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43 Great Travel Gifts to Make Holiday Giving a Breeze

I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list!

If you have a jet-setting friend or family member who always seems to be going somewhere, then welcome to this list of Great Travel Gifts to make your holiday shopping for them stress-free and inspired this year.

Instead of wondering, “What would they actually use?”, discover thoughtful, practical and useful traveler gift ideas from a professional wanderer. Make sure your family, friends and coworkers, and everyone in between have the essentials for a smooth journey.

And if you are building YOUR ultimate travel bucket list as well, begin to think about the travel gift ideas for him, gift ideas for a traveling woman, electronic gadgets, toiletries, and photography equipment you will need to make your travel experiences a breeze.

You deserve a little gift-giving love as well.

Merry Christmas tree filled with ornaments Amazon deals for travelers

Travelers Gift Ideas

The nitty gritty of traveling—no matter how often you or your loved ones travel—can be challenging. You have to consider the potential for long airport layovers, wall plugs that are different, and toiletry items that are just the right size for TSA.

Set yourself up for success this holiday season with all of the essentials and MAYBE some “really nice to have” big ticket items.

If you like to plan ahead for Christmas, the New York Times suggests that holiday deals are hitting the shelves as early as October.

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Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas for the Traveler Under $30

Christmas elf

For a magical Christmas morning, stocking stuffers are just as important as the wrapped presents under the tree. While typically small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these gifts are often meaningful and personalized.

Bombas socks make great travel gifts for everyone on your list. Bombas makes socks, shirts, underwear and slippers that are soft and comfortable to wear. “Your support helps put thoughtfully designed, essential clothing into the hands and onto the feet of those in need.” Bombas

Protect your Apple Airpods with a silicone case that come in a variety of color options. The cases are made of high quality silicone that is lightweight and durable. If you are looking for gift ideas for the travel lover, headphones are handy and universally loved.

Mini Umbrella with Case

Mini Umbrella

Buy on Amazon

Mini umbrellas are designed to be compact, lightweight and perfect for travel. They should fit perfectly in your travel bag and come with a handy waterproof case.

Metal Luggage Tags

Metal Luggage Tags

Buy on Amazon

In a travel world full of black luggage, help your travel bags stand out from the crowd with these colorful luggage tags. They make great travel gifts and stocking stuffers for all of the travelers on your list and are one of the best gift ideas for business travelers.

Compass Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

Travel Necklace

Buy on Amazon

Who doesn’t like a little bling? The compass necklace makes a great gift idea fo the traveling woman. Wouldn’t your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, daughter or girlfriend love it?

A Day at Disney Gift Ideas

Cinderella's castle in Disney Paris

Are you planning a surprise getaway to Disneyland with your family this year? How about a few Christmas gift ideas for a Disney trip, whether it is to Disneyland in California, Disneyworld in Florida, or Disneyland Paris in France?

Waist pack

Waist Pack

Buy on Amazon

Because, as my daughter informs me, not everyone is going to want a crossbody bag (see #11). Waist packs are easy to wear, adapt to various waist sizes, and tuck in perfectly on the rides at Disneyland. This is just one of the many gift ideas for someone traveling to Disney soon.

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses

Buy on Amazon

Optometrists strongly encourage everyone to wear sunglasses everyday when you are outside, in your travels, and on adventures. This is especially true for your day at Disney: you aren’t always mindful of the amount of time spent outside in the sunshine when you’re having fun all day long. Take care of your eyes. Besides, sunglasses make great travel gifts because they are fashion and function all in one!

PCA Sunscreen for travel

PCA Sunscreen

Buy on Amazon

PCA Skin Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen with zinc oxide, sweat and water resistant is awesome. Sunscreen should be one of the first things you put on your face everyday. I recommend it whether you are traveling or not, but with extra emphasis on those Disney and travel days when you are in the sun all day long. Sunscreen is essential!

EXIT Collapsible Water Bottle

EXIT Collapsible Water Bottle

Buy on Amazon

A collapsible water bottle is super nice to have on vacation and to include in your travel bag. Just make sure it is empty before going through security at the airport! Staying hydrated is always important. In fact, send along some single-serving packets of Crystal Lite or Zipfizz with your favorite traveler so they can add a little flavor or energy boost to their water.

Built Bar Protein and Energy Bars Double Chocolate

Built Bar Protein Bars

Buy at

Use code SJTRAVELS at checkout for 10% off your total purchase.

If you haven’t tried these Built Bars you might just be in for a pleasant surprise. They have great flavors, a nice texture, and are quite delicious. They also sell granola bars and puff protein bars. Giving your favorite people 1 or 2 bars or the whole box makes for great travel gifts for Christmas… and all year long.

