are tourist shops. 
  • Queen Anne’s Summer Palace – if you are leaving Prague Castle and are continuing on your way to the summer palace through the Royal Garden, be sure to stop for a moment outside a beautiful structure known as The Great Ball Game House where a form of tennis used to be played. Today Queen Anne’s Summer Palace is used for fine arts and crafts exhibitions.
  • Petrin Lookout Tower – this lattice steel framework tower built as part of the 1891 Jubilee Exhibition as a free copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris features 299 steps to the observation deck with impressive views of Prague, and on a clear day, almost all of Bohemia.
  • Wenceslas Square
  • Cocovan – search for the cutest little coffee shop called Cocovan on the Střelecký Ostrovan under the bridge on the island in the middle of Prague. Obviously you will want to snap a few pictures of the awesome location and decor and maybe sit for awhile and enjoy the ambiance.
  • Tredlnik – a tasty cinnamon rolled bread concoction. While not technically a tourist site, it is definitely a tourist treat. Locals are quick to point out that it is not a traditional Czeck treat, but perhaps it is becoming one

The Jewish Quarter And Cemetery

Have you always had a fascination with war memorials and historical sites? These destinations often referred to as “dark tourism” are intriguing AND educational.

Prague is a perfect destination for your adventures as a couple if “dark tourism” interests you.

You can tour both the Jewish Quarter and the cemetery.

Before entering the Jewish Quarter synagogue and cemetery, you will be asked to wear a yarmulke out of respect.

The synagogue is pretty sobering with the names of all the victims of the holocaust (shoal) from the Czech Republic etched on the wall.

One section of the synagogue displays the art from some of the children housed at the concentration camp, Terezin, before being shipped to other concentration camps. 

There are approximately 12,000 headstones in the Jewish cemetery next to the Pinkas Synagogue; however, it is speculated that upwards of 100,000 individuals are actually buried there. 

Jewish custom forbids the removal of old graves; it is possible that the graves are stacked 12 deep in some places. The graves are simply stacked one on top of the other with new dirt being brought in for additional burials.

Though a sobering reminder of years gone by, you will walk out of the Jewish Quarter with a greater appreciation of Prague’s history.

Tips for Choosing A Place to Stay for Your Getaways and Adventures as a Couple

Whether you are using reward points to plan your accommodations, booking a hotel room, or planning a stay at an Airbnb (or equivalent service such as VRBO) here are a few questions to consider—especially if your adventures as a couple will last longer than a week.

  • Is breakfast included?
  • Are your accommodations close to the main tourist areas?
  • Will you need to rent a car? Is parking included?
  • Are you staying within your budget?
  • Will you need to do laundry?
  • Are you interested in making your own meals?
  • How many flights will you have to climb to reach your accommodation (in Europe the first floor is actually on the second level)?
  • Is there an elevator in the building?
  • Is A/C mentioned in the Airbnb listing? If not, it likely is not included. Is that important?
  • Are your accommodations in a safe part of the city?
  • Have you checked the cancellation policies for all of your lodgings?

Be sure to read the reviews and do your research to see what previous guests have to say about the accommodations.

Depending upon the length of your stay, you might find yourselves needing to make multiple lodging reservations in multiple cities. If you can, choose a place to stay for 4 to 5 days, explore the area, and then move on to another location.

What is on Your Bucket List for Getaways and Adventures as a Couple?

Here are a few ideas. If you haven’t already started creating a list, now is a good time. What would you add?

Machu Picchu

Malta and Gozo

Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Cinque Terre, Italy



Mediterranean Cruise


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Final Thoughts on Getaways and Adventures as a Couple

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I do believe it is time for another adventure,” consider making plans to go as a couple. Getaways and adventures as a couple are an exciting way to add a little romance in your life, reconnect with your sweetheart, and explore the world.

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1 year ago

These adventures look perfect for travel loving couples! My fiance is my travel buddy so we’re always looking for new advenutres! Aix-En-Provence and siena look beautiful! I’m adding those to our list! Thanks for the great guide!

