A road trip to the redwoods in California and my favorite inspirational things

Awesome Stops on a Road Trip to the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast

Whether this is your first time exploring California on a road trip to the redwoods (and discovering the Oregon Coast as well), or you live close enough to seek out adventures every weekend, chances are there are still plenty of amazing destinations for you to discover.

There is something simply awe-inspiring, even spiritual, when you first encounter the redwoods. One minute you are driving along in California, and suddenly the road is flanked with dense forests of gigantic redwood trees lining the road.

What is So Great About a Road Trip to the Redwoods?

The Coast Redwoods are THE tallest trees on earth. You will find them primarily in Northern California but also a few amazing groves along the Southern Oregon Coast (not more than 50 miles inland).

Why do these coastal redwoods grow best within 50 miles off the coast?

  • They love fog
  • They flourish best at 2,000 feet of elevation or less
  • They grow well in areas where there is heavy rain in the winter months
  • They thrive in moderate year-round temperatures.

Some of these amazing trees soar to heights well above 360 feet.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is perfect for a road trip to the Redwoods

8 Must-See Trees on Your Road Trip to the Redwoods

1. Big Tree

Located in Redwood National & State Parks, Big Tree is 68 feet around. You can find it near the Prairie Creek Visitor Center along the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway. The tree is estimated to be 1,500 years old. Though it is called Big Tree, it does not hold the distinction of being the tallest tree.

2. Corkscrew Tree

Not too far from Big Tree is another interesting redwood tree that actually has four trunks intertwining together.

3. Shrine Drive-Thru Tree

Have you always wanted to drive through a tree? The Shrine Tree, along the Avenue of the Giants, was carved mostly by nature.

4. Christmas Tree – An Albino Redwood

Also along the Avenue of the Giants, you will find a rare albino redwood tree. It is in the Women’s Federation Grove near the grove entrance. The trail here is not marked, but you can ask for directions at the Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center.

5. The Star Wars Tree

Did you know that parts of Return of the Jedi was filmed in Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park? Cheatham Grove is the location where you might recognize the fallen trees and intertwining limbs of the giant trees featured in the movie where storm troopers on the big screen sped through the grove.

6. Tall Trees Grove 

The current redwood “tallest tree” record holder is hidden in an undisclosed location; however, you can hike to this grove to view this beautiful grove. Pick up a free permit at the Orick Visitor Center.

7. Giant Tree

Does it seem as though they began to run out of titles for these magnificent redwoods? Tall Tree, Big Tree, and now Giant Tree.

Giant Tree’s distinction is that it wins for the most beautiful tree in terms of height, diameter, and crown spread. It may be considered the biggest redwood by mass. This tree is found in the Rockefeller Forest in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

8. Dyerville Giant

Can you imagine the thunderous sound this giant redwood must have made as it crashed to the forest floor in 1991?

The Dyerville Giant is thought to have once stood 400 feet. Still, Dyerville Giant draws crowds to its uprooted trunk, roots and the huge crater left behind. You’ll find this tree off the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park’s Founders Grove.

Highlights From a Road Trip to the Redwoods

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You may not have time to visit all of the named Redwood trees in one visit, but if you are looking for a few highlights, this guide should help.

You may even wish to pinpoint the 8 “must-see” trees on a map and plot your road trip to the Redwoods accordingly.

Please note that pets and bikes are not allowed on most trails in the Redwoods National Park.

Looking up at the redwoods

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

To visit the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, start your road trip to the redwoods about 9 miles east of Crescent City. Established in 1929, you will find a densely forested areas with giant ancient trees in this state park.

In fact, this park contains over 10,000 acres of California’s old-growth redwoods.

Did you know that this park is composed of seven percent of all the old-growth redwoods remaining in the world? 

Some of the notable hikes and trails within the state park are:

Boy Scout Tree Trail

Follow this 5.5 mile path on the Boy Scout Tree Trail and you will also arrive at Fern Falls where the trail ends. Reach the trailhead via the unpaved and sometimes bumpy Howland Hill Road. Follow this old-growth trail and enjoy some of the world’s most pristine redwood scenery. Note * Parking at the trailhead may be limited.

Nickerson Ranch Trail

This trail is a nice add-on to the Boy Scout Tree Trail. While not as scenic as the Boy Scout Tree Trail. Nickerson Ranch trail is much less busy.

Mill Creek Trail

This trail is currently closed due to construction. It is in the same area as the Boy Scout Tree Trail and the Nickerson Ranch Trail

Hiouchi Trail

This 4.4 mile out and back trail begins in a beautiful redwood grove next to Stout Grove. You’ll see the best scenery at the beginning of the hike and then a mixed-species forest for the rest of the hike.

