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Using Google Flights Features to Find Cheap Flights

Guest Post by Alex of Wander with Alex

Google Flights is a popular flight search engine that compiles upcoming flights all in one place. Rather than hop around from airline-to-airline websites searching for the best price, Google Flights will do all the work for you.

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Learn how to use the features of Google Flights to find cheap flights on Google. According to CNET, it beats out other travel search sites.

Google Flights vs Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

google flights

Websites such as Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity are known as online travel agencies (OTAs). Online travel agencies are third-party service providers that strike deals with airlines to offer lower prices.

While OTAs can certainly offer cheap flights, some people would rather deal with the airlines directly. You see, if something happens to go wrong on your flight, it’s up to the online travel agency to remedy the issue.

So, watch out for OTAs with a bad customer service reputation!

Google Flights, on the other hand, is not an online travel agency. Rather, it is a search engine that simply compiles airline prices in one place for you to compare.

Once you’ve found a flight that you like, Google Flights will send you to the airline’s website to finish your booking. The advantage to this is if something goes wrong with your flight, you can work directly with the airline to resolve the issue.

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How to Use Google Flights

Search for the Best “Cheap” Flights on Google


Google Flights is straightforward and easy to use. Begin by visiting Google Flights and entering in your destination information and dates to populate the Google Flights date grid.

Once you’ve searched for this information, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to filter your results by stops, airlines, bag fees, price, times, emissions, connecting airports, and duration.

As you can see, Google Flights is a very powerful tool that will let you compare and filter by options that are important to you.

Track Flights and Prices with Google Flight Alerts

Under the search bar, you will see an option for tracking prices. This Google Flights feature allows you to sign up for email alerts that will notify you of any price changes on your preferred flight.

If you don’t have flexibility with your travel dates, Google Flights alerts are a great option to watch for the best prices.

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Google Flights Date Grid and Price Graphs

google date grid
Google Flights Date Grid

If your travel dates are flexible, then check out the Date Grid and Price Graph.

The Google Flights Date Grid will show you the cheapest flights within a certain date range in grid form. The cheapest prices are conveniently highlighted in green while the most expensive are highlighted in red.

The Google Flights Price Graph is another graphical representation of flight trends that will allow you to explore pricing by week or month.

Find Cheap Flights on Google Explore

Using Google Flights to find cheap flights

Google Explore is another great feature for those that are flexible with dates and destinations. If you don’t care about dates, simply input your departing airport and you’ll get a map listing all your options (with prices) around the world.

So, if you’re spontaneous, the Google Explore feature is the perfect way to find a random destination based on lowest price.

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Which Airlines are NOT listed on Google Flights?

One notable airline that isn’t listed on Google Flights is Southwest Airlines. That is because Southwest Airlines chooses not to list prices on Google Flights or any other online travel agency website.

So, if you’re fond of Southwest, don’t forget to search their website! As well, there are other smaller airlines you may not see when searching for flights on Google.

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Here’s a quick recap on how you can find cheap flights using Google Flights.

  • The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more likely you are to find the best price
  •  If you cannot budge on your dates, use Google Flight Alerts to keep track of price changes
  • Use Google Explore to find the cheapest destinations from your location
  • Use the Date Grid and Price Graph to compare ticket prices by week or month

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Final Thoughts on Using Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Now that you are aware of all the great features that Google offers for finding flights, don’t forget to try it out for your next flight and search the Google flights date grid created for you!

Be sure to sign up for the mileage reward programs pertinent to the airline you fly. If you fly with United Airlines and haven’t already signed up with United MileagePlus to begin accruing points, NOW is the best time!

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10 months ago

These tips are great! I usually use Skyscanner, but sometimes the info is not accurate, so will try Google next time. Thank you for sharing this!

10 months ago

These are great tip to find the best fares on Google Flights. I use it all the time!

Linda (LD Holland)
10 months ago

I must admit to a bias about not using Google products when I have a choice. But after watching my hubby use Google flights to do some quick checks on options, I have to agree with your that it is a good travel planning tool. I like the idea that you can track the prices as it is wild how the prices vary from day to day. 

10 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing! Definitely some helpful tricks and tips in here. I hesitate to use OTA sites in case something goes wrong.

Vanessa Shields
Vanessa Shields
10 months ago

Great tips! I haven’t really used Google Flights and I’d never heard of Google Explore but can’t wait to use when booking my next flight!

10 months ago

These are some great tips! I’ve never actually used Google Flights before! I’m definitely going to check it out when booking my next flight! Thanks for the great guide!

10 months ago

I love Google flights. We belong to Scott’s Flights, which redirects you to Google Flights. And we have found so many flights this year!

10 months ago

I am really surprised I have never used Google Flights before! Thanks so much for sharing this useful tip, I’ll definitely be using Google Flights in the future.

10 months ago

Interesting! I don’t think I’ve used Google Flights to look up cheap flights before, I normally stick with Skyscanner. I’ll definitely give this a go next time!

Alaina Thomas
10 months ago

These are such helpful tips – thanks for sharing! I am currently tracking flights for Tulum, Mexico, and the calendar grid really helps in finding the cheapest days to fly.

Wayfaring Munchkin
10 months ago

That is interesting. I’ve actually used Google flights before to research fares but I found that there’s a slight difference in the actual fare than what was shown before. Maybe the fares were just going up and down at the moment but I will definitely give this another go!

10 months ago

Great tips! I’d never heard of Google Explore, so this was super helpful. Thanks for posting!

10 months ago

Such great tips! I love using Google Flights. I haven’t tried the Google Explore feature yet. Excited to give that a try!

10 months ago

Loving all these great tips on how to find cheap flights on Google Flights.

10 months ago

This is such great info! Had no idea about this.

10 months ago

There are many loval cheap flights lately ☺️✨

10 months ago

Thank you so much! Super informative!

10 months ago

These are great tips… we usually book directly but use Expedia for pricing..

Helen Story
10 months ago

I must have been living under a rock, I’d not heard of this until today. Which is curious because I google everything! A timely post, we all want to get travelling again but with prices increasing on almost everything I think everyone is looking for the route to the best deals!

10 months ago

I use Google Flights all the time because of their price graph, which is so convenient in finding the cheapest offers. It’s a great feature, especially when you are flexible with y our travel plans.

10 months ago

I love to use google flights, it’s so convenient. Great post!

Vicky McGrath
9 months ago

Thanks! I didn’t think to use Google to look at flights! Now I will!

9 months ago

Great advice and article, very useful especially on the fly…