Beautiful Swiss vistas of waterfalls in Tremmelbach

Beautiful Swiss Vistas from 2019

If Italy is my favorite, then Switzerland is Chris’ favorite. We stayed along the French side of Lake Geneva during our visit to the land of beautiful Swiss vistas and took day trips each day. Mmmm, cheese tasting in Gruyere and chocolate sampling at the Cailler Chocolate Factory.

Here’s a snippet from 5 Delightful Days in Switzerland:

After spending the day touring Geneva and then getting a sufficient amount of sleep in Evian, our family was excited to begin exploring different cities and villages in Switzerland. It was a short distance around the lake from Evian to Montreaux.

Our first stop of the day was the Chillon Castle. It had some pretty amazing rooms. But you know, I’m just really glad that I live in the 21st Century.  

As we walked past the sword room, Misha announced, “You can tell it is the sword room because of the way it is.”

The “indoor” latrines were an interesting piece of work. One was a double seater where Amy joked as she posed next to Kristen, “How’s thou’s day?”

We were glad to pull our rain jackets from our backpacks as it rained on us for much of the day.

Leaving the castle, the girls were thrilled to learn of a Freddie Mercury Statue along the lake front. We snapped pictures and posed as much as we could with other tourists and fans trying to do the same, fans who were also calling out and loudly singing Queen songs. 

Patience is a virtue when trying to take pictures without other tourists filling the shot.

Favorite Swiss Vistas

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