Hatton Trail

A 3.3 out and back hike with moderate traffic and moderate effort that allows you to explore redwoods on the South side of Hwy 199. The trail parallels the highway for much of the hike, so you will hear traffic noise

Simpson-Reed Trail

This is a short loop of less than a mile that circles close to the Smith River. In 2011, the start/end of the trail was moved away from Hwy 199 with signs that directed hikers to the new location. Once the most popular trail in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, it is now less trafficked as the trailhead is somewhat hidden off of Walker Road.

Leiffer and Ellsworth Loops

Close to the Simpson-Reed Trail, you will find the connected Leiffer and Ellsworth Loops. Access the Loop Trails off of Walker Road. Start off on the 1.o mile Leiffer Loop and add on the 0.5 mile Ellsworth Loop if you have time.

Be prepared for your hikes by making sure you have the 10 essentials for your best day hikes packed.

Amy on the Nickerson Trail
Nickerson Ranch Trail

Stout Memorial Grove

Stout Memorial Grove is a beautiful, 44-acre grove of old-growth trees worth the side trip on your road trip to the Redwoods. It has a significant amount of downed trees along the 0.6 mile trail. The trail is easy to follow and well-marked.

The Stout Tree has a viewing platform built around it to help you get up close and personal with the tree while also protecting the area around the tree.

Prairie Creek State Park

Not only will you find the majestic coastal redwoods in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, but you will also find campgrounds, sandy beaches, and open meadows that are often frequented by herds of grazing elk.

There are many family-friendly trails in the park that are clearly marked. Be sure to add these trails to your itinerary for your road trip to the Redwoods.

  • Cathedral Trees Trail – An easy to moderate 3.0 mile out and back trail.
  • Foothill Trail – If you are hoping to visit Big Tree, you will find it along this trail. Foothill Trail, Cathedral Trees Trail, and Rhododendron Trail form one big loop
  • Rhododendron Trail – If you happen hike to Rhododendron Trail and then continue on around the loop to the Foothill Trail, and your children are hiking with you, you may end up hiking a lot longer than they planned! Just saying. It is 8.6 miles and some children may consider it a moderate to challenging hike! Again, just saying. The best time to explore Rhododendron Trail when the flowers are in their prime would be late May to mid June.
  • Fern Canyon Loop Trail – All skills levels should enjoy this popular 1.1 mile trail. If you happen to be camping at Gold Bluff, the trailhead isn’t too far away. Steven Spielberg featured this trail in Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. Be prepared to get your feet wet.

Crescent City, CA

Crescent City is a natural stop on your road trip to the Redwoods as it only 10 miles from Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

A few things to do in and around Crescent City:

51dBUE EkiL

Cabin in the Woods—a Cool Place to Stay on Your Road Trip to the Redwoods

Fern Creek Cabins in California

The Fern Hook Cabin, not too far from the hamlet of Hiouchi, CA and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, is a quaint find. This serene cabin in the woods can sleep up to 6 guests with two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a fully-stocked kitchen, a living room, a front porch and free parking.

The cabin sits among the redwoods trees in a forest blanketed by ferns. The area is secluded but offers easy access to the highway.

If you happen to be visiting California on a road trip to the Redwoods along highway 101, check out the Fern Hook Cabins.

Why Squeeze in a Visit to the South Oregon Coast on Your Road Trip to the Redwoods?

Oregon Coast view

Because you’re so close!

And… the Oregon Coast is a stunning complement to the majestic redwood forests nearby. The views along the Pacific Coast Highway can’t be beat and are worth extending your road trip to the Redwoods into Oregon.

It’s a good thing there are so many pull outs along the highway, because you’ll be drawn to the sandy beaches, crashing waves, and craggy rocks. Stop. The views are amazing.

And if you happen to visit at sunset, well… the horizon puts on quite a display.

Sunset at Gold Beach in Oregon

From Brookings to Port Orford in Southern Oregon, “...the highway hugs some of the most dramatic and rugged coastline in Oregon, lined with sea stacks and rock formations. The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor stretches for 12 miles with several viewpoints worth exploring. Don’t miss low tide at beautiful Harris Beach State Park, where large rocky areas become perfect for tide pooling.TravelOregon.com

While the Oregon Coast is beautiful to visit in the Summer, it is just as lovely in the Fall or in the Spring (for Spring Break) as an off-season destination. You will want to be sure to dress for the cooler weather.

Brookings, Oregon

Just across the border of North California is the coastal town of Brookings. It is the first beach town you reach as you pass into Southern Oregon and continue your road trip to the Redwoods and beyond.

