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Travel Photos: 12 Creative Ways to Actually Share and Display Them

Your plane has landed, you’ve unpacked your bags, and you can finally begin to think past the fog of jet lag. Just because your vacation is over doesn’t mean you forget about the magic of your recent travels.

Whether or not you regularly takes photos of life’s everyday moments, chances are you take travel photos while on vacation.

And what you need are creative ways to share and display your travel photos so you can revisit those special moments.

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Discover Creative Ways to Share and Display Your Travel Photos

When you return from a trip, are you the kind who keeps all of your photos on your phone to scroll through as you wait in line at the drive-thru?

Are you a photographer extraordinaire yet still have over 2000 photos from a recent trip on your SD card and your phone? How about a stash of photos from your previous travels?

My favorite photographer, Audrey Ann, shares a few tips on how to upload and organize those photos if you are at a loss or new to travel photography. Read on to be inspired with creative ways to keep the memories of your travel experiences alive.

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1. Create a Look Book or Travel Photo Album

Cinderella's castle in Disney Paris

Over the past ten years, I have created travel photo albums specifically focused on a travel destination or a “year in review” that featured family vacations and epic destinations. My girls often pull out these books on a rainy afternoon. They make a perfect memento or gift for kids and grandparents at Christmas too.

TIP * Make books for each of your travel destinations as a way to journal your travels. If you have never made one, I think you would be surprised to find just how quick and easy they are to make.

Online Options:

  • SmugMug
  • Shutterfly
  • Picaboo
  • MixBooks
  • Snapfish

2. Create Wall Art

Metal print of Lourmarin, France

Are you wondering how to display travel photos?

My husband surprised me with a Christmas gift one year of one of my favorite prints of all time. I captured the photo in Lourmarin, France as he and I explored the South of France together. The metal print now hangs in a niche in my front entry and regularly receives comments such as, “Wow, what an amazing photo?” or “Where did you get that?”

  • Metal Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Canvas Art
  • Turn Your Photos Into a Painting
  • Wall Tiles

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3. Create a Travel Photo Gallery Wall

Bruges is a charming small town near France

Sometimes our most favorite photos and memories are nicely catalogued and filed on our computers but could be used to decorate a room or a wall.

The cost of printing your photos is relatively inexpensive and you can often have them in less than an hour.

Create memorable travel moments in your home that inspire you to reminisce or to plan your next trip.

4. Upload to a Photo Sharing Site

There are a variety of sites that will allow you to store and share your photos:

  • Flickr
  • Amazon Photos
  • SmugMug
  • Shutterfly
  • Google Photo Sharing
  • Pinterest
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram

5. Create and Send Gifts to Family and Friends

Sheep in area surrounding the Cotswold villages

Beyond the photo books, many companies feature additional products that allow you to use your own photos to create works of art or mementos that you use daily. You can have your face immortalized on:

  • Calendars
  • Drink Coasters
  • Ornaments
  • Travel Photo Mug
  • Photo Panels
  • Blankets
  • T-Shirts
  • Notebook
  • Canvas Bag
  • Luggage Tags

6. Create Postcards to Send

Send an actual postcard by mail. What? That’s so 1990.

But who doesn’t love to receive a personalized note in the mail? Better yet, who doesn’t love to receive a personalized letter in the mail with a beautiful picture that YOU took?

Astound your friends (and the delivery person) with your talent.

7. Use Your Photos as Screen Savers

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8. Create a Personal Blog to Share Your Travel Photos with Family and Friends

You can create a personal, diary-style blog to share your travel photos and everyday snapshots with family and friends. or make this easy to set up.

I started on Blogger for my personal blog and found it easy as a newbie to use and personalize. Not only do my girls have a written record of their life, but they also have corresponding pictures from the time they were infants.

Tip * This is my best piece of advice to couples starting a new life together. Keep a blog of your life as your family grows. I promise, someday your kids will thank you.

