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Great Gifts Ideas for Adventure Seeking Women

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Gift Ideas For Adventure Seeking Women Who Love to Travel and Take Pictures Along the Way

When you choose to celebrate the adventure seeking women in your life—whether it is for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, an Anniversary, or simply because—you will soon become one their favorites. The roles women fill are endless. You might know them as:

  • Therapist
  • Finder of All Things Lost or Misplaced
  • Knower of Where Everything is Located
  • Chef
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Cheerleader
  • Potty Training Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Repair Expert
  • Landscaper & Gardener
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Adventure Seeker
  • Googler
  • Story Teller
  • Electronics Whiz
  • Safety Enforcer

Out of all of those labels, do the adventure seeking women in your life also consider themselves a TRAVELER Extraordinaire? Or better yet, a TRAVELER who doubles as a PHOTOGRAPHER capturing the memories and moments of your adventures?

If yes, then have I got some gift ideas for you and the adventure seeking women in your life!

20190530 JK 0544 LRE Photo 1

Is your mom, sister, grandmother, or friend anything like me? Is she is homesick for travel… travel anywhere! You can help her be ready to go when the next opportunity comes up.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This page may contain affiliate links. I would love your support through clicking on the links. Read the full disclosure here.

Gift Ideas for Adventure Seeking Women for All Budgets

Jolayne in New Zealand

Noise Canceling Earphones

From one traveler extraordinaire to another, I am recommending two noise cancelling earphone options.

The AirPods Pro (affiliate) earbuds pair seamlessly with an iPhone if the adventure seeking women in your life are Apple products users.

These earphones also have the benefit of being small and lightweight. Perfect for any day of celebration. Don’t forget the AirPods Pro Silicone Carrying Case(affiliate).

The benefit to the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones(affiliate) is that they are corded and offer less chances of falling out of an adventure seeker’s ears and getting lost as she sleeps on an airplane. Also, you can plug into the plane’s onboard system to watch movies or listen to music.


Lightweight Samsonite Luggage(affiliate) is always a great option for travel especially if you are having to lift the luggage overhead to store in airplane storage bins, onto trains, or up flights of stairs when the Airbnb you have chosen has no elevator.

The North Face Recon Backpack for Adventure Seeking Women

I love this carry-on Backpack(affiliate) designed specifically for women and moms. It has a variety of features:

  • a padded laptop or iPad (affiliate) section
  • a large middle section for my camera insert (affiliate)
  • lots of pockets
  • expandable side pockets for a water bottle, easily accessible hand sanitizer, and Blistex (affiliates)
  • a mesh front pocket
  • a sternum strap
  • a waist belt

Travelon Carry-on

If the adventure seeking women in your life would enjoy something a little more classy and stylish yet functional, try the Travelon Heritage Tote(affiliate). It features a zippered RFID pocket, cut resistant handles, and numerous pockets and abundant space.

PCA Sunscreen

For all adventure seeking women (and men) whether you are traveling or at home, I recommend the PCA Skin Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45(affiliate) sunscreen with zinc oxide. This sunscreen is sweat and water resistant and is an everyday essential. I’ve got my whole family, my husband included, hooked on this stuff. And it works brilliantly to protect beautiful faces.

Canon 6d Mark II Camera

Because I am one of those adventure seeking women who is all about taking pictures when I travel, my Canon 6d Mark II (affiliate) camera, lenses(affiliate) and accessories are perfect to bring along on vacation.

Is your mom, girlfriend, sister, or friend new to photography? Encourage them to travel lightly with an iPhone(affiliate) (they take some pretty tremendous pictures) or start with the Canon T8i DSLR(affiliate) for a little more control of their pictures.

I would also recommend that she check out my photography mentor, Audrey Ann at Live Snap Love. If all of your adventure seeking women friends want to UP their photography game, have them check out Audrey’s courses!

A mom with her daughters in Colmar, France

And look at crazy me! My camera in one hand and my Cell Phone(affiliate) in the other poised to take pictures. I have to jump in some pictures just so people know I was on vacation too!

Travelon Passport Wallet RFID for Adventure Seeking Women

The Travelon Passport Wallet with RFID(affiliate) is perfect for securely storing a passport, credit cards, and a little extra cash.

Portable Charger

Does your mom use a cell phone(affiliate) throughout the day on vacation (or even in the car pool lane) for taking photos, getting directions, checking maps, figuring out transportation, or researching on the internet, suggest she pack a Portable Charger (affiliate) so she can recharge her phone when needed. If Mom is using her phone for all of those activities, she will most likely use up her phone battery before the end of the day.