Travelon messenger bag for travel

Travelon Crossbody Bag

Buy on Amazon

A crossbody bag—or messenger bag—is a great travel essential and makes a perfect gift for a day at Disney. Since crossbody bags hang in front of the body, it is easy to access all your valuables without having to take the bag off every time you need something. And it tucks easily when enjoying the rides at Disney.

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Experiences to Give as Gifts

Plan a trip Travel tools for resources page

Experiences and memberships are great travel gifts for Christmas and any other special occasion throughout the year. When you give the gift of a vacation, a luxurious day at the spa, or a subscription box, you are giving a great gift AND a sentimental present at the same time… plus a little bit of anticipation for good measure.

airbnb gift card

Airbnb Gift Card

Buy on Amazon

Gift the gift of Airbnb with amazing destinations all around the world. It makes for a perfect getaway to a lakeside cabin, a treetop hideaway, a secluded beach house, or an apartment in the heart of old town anywhere in Europe. Some experiences are also available.

23andMe Ancestry plus Traits Test

23andMe Ancestry Kit

Buy on Amazon

This at-home DNA test kit links to 80 or more personalized reports. Using innovative ancestry composition, your ancestry is estimated to 0.1% over more than 2000 geographic regions. Research your family tree and discover just how you fit in; find out what makes you YOU. This is definitely one of the unique gift ideas for travelers.

Southwest airlines gift card

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Buy on Amazon

A great gift that gives you the freedom to travel wherever Southwest Airlines flies.

Get your guide logo

Get Your Guide Gift Card

Buy on Get Your Guide

Discover travel excursions, adventures and experiences all over the world. Give the gift of more experiences not things. You can sign up for guided tours, day trips, or water activities and be inspired for your next trip. This is one of the great travel gifts that gives the gift of anticipation and adventure.

Ad for GyPSy Guides App

GyPSy Guide Audio Tour Gift Card

Buy on

Buy these audio tours for yourself, your family, or your friends. The GyPSy Guide App is free to download on Apple and Google Play.

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Sapphire reserve credit card

Check out Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Abroad

Caffco Map Globe Hanging Christmas Ornament

If you are like me and find that international travel makes you happy, find Christmas gift ideas that make traveling abroad so much easier.

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Travel Adapter Uppel Dual USB All-in-one Worldwide Chargers

Travel Adapter

Buy on Amazon

Do you or your loved plan to travel regularly to international destinations? The universal adapter works in a number of different countries and outlets across Europe. It is not only one of the great travel gifts for Christmas but it is also essential for international travel.

Travel journals lined notebook to journal your travels

Travel Journal

Buy on Amazon

Using a travel journal is a great way to remember the places you visit, people you meet, ideas for future travel, suggestions and notes for your next trip, funny moments that happen along the way, day-to-day experiences, mishaps, favorite destinations, day trips, and interesting tidbits of information.

AirTags are an efficient and super easy-to-use-gadget to help keep track of your luggage and travel bags when you travel. Attach one to your luggage. Add another in your backpack. Put one on your keychain if you have the incredible knack for losing things. Use the Find My app to track the tags and all of the Apple devices you and your family use each day. It makes a perfect gift for couples who travel.

Travelon RFID Blocking Passport Zip Wallet

Passport Wallet

Buy on Amazon

The Travelon Passport Wallet with RFID is perfect for securely storing a passport, credit cards, and a little extra cash when you travel. If you are the keeper of the family passports during your journeys, this case can hold 3-4 passports quite nicely. It is one of the great travel gifts that gives you peace of mind as you travel.

Water-resistant Mesh Zipper Bags for Storage

Water Resistant Travel Bags

Buy on Amazon

Use Water Resistant Travel Bags for organization and peace of mind. I like to be EXTRA CAREFUL (I have had hair gel leak all over my toiletries in my luggage). These bags are versatile for your toiletries, snacks, and essential gadgets.

Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable carry-on Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Carry On Luggage

Buy on Amazon

Lightweight, wheeled luggage is always a great option for travel, especially if you are having to lift the luggage overhead to store in airplane storage bins, walk long distances at the airport, carry it onto trains, or heft it up flights of stairs when the vacation rental you have chosen has no elevator.

BagSmart Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Buy on Amazon

This BagSmart Hanging Toiletry Bag is convenient and organizes essential toiletries. When space is limited, hanging your toiletries keeps them organized and frees up counter space. Add this to your list of gift ideas for the traveling woman.

Amazon Alexa Echo Show 8

Amazon Alexa Echo Show

Buy on Amazon

Add your travel memories to your Amazon Echo and turn your home screen into a digital photo display. Great travel gifts are perfect gifts all year long; the Echo sends you reminders, acts as an alarm, plays music, and assists in managing your Smart devices.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Road Trips

Christmas tree ornament

“As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December’s bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same.”