9. Create a Professional Travel Website

Garden of the Gods is one of the best places in Colorado

If you dream of creating a website dedicated to travel (or parenting or recipes or whatever) these are the steps to begin your journey:

A blog is a fantastic medium for journaling travel experiences (or parenting or recipes or whatever), adding your travel photos, and beginning to share itineraries, tips, and practical advice with would-be travelers.

10. Post Your Travel Photos on Social Media

  • Upload Photos to YouTube – Upload to your YouTube channel (set to private if you wish), and you have a virtual album of your trip you can watch on the big screen or send to Grandma.
  • Create a Travel Instagram Site – Share your pictures with family and friends or work to create a following to grow your brand. Learn some of the Best Selfie Poses for awesome shots.
  • Share on Twitter
  • Add Photos to your Facebook feed
  • Save photos on Pinterest
  • Are you TikTok-er?

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11. Sell Your Travel Photos

Howes St Beach in Massachusetts

I have not had any experience selling my photos to stock photography websites or online marketplaces. You can learn more about that through research or online tutorials.

I do sell my photos on simplyjolayne if you are interested.

12. Create a Scrapbook Using Your Travel Photos

Are you an avid scrapbooker? I was always too busy blogging to add one more medium to my efforts to journal my travels, but many of my friends love the scrapbooks they have created over the years.

You will want to collect and save memorabilia from your trip such as ticket stubs, vouchers, a napkin, postcards, and receipts. And the hardcopy scrapbooks will give you a great excuse to print your photos and then look back through the pages.


Capitola is one of the colorful destinations

Whether you are a traveler extraordinaire who hopes to take better travel photos, you want to explore the world of posting on social media, you are a mom who snaps pictures of her family wherever you go, OR you want to UP your photography game, learning a few of the basics will help to improve the quality of your photographs.

  • Plan your shots
  • Edit photos and be willing to delete (sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do)
  • Avoid visiting popular sites at popular times
  • Avoid crowds and tour groups if possible
  • Be patient
  • Have your camera settings dialed in and act fast
  • Have your phone ready to go as a back up
  • Stand so people in the background are hidden from view
  • Take day trips to lesser known destinations
  • Simply ask people to move
  • Use the crowd in your shot

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Permission Granted to Delete Some Travel Photos


Did I really just suggest that you should DELETE some of your travel photos? Yes. Yes I did.

In case YOU need to hear this today, I am giving you permission to delete some of your photos. Yes! You.

Why? You need to get rid of your photo clutter too.

Pictures to Delete:

  • So the burst of pictures you took of the Eiffel Tower? You only need one from that angle
  • Blurry or badly composed photos
  • Unflattering photos of you or your family members (unless you need them for future blackmail opportunities!)
  • Screenshots – Are you snapping a quick pic of your train ticket so you won’t forget your seat number? Delete it
  • Selfies – Only keep the ones that are really great
  • Reminders – I often take pictures of restaurant names, city names, etc. as I travel. These pics are NOT my best work. They are informational. You don’t need to keep them once you have retrieved the information you need
  • Super short video clips
  • Memes, recipes, kids’ school work that you sent to grandma. Delete it or create a file for them and download it
  • Unintentional Photos or Videos – How many videos or photos did you snap that you didn’t even realize you took? You don’t need that shot of your left leg. Delete it.

Composition Tips

Discover 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach
  • Consider the light and your light sources
  • Use the rule of thirds
  • Try to not have objects sprouting out of your subject’s head
  • Use natural frames
  • Find leading lines as you compose your photo
  • Shoot from a creative angle
  • Try to capture a reflection
  • Focus on the eyes
  • Make sure your focus is spot on

I am insanely talented at taking photos that are not straight, ie., the horizon slants horribly to the right.

When I get home and look at the wonkiness of the horizon or the leaning tower of anything in my travel photos, I wonder how I could have taken such a crooked photo!

If this is you as well, not to worry: photo editing programs allow you to crop and straighten the horizon or buildings or whatever on all of your photos.

I go more in depth on Photography Composition Tips, Taking Vacation Photos, How to Improve Your Photography Skills, Camera Equipment, and Tips for Looking Awesome to Take Better Travel Photos of YOU in my post Tips to Take Better Travel Photos. Check it out!