And…remind her to remember to pack all of the necessary charging cables.

Amazon Gift Card

What could be better than an Amazon Gift Card(affiliate) for the adventure seeking women? They get to choose exactly what they need for travel or photography, and you get the kudos.

If you (or your mom) don’t already have Amazon Prime (affiliate), try it out. The perks include FREE two-day shipping, being able to instantly stream movies and TV shows, access to books and music and online shopping lists, and more.

Special offer! Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days (affiliate)

If you are a student, you can try Amazon Prime for 6 months (affiliate) too!

I love Amazon Prime. Check out some of My Favorite Travel Things 👈 here

IMG 2617 LRE Photo


An iPad(affiliate) or tablet is definitely a travel must-have AND an adventure seekers must-have. I use mine for:

  • Storing all information related to our vacation—dates, locations, activities, booked flights, hotel, and transportation
  • Reviewing in the evening for the next day
  • Unwinding or relaxing while reading an eBook
  • “Facetiming” with family at home
  • Watching a downloaded movie. Check out the options from Amazon Prime Movies (affiliate).
  • Journaling throughout vacation
  • Blogging on the long flight home

Travel Journal

In order for me to remember all of the events of each day as I travel, I use a Travel Journal to record dates, locations, adventures, mishaps, and funny moments.

Apple Watch for Adventure Seeking Women

Smart watches(affiliate), especially the Apple Watch Series 3 (affiliate) that I wear, come in a variety of shapes, colors, and tracking abilities. Perfect for making sure the family is always on time.

Toss in the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (affiliate) as well to make sure the watch is charged everyday and ready to go when you are.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This BagSmart Hanging Toiletry Bag (affiliate) is convenient and organizes essential toiletries. ‘Cause, let’s face it, most adventure seeking women travel with beauty essentials too!

Travel Necklace

Who doesn’t love a little bit of bling? Travel Necklace(affiliate) anyone?

Compass pendant travel necklace

Or how about this Sterling Silver Digital Camera Pendant(affiliate)?

Digital camera necklace

Or just a beautiful Floating Heart Necklace(affiliate), a token of just how much the adventure seeking women in your life mean to you.

Floating heart necklace

Discover more of My Favorite Inspirational Things.

Luggage Tags

Adventure seeking women don’t want to spend time looking for their Luggage(affiliate) at Baggage Claim. Help their luggage to stand out from the crowd with these durable yet trendy Metal Luggage Tags(affiliate).


Mom with her daughters

Won’t the women in your life look stylin’ in a beautiful pair of Sunglasses(affiliate)? With the added benefit of eye protection. Fashion and function all in one!

Final Thoughts on Great Gift Ideas for Adventure Seeking Women

Mom's favorite daughters

Elevate yourself to Favorite Child Status with any of these gift ideas that go beyond flowers that fade or adding another mug to the kitchen shelf!

Great gift ideas for women adventure seekers

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6 months ago

These are awesome ideas! Pinning for future reference!

Brittany Taylor
6 months ago

I LOVE this list. I might have to forward this list to my kids (LOL)! I agree with you on the iPad. I am so in love with mine, it helps to past the time by and is a great business tool.

Jennifer Record
6 months ago

Travel journals!! yes please!! and write inside on the first page a list of adventures you want to take with mom! 🙂

mihaela |

Great ideas! I like your choices

6 months ago

I’m a mama and I travel! Sign me up for these. Some great ideas.

Sydney Hooten-Rynone
6 months ago

Awesome list of gift ideas for the traveling mom! Definitely saving this list for the future! As a military spouse/future mom this list definitely applies to me other military spouses as well, because we live a life on the go. Thank you for sharing!

Julie Plagens
6 months ago

I love the AirPod pro. They are so easy to use. I need another pair. One of mine got lost.

6 months ago

Great list! I love the cute travel journals, especially the ones that can be engraved. These make an awesome gift for any traveller.

5 months ago

Wow, these are some great ideas, thanks for sharing! I love the travel necklace, that is really beautiful!

Lisa Harvey
5 months ago

These are great travel gifts for mums. I love my iPad I take it everywhere with me. so much easier than a ton of books to read.