Some of the highlights of the Brookings area:

  • Harris Beach State Park and Thunder Rock Cove Viewpoint
  • Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor and Spruce Island Viewpoint, Arch Rock, Natural Bridges, House Rock and Whalehead (to name a few of the rock formations)
  • Mighty redwoods along the Redwood Nature Trail

Gold Beach, Oregon

Steps to Gold Beach in Oregon

Gold Beach, a small community in Southern Oregon along the coast, is framed by the Pacific Ocean, the Rogue River and the Siskiyou National Forest.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway destination, Gold Beach can’t be beat.

Jet Boat Tour on the Rogue River from Gold Beach

If you are visiting Gold Beach as a side trip to your road trip to the Redwoods, you really should book a Jet Boat tour along the Rogue River. Start before lunch and you’ll want to bundle up against the chill of the morning. By afternoon, shed your jackets and roll up your sleeves to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

jet boat tour along the Rogue River in Oregon

Your driver narrates the experience with great info about local wildlife, the history, and the bridges along the river. He might even throw in some sharp turns here and there to spin the jet boat in the water.

You’ll stop at Agnes on the north side of the river for your first pit stop up the Rogue River. This is a great place for a restroom break and to buy a snack.


Be sure to bring plenty of water to drink throughout the day along with snacks. Pack up your backpack with Goldfish, trail mix, Zipfizz, peanut M&Ms, and maybe even some applesauce pouches. [affiliates]

To tide you over, consider packing Built Bar protein bars as well.


In fact, use code SJTRAVELS for 10% of your purchase at Built.com.

You will likely pass a lot of smaller boats coming down the river, lots of people camping along the river, and many groups just hanging out for a BBQ. Some groups, having experienced the jet boats before, may yell “spray us” as you pass.

The jet boat tour continues to Blossom Bar where the boat turns around.

On your return trip, you’ll stop for a late lunch around 4 pm on the South side of the river at Agnes at the Cougar Lane Lodge.

Be sure to wear sunscreen and dress in layers. As you return to Gold Beach in the evening, you’ll want to bundle up again against the crazy cold wind that blows off the ocean. In fact, you may wish for a puffy jacket, a fleece jacket, [affiliate] and a blanket! It gets that cold!


Beach House Retreat on Gold Beach

If you are looking for an amazing place to stay just steps from the Pacific Ocean, Marbella is a beautiful home that sleeps six with three bedrooms. It makes a perfect stop in Oregon for your road trip to the Redwoods.

The amenities include 2.5 baths, laundry facilities, amazing partial views of the ocean, a full-size kitchen, a garage, and a hot tub. It is the perfect getaway for families or a group of friends just outside of the town of Gold Beach.

Bandon, Oregon

Bandon Oregon

As you continue your road trip to the Redwoods and drive up the Pacific North Highway to Bandon, pay a visit to Coastal Mist Chocolate Boutique. The boutique is located in Bandon Old Town. Stop for the chocolate and then wander around the Old Town looking for the perfect memento or a place along the water for lunch or dinner.

Are you a collector of Life is Good® t-shirts as you travel? You’ll surely find them in the tourists shops in Bandon.

Adjacent to the town of Bandon is the Coquille River; Bandon is also distinguished by the iconic and photogenic Coquille River Lighthouse. If you are a lighthouse hunter, you’ll enjoy a stop here. Explore the jetty to see people fishing, dozens of seagulls, and crashing waves.

Coquille Lighthouse in Bandon, OR

Battle Rock City Park in Port Orford, Oregon

A prominent seaside feature near Port Orford is a beach with an isolated mound known as Battle Rock City Park. The beach is lovely and somewhat protected from the wind. The sand is warm for sinking your toes in even when the temperature is 60 degrees.

You can climb up on a big haystack rock but will want to give heed to the warning, “Don’t touch the poison oak.” Hmm, that would make for a not-so-fun trip.

Crater lake in Southern Oregon

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

A detour off the Pacific Coast Highway to Crater Lake National Park is a must. It takes you a little inland on your road trip to the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast, but it really is an amazing destination.

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.

Formed from an ancient volcano, the panoramic views of this turquoise-colored lake are stunningly brilliant. Can you say a lake is photogenic? ‘Cause this one certainly is.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, trails are open to descend from the visitor center and parking area down to the edge of the lake.

This is a popular destination. If you already have an America the Beautiful National Park Pass, great. Get in line to enter the park.

What to Bring on a RoadTrip to the Redwoods and to The Oregon Coast?

No doubt, your camera and your favorite lens should be #1 on your list of things to pack.


simplyjolayne also recommends:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do you need to visit the Redwoods?

