Awesome photos of Austria

Awesome Photos of Austria from 2019

We spent our days touring in Austria with our daughters. Read more about our experiences here in 3 Memorable Days in Vienna with Teens. We visited the Melk Abbey, rode bikes along the Danube River, ate delectable treats, and enjoyed the magnificance of the Schonbrunn Palace.

One of my favorite things to do as we travel is to take pictures of the amazing villages, stunning architecture, and scenic vistas. Austria did not disappoint in any way, and I was able to take some of awesome photos of Austria to add to my collection.

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I usually have my trusty camera in hand for those picturesque “instagrammable” moments with my smart phone tucked in the zippered pocket of my travel shirt [affiliate] for easy access.

Awesome Photos of Austria

We crossed over the border into Innsbruck, Austria in 2018 for a short afternoon day trip. We were so intrigued by the mountains and quaint villages along the mountainside that we just had to plan for a longer stay in 2019.

Pinterest pin of photo opportunities in Austria

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Becky Alvarado
1 year ago

These are gorgeous shots! Austria is on my bucket list – would love to visit.