5 months ago

Great ideas! Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me. I hope I get the noise canceling headphones. 🙂

5 months ago

such great ideas and inspiration!! really helpful, especially with mothersday coming up in a few weeks

5 months ago

Firstly, thanks for reminding me it’s nearly mother’s day! You’ve also given me some useful ideas. Thanks

5 months ago

Airbnb gift card! I didn’t know that exists but I have a few people this would be good for!

Sandra Ans
5 months ago

Great gift guide! Nice ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Kelly Bolen
5 months ago

These are such great suggestions! I have continued traveling during the past year, but I did have to cancel my trip to London. But hopefully next year! Until them I am enjoying seeing the US and all its beauty!

5 months ago

These are all things I’d love to get if I were a mom! My stepdad texted me that my mom wanted a glass kettle this year so that’s what I got her.

5 months ago

I think the rhino journal and the AirPod case (in that pretty muted teal) are my favorites! The hanging toiletry bag is super handy as well. Thanks for your careful attention in curating this list!

Nicole Anderson
5 months ago

Your idea of sharing travel-inspired gifts just prior to Mothers Day this year is just fabulously timed, now that vaccinations for Covid are happening and travel will be opening up again soon. I love the selection you have included here and it really does get me quite excited to think we could be jetting off somewhere again shortly. Any Mom would be keen to receive a gift that prompts you to start planning some exciting travel destination again!

Mona Abboud
5 months ago

Great suggestions! I’m definitely keeping these in mind

5 months ago

These are some great suggestions! I really like the hanging toiletry bag. They are so helpful during travel. They would even work well for keeping all of your chargers in one place!

5 months ago

Fantastic list…as usual! Love the AirBnB gift card idea. What says ‘adventure awaits’ more than that?

Janette Foreman
5 months ago

Great ideas! I can totally see my mom wanting some of these items (and I want some too!). Thanks for rounding up some ideas for Mother’s Day! There’s nothing like Mom.

5 months ago

Noise canceling ear phones for the win! And I really don’t know any moms who don’t appreciate nice new luggage. It sounds like these gifts are planting seeds to help a mom go on a much needed vacation! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

5 months ago

These are great gift ideas! I laughed at your list at the beginning, because I’m feeling like “Safety Enforcer” has become my primary job as of late.

Sarah Althouse
5 months ago

love that Northface backpack and now I want it for myself! haha

Gloria Standifer
Gloria Standifer
5 months ago

Very thoughtful gift ideas!

5 months ago

How fun! I love that a lot of these are really useful items, and not just mom-themed clutter. These are so great for any mom who loves traveling, especially the travel journal – so cute.

1 month ago

Great gift ideas!! Love this!

1 month ago

A camera, portable charger and journal are top of my list. What an amazing list that you put together. Thank you!

Linda (LD Holland)
29 days ago

It is almost that time of year to be building my own Christmas wish list. So I went through this post and found several things I would love to have. We are looking for a new camera so interested to see your recommendation. And my iPad is starting to fade … maybe from over-use?  

29 days ago

Great suggestions! The noise-canceling headphones and portable chargers are fab gift ideas!

29 days ago

What wonderful gift suggestions! I love that you include so many helpful + practical items. I also think the camera necklace is SO cute!

29 days ago

These are great gift ideas! I noise-canceling headphone options are terrific and come in handy so often.

29 days ago

All the essentials that a travel blogger needs! Noise canceling earbuds are a must, especially when traveling by plane. Good tips!

28 days ago

A lot of great gift ideas! I love travel journals. I always write down things to remember!

Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith
28 days ago

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many backup chargers when traveling!

28 days ago

I just bought those luggage tags and love them!

28 days ago

Awesome suggestions! That backpack sounds especially amazing!

28 days ago

Hello yes can someone buy me all of these??? Great recommendations!!

28 days ago

I love all your suggestion. I have never thought about getting an iPad since I have a MacBook Air, but I feel like I need one after reading this post. Or maybe new lenses… Saving this for sure.

28 days ago

These are some great gift giving ideas!

28 days ago

These are awesome gift ideas for women adventure seekers – like me! I’m always looking for cool travel journals and adding s couple of ideas to my wish list.

Nina Clapperton
Nina Clapperton
27 days ago

As an adventurous woman I ADORE this gift guide. I’ll definitely be sending it to my family. I love the first travel necklace.

27 days ago

I can’t live without my portable charger – it goes everywhere with me. And lasts forever, it’s great on camping trips. I love to collect travel journals too as I’m always wanting to make notes about my trip. Such great gift ideas here

Ayesha Ayub
10 days ago

Someone please gift me camera i need it most, by the way i like your suggestions