Photography Gear to Improve Your Travel Photos

I take photos everyday and everywhere. Sometimes I quickly grab my phone before the opportunity is gone, and sometimes I use my DSLR for a well-composed quality shot.

Sometimes when I travel, I have both my phone and my camera ready to go (I look like such a tourist!)

You may encounter people who are passionate about their brand of camera. There has long been a debate about which camera brand is the best—Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc. The answer? Whatever camera you have with you!!!

Here are a few ideas for your camera gear options:

Just remember, you don’t have to travel with ALL of your photography equipment. Pack lightly. Take only the essentials. That may mean your camera body, one possibly two versatile lenses, and a few accessories.

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How to share and display travel photos

Final Thoughts on Creative Ways To Actually Share and Display Your Travel Photos

Travel and photography go hand in hand.

If you have been wondering what to do with all of your amazing travel photos, I hope you have some ideas now. You DO NOT have to be a professional photographer!

It is such a convenience to snap digital photos as you travel and to take as many as you wish.

So, after you have spent all that time lining up the perfect shot, taking time to find the right angle, and waiting for the best light, find ways to enjoy your photos and relive your travel memories once you return home.

P.S. They make great Christmas gifts too!

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Marian Fink
Marian Fink
1 month ago

Love all these ideas! Now I just gotta do it!

30 days ago

I love photography. Great tips! And the photos in this post are beautiful.

30 days ago

I love all of these ideas, I love looking at the pictures on the walls they bring back wonderful memories…

30 days ago

Awesome tips! Uploading them to a site like Pinterest is a great tip! I LOVE seeing travel shots on Pinterest and will often re-share.

27 days ago

So many great ways to display travel photos.

Josy A
27 days ago

Great ideas! It is sooo much better when you actually manage to use your photos! I normally blog and create travel albums… but I love the idea of making postcards!
p.s. lol i appreciate the permission to delete some too!

Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace
23 days ago

This was so fun! Thank you for these fun ideas, I definitely want to start a trip photo album. Also thank you for the permission to delete some photos! Lord knows I need to do that too!

23 days ago

These are great ideas! I love creating photo albums and photo scrapbooks with my travel photos. I also love sharing them on social media. Thanks for all the additional tips!

23 days ago

You listed some of my favorite camera gear – and the lenses last forever too. Great article!

Angie Kunze
23 days ago

Your Lourmarin, France is gorgeous! It has never occurred to me to make postcards. That is a fantastic idea. Getting snail mail that isn’t junk mail is a special treat. I share most of my stuff on facebook but I do have special family and friends that aren’t on facebook. SOMEDAY I’ll have time to scrapbook…I hope!

21 days ago

Thank you so much for giving me permission to delete some of my travel photos! 😂I so needed to hear that! Great ideas on how to display travel photos…I do all of them.

21 days ago

Fantastic article, I love taking photos all around the world and I am motivated to do better and better! Reading this was inspiring!

21 days ago

I love all these tips. I try to make a photo book each year that has all my pictures so I can look back and easily see the pictures!

21 days ago

Love all these ideas! I always make a scrapbook for each of my big trips, which is fun. I love the postcard idea though too, I’ll need to try that!

20 days ago

This is such a helpful post, I have so many travel photos at this point that I don’t know what to do with them! Deleting them would probably be the best idea for me 😀

Tanya T
20 days ago

These are great tips! I find it difficult to keep up with all the photos and organize them. They get dumped into a folder by location and date. I’m sure there is a lot of wasted space and I should delete before moving them from my camera. Thanks for all the ideas!

20 days ago

Thanks for your great post. Especially I love your permission to delete some of my photos! So far I just add more of hard disc space and delete just really bad unusable photos. I definitely have to use your permission much more often.

20 days ago

Great ideas for share travel photos! I’ve been thinking of printing a few for the walls, but selecting the right ones is difficult.

20 days ago

Great suggestions! I usually scrapbook, but I have been a bit too busy lately!