You could definitely plan a one-day itinerary to the Redwoods and still get in some scenic drives as well as a hike and still be awed by the majesty of the mighty redwoods. Do yourself a favor though and plan a longer stay.

What is the best time of year to visit Redwood Forest?

You’ll find the coastal climate of Redwood National Park to be fairly mild and temperate all year long. If you want to avoid the rainy season and enjoy a few hikes in the park, May through September is an optimal time to visit.

How long does it take to drive through the Redwoods?

There are a number of scenic drives within the Redwoods National and State Parks. You could enjoy driving through ancient forests or along rugged coastline, in the upland prairies or through oak woodlands. Whichever routes you choose, you’ll want to plan enough days to see them all or schedule a return visit.

Which is better to visit, Sequoia National Park or Redwood National Park?


How far is San Francisco from Redwood National Park?

The fastest route takes approximately 5.5 hours driving 315 miles along Highway 101. The more scenic route along the Pacific Coast Highway 1 takes 8.5 hours (~350 miles).

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Best Road Trip stops in the redwoods and the Oregon Coast

Final Thoughts on Awesome Stops on a Road Trip to the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast

Your first encounter with redwood trees on your road trip to the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast will most certainly be memorable. The height of these trees is almost dizzying as you stand at the base and look up and up and up. It is amazing to think that some of these trees have been alive for over 2000 years.

As you continue into southern Oregon, the stunning beauty of the coast will pull you in. You simply have to stop and explore each beach, listen to the crashing waves, and dig your bare toes into the sand.

Pretty sure you’ll say, “That trip was awesome!”

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11 months ago

Great guide! I’ve been wanting to visit the Redwoods for so long! Your photos are amazing. Crescent City, CA looks like a great stop as well, how fun.

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This place is on my bucket list!! Those trees are amazing and makes you feel really small!! I hope I can visit one day!

11 months ago

Redwoods must be such an amazing place, it looks like the magic land of giants – all the trees are so impressive. I love the idea of staying at the cabin!

Sarah Camp
Sarah Camp
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I would looooove to visit the Redwoods!!! I’ve been in awe for quite some time. Saving this post for when I can visit!!!

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I’d love to see the Redwoods one day…they look spectacular! This look like a wonderful road trip! I’d love to stay in that cabin in the woods!

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Chasing trees sounds like a lot of fun! And this article has a lot of information, so thank you for putting it together!

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Fun post! We have always wanted to go see the Redwoods, so I love your information, tips, and other stops to see along the way!

Josy A
11 months ago

Those trees are simply incredible Jolayne!! I would loooove to go on a road trip around this area and visit some of them. I al already impressed by the gorgeous Doulas Firs and huge cedars here in Canada, so I know those Redwoods would blow my mind!

Staying in a cabin and hiking to as many as I can sounds like a perfect (if rainy/foggy) holiday!

11 months ago

The Redwoods is such a magical place! It’s been on my bucket list for ages. I love the different names some of the trees have been given and all the possible hiking trails you can complete. Thanks for sharing.

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I would love to see the Redwoods. They look absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for all these tips

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Lovely road trip itinerary! Definitely a great inspiration…

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I would love to make a road trip out of this list. Something about incredibly large trees makes problems seem so insignificant!

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Seeing with my own eyes the tallest trees on Earth would be such a dream come true! Plus the Oregon Coast looks otherworldly beautiful! Saving your awesome stops for my future US travels!

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What a great list! We haven’t spent much time in Oregon but loved it when we were there. My daughter has grown to have a real interest in the Redwoods over there.. this is the perfect list for us to have handy when we take her. THank you for putting this together! – Linzey @thefamilyfuntour

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We saw the Redwoods in Big Basin, but I would love to do a west coast road trip to see more! My kids would definitely love to see them as well.

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The Redwoods and an Oregon coast road trip are definitely on our bucket list for travel. Pinning this post for later! 🙂

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I’ve seen the Redwoods in California and they are just so impressive. I’d love to see the Redwoods on the Oregon coast too. Thanks for this helpful guide.

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Talk about beauty spots. I’ve been to some redwood groves, but have new ideas for my next trip! Crater Lake is also definitely on my bucket list now!

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The Redwoods and Oregon have always been on my list! I love that you share all your in depth knowledge like where to go and what to bring. I will definitely be saving this to refer back to as I plan my trip!

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6 months ago

Wow this is a great guide! I went camping under the stars in the CA redwoods as a child and can’t wait until my kids get old enough to bring them to see the redwood forest for themselves! So beautiful and amazing!

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6 months ago

Great article on road tripping through the Redwoods and Oregon Coast. We want to do this sometime and I loved reading your recommendations! Thank you for sharing.