1 year ago

Some really great suggestions and so much info about each place. Ghent in Belgium really caught my eye. Somewhere I’d add to that list is San Sebastian in Northern Spain, beautiful and a culinary delight! Thanks for lots of travel inspiration!

1 year ago

I would love to go to Tuscany! I like some of the other places you’ve mentioned in this post as well – thanks for the ideas!

Vanessa Shields
Vanessa Shields
1 year ago

So many great destinations to choose from! My favorite on the list is Tuscany or really anywhere in Italy as it’s so romantic, tons of art, history and best food! I’d love to go to New Zealand as it does scream adventure. I just got back from the Oregon Coast and agree between the beauty and the moody weather it’s a romantic getaway for sure!

Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann
1 year ago

These are some excellent romantic travel destinations! I’d especially like to visit Ghent and Riquewihr with my partner. They both look like something out of a fairy tale!

1 year ago

So many great destinations! Reading this post made me eager to go back to Florence, do far that’s been my favorite city I’ve visited in Europe!

Amy (Thesunrisedreamers)

Machu Picchu is definitely on our bucket list too!!! These are awesome ideas for destinations as a couple. Italy can be so romantic! 🙂

Jori Sutton
1 year ago

Love these! Could also be some great ideas for anyone looking for honeymoon destinations! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

These look like such fun adventures for couples! I’d love to go to Siena one day. 🙂

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Love your curated list of all the cool adventures to take as a couple. I woud love to explore more of Italy and France especially with my husband.

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Such great ideas! I love these ideas… such a diverse list. I also love the tips at the bottom.. so smart! Thanks for putting this together! – Linzey @thefamilyfuntour

1 year ago

I love your picks and am impressed that Wellington, NZ made the list. I have been there many times and find it a great all-around city including plenty non-adventure things to do.

Josy A
1 year ago

I love all of these ideas! Holidays are such a great excuse for having a blast as a couple. Out of these, I am most tempted by Prague and Siena, Italy. But I bet every single one would be great for an adventure.

1 year ago

This is a great list! I’ve been to Brussels, but as you’ve said, haven’t heard of Ghent. I will be adding this to my list! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

These are fantastic ideas for couple related travels… A few on my DO list and a couple that weren’t but are now….

1 year ago

I went on a road trip with my husband along the West Coast and we fell in love with Oregon! Glad to see it was part of this list, it’s quite a magical place. My fave spot was Yachats.

1 year ago

New Zealand is a dream I want to achieve as soon as I can.

1 year ago

So many great ideas for couple adventures. I would choose Riquewihr, France for my next trip. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Great list! Some of these are real hidden gems I’ve never thought to visit. Thanks for the tips!

Caroline @ PackTheSuitcases
Caroline @ PackTheSuitcases
1 year ago

Some fab ideas here. I love Ghent!

1 year ago

All these places sound incredible to me! I would love to visit Prague, and one that I will definitely add to the list is Bali 🙂 I had to postpone my trip because of the current situation, but I hope my boyfriend and I will manage to visit it one day.

1 year ago

There are so many great places on this list that I have not been. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Mayo
1 year ago

This is such a great list of getaways and there’s something for everyone’s interest. I’d love to explore more of the Oregon coast but I’d take any of these lol

1 year ago

This is such a fun post! My husband and I love traveling together. We really want to visit the Oregon Coast. It sounds like the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure! Plus, I totally agree – Italy is one of the best adventures as a couple. Everywhere you go is so romantic. Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

I have not been to Ghent, so I’ll have to put that on my bucket list!

1 year ago

There are a couple of destinations in your post that I didn’t know about, like Ghent in Belgium or the Oregon Coast. I’m dying to visit Prague one day, it looks so beautiful. Many ideas to plan new trips!

1 year ago

What a fantastic list I loved Bruges in Belgium we never go to Ghent, but there is always next time..

11 months ago

Well I definitely approve of your inclusion of the Oregon Coast as a great destination for couples – considering that’s where we go for our getaways too! And I’ve never heard of that chocolate shop in Bandon – I’ll have to visit it!