Donald E. Westlake
Foldable insulated food cooler

Foldable Insulated Cooler

Buy on Amazon

It is easy to bring a foldable cooler for road trips from home or tuck it into the bottom of your luggage without taking up too much space. Fill it with bread, sandwich meats, cheese, and fruit and enjoy a picnic lunch along the way.

The North Face Womens Recon Backpack

The North Face Recon Backpack

Buy on Amazon – Women

Buy on Amazon – Men

Chris and I both travel with our The North Face Recon Backpacks. They have padded laptop sections, are perfect for a day trip pack which we fill with our lunch, snacks, the Camelbak, and extra water bottles, and mine works great as a camera back with the added camera insert.

Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Spigen

Magnetic Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

Buy on Amazon

These magnetic car phone mounts are such awesome little gadgets and make fantastic travel gifts. You place a metal plate (included with your purchase) inside your phone case. The magnetized phone mount slides onto your air vent slat. Place your phone against the phone mount and voila! Instant attachment.

Christmas Gifts for Travelers Who Love Electronics & Gadgets

Gadgets and travel accessories for airport layovers

You will LOVE the convenience of Apple AirPods. They are wireless, connect via bluetooth to your iPhone, and come with a convenient charging and storage case.

INIU Portable Charger

INIU Portable Charger

Buy on Amazon

Do you use a cell phone throughout the day on vacation (or even in the carpool lane) for taking photos, getting directions, checking maps, figuring out transportation, or researching on the internet? Pack a Portable Charger so you can recharge your phone when needed. It is in the top 5 of essential gadgets for travel.

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone

Buy on Amazon

Whichever brand you choose and love, a smart phone really is an essential electronic device to travel with in the 2020’s. Consider it a security device, a navigational marvel, a transportation getter, a messaging link… If you aren’t already in the camp of owning and using a smart phone, get one. They make great travel gifts if your budget allows and are perfect if you want a camera handy at all times.

USB C Charger

USB-C Charger

Buy on Amazon

This charger is a great gadget for charging laptops in record time. It also has additional charging ports for additional devices.

Power Strip Surge Protector with USB Ports

Power Strip with USB Ports

Buy on Amazon

Have you ever thought to travel with a Power Strip with USB Ports? The options are varied when you search online, so find the one that best suits your needs. Invariably, with all of the devices to be charged, this power strip comes in pretty handy anywhere in the world as you can plug it into an international plug adapter and maximize your charging space. It is among the best gift ideas for international travelers.

When you return home from vacation and unpack, leave the power strip in your luggage until the next time. It is definitely an essential travel item that makes a perfect Christmas gift for travel.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 256GB

Apple iPad

Buy on Amazon

Traveling with an electronic tablet is surely a convenience. It is great for:

  • Storing all information related to your vacation—dates, locations, activities, booked flights, confirmation numbers, hotel reservations and information, and transportation
  • Reviewing in the evening for the next day
  • Unwinding or relaxing while reading an eBook
  • “Facetiming” with family at home
  • Watching a downloaded movie. Check out the options from Amazon Prime Movies 
  • Journaling throughout vacation
Travelon Urban Tech Accessory Organizer

Cable Organizer

Buy on Amazon

My husband loves cool gadgets that not only work seamlessly with his electronics but also have great function too. With all of the gadgets and electronics, an organizer is essential and makes great travel gifts for family and friends.

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm

Apple Watch

Buy on Amazon

Smart watches come in a variety of shapes, colors, and tracking abilities. Perfect for making sure you and your family are always on time. There is even a pedometer app you can download to track your steps (or mileage) as you sightsee on vacation.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers Who Love to Travel

man gazing at the sky with clouds reflected in his sunglasses

Are you shopping this holiday season for someone who loves photography and travel? There are plenty of options to delight all photography skills levels, whether it is a stocking stuffer or a big budget surprise gift that will make their jaw drop on Christmas morning.

Waterproof Rain Cover Backpack

Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Buy on Amazon

If you have ever had a rain-soaked backpack, you will understand why adding a waterproof lightweight Backpack Cover to your essential travel gear is necessary. When downpours hit, you want to be prepared to keep your backpack and gear dry.

Camera Pendant necklace in sterling silver

Camera Necklace

Buy on Amazon

Who doesn’t love a little more bling? The camera necklace is perfect for the hobbyist photographer as well as the professional.

Underwater Digital Camera

Underwater Camera

Buy on Amazon

I think you would be surprised how often you use an underwater camera. They are perfect for cruise vacations, whitewater rafting trips, snorkeling excursions and fun in the pool.

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Digital Camera

Canon G1 Powershot Camera

Buy on Amazon

This camera is great for many hobby photographers who are comfortable with a point and shoot. It gives options for shooting in manual mode if you want to begin expanding your skills.

Fugetek 48" Portable Selfie Stick & Tripod

Selfie Stick

Buy on Amazon

If your first inclination is to proclaim, <GASP> “Never!”, don’t be so quick to rule out a selfie stick, especially if traveling solo is your gig.

There are tripods that are small and flexible for travel, but if you are traveling solo (or even with a group), you may wish to have the added benefit of the Fugetek selfie stick in your travel gear.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Peak Design Camera Clip

Buy on Amazon

If you are a photographer, you know that sometimes traveling and exploring all day with a camera around your neck can cause a lot of neck strain. While the Peak Design Camera Clip may not be on everyone’s essential travel gear list, it sure does make travel easier.

The clip easily attaches to your backpack strap; your camera then clips on and off as you need to use it throughout the day.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera Body Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon 6d Mark II Camera

Buy on Amazon

Because I am a adventurer who is also all about taking pictures when I travel, my Canon 6d Mark II camera, lenses and accessories are essential to bring along when I travel. Seriously, I don’t leave home without them!

I know everyone has a different opinion about which camera is the best. Pick the brand you (or Mom if you are gifting one to her) love the most.

Water Resistant Camera Insert Case

Camera Insert

Buy on Amazon

My North Face Women’s Recon Backpack isn’t designed specifically for transporting camera equipment, but this handy dandy camera insert transforms the inner section of the backpack.

The insert has three sections, and the size of those sections can be easily changed as the dividers velcro in place. Leave the middle section of the insert for your camera and fill the two outer sections with lenses. It is seriously the best gift for travelers and photographers.

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Woman at Christmas

How to Create an Amazon Wish List

Create a list to keep track of items you want to purchase later and then share with others who may ask “What would you like for… ?”

To create an Amazon Wish List:

  1. Hover over Account & Lists at the top right of your Amazon page and select Your Lists.
  2. Select Create a List and add a list name.
  3. Tap the Create List button.
  4. Hover your mouse over the three dots menu on the top right side of the screen and select Manage List to update your shipping address and other preferences.
  5. Select Save Changes. You can repeat this process and create any number of lists.
  6. Have family and friends create their own lists and then share them with you.

When viewing a product that you would like to add to your Amazon Wish list, select the Add to List button on the right side of your screen.

If you find items you wish to add to a list for a family member or a friend, select the Add to List button with its dropdown menu and scroll down within that box until you see the name of the person you wish to select.


  • Only list owners can make changes to their lists
  • Only the name, city, and state of your address is visible to gift givers
  • Update your info at any time
  • Items are added to your default list when you select Add to List
  • Both list owners AND invited people can add items to lists

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Final Thoughts on Great Travel Gifts To Make Holiday Giving a Breeze

Ahhh, so many great gift ideas for travel and for the holidays. You might find it hard to just pick one!

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for the business traveler, gift ideas for the couple who loves to travel together, or gift ideas for the women who love to travel, this list will surely spark some interest and ideas.

Happy shopping!

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30 days ago

This is indeed a great list of travel gifts! I have a lot of friends who love to travel, I can just look at this again when I do my Christmas shopping! 🙂

30 days ago

Some great ideas on here. I’m going to print it out and circle my wants and hope someone gets the hint! lol

Earth Jubilee
30 days ago

I love cross body bags. They’re so convenient and keep your hands free. Thanks for the great gift suggestions.

30 days ago

I love, love, love this post! I saw several things that I will add to my Christmas wishlist. Apple air tags are high on my list, as is the hanging toiletry bag. I also love the cord organizer for my husband. What awesome suggestions!

29 days ago

So many awesome things that I want! I’d definitely say the best thing her is the selfie stick/tripod! This has been such a game changer for me when travelling. Absolutely love it!

25 days ago

That travel necklace is so pretty. I would be so happy to receive that! And the waist pack is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for lately. Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

18 days ago

I love how comprehensive yet straightforward this list is. I especially like the travel necklace and journal ideas. I’ll be getting those for my husband! Thanks!

17 days ago

Geat list of lots of travel related gifts! It will help a lot when I look to do my Christmas shopping, or even to share with others for potential gifts for myself. 🙂

2 days ago

Really love this post!!! So may great ideas and kind of gifts. Thanks for sharing, very helpful!

1 day ago

Terrific ideas–saving for later!

Samuel Toil
1 day ago

All these are great ideas! I was looking to buy someone a gift and you made it easier.

The Curious Dig
1 day ago

This is such a comprehensive list of amazing travel gifts. I don’t get to travel much these days but I love compact items anyway so love many of these things like a mini umbrella and cross body bag.

Samuel Toil
17 hours ago

Great post! These gift ideas are interesting. You could gift anyone regardless of age or gender!

14 hours ago

What an exhaustive and great list. Thank you!

13 hours ago

These are all great ideas, I especially like the ones listed under the ‘experiences as gifts’ section. Thanks for sharing!