View of beaches in Monterosso, Cinque Terre

28 Ultimate Romantic Getaways for Couples

One thing that I have learned after more than 25 years of marriage is that making your relationship a priority is an everyday way of life and endeavor.

One great way to strengthen your relationship is to plan romantic getaways for couples around the world.

If you have ever studied the 5 Love Languages, you may know that some people give and receive love through quality time together. Planning romantic getaways fills that love language, but you can also argue that getaways for couples could fill ALL FIVE of them:

  • Quality time together – taking a trip together
  • Acts of service – giving your sweetheart a massage while on vacation
  • Giving and receiving gifts – surprising your person with a romantic getaway
  • Words of affirmation“Wow, sweetheart. Getting away really was the best idea!”
  • Physical touch – holding hands as you walk along the beach at sunset.

Would you agree that there are just some destinations that lend themselves to romance? Does Paris, the “City of Love”, immediately pop into mind? Perhaps it is a beach adventures where no shoes (or shirt) are required. Or maybe you’re thinking along the lines of gondolas and canals in Venice.

All destinations become MORE romantic because you are with the person you love to travel with the most.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner on adventures

Romantic Getaways Strengthen Your Relationship

In a study compiled by the US Travel Association, they found that couples who travel together are “significantly more likely to be satisfied in their relationships, communicate well with their partners, enjoy more romance, have a better sex life, spend quality time together and share common goals and desires.”

Not only that, but there are long-term benefits for couples who travel together. Travel helps to build and maintain your relationship AND spark romance.

Ro·mance (n) – a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life. Google

Keeping the romance alive takes effort, inspirational ideas, time together, and creativity. I love how Google defines it as “remoteness from everyday life”.

Whether you are planning a babymoon, your honeymoon, an anniversary getaway, or a “Just Because” weekend together, finding that “remoteness from everyday life” can be discovered at charming romantic destinations for couples all over the world.

Plus, there is something about planning and taking a trip with YOUR SOMEONE that adds anticipation and a little extra spice to life. Who else’s shoulder can you get away with sleeping on during an 8-hour flight?

Romantic getaways will make YOUR dream vacations extraordinary and memorable. Staying in romantic hotels and accommodations simply adds to the ambience. Start creating your bucket list of romantic getaways for couples today!

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28 Romantic Getaways for Couples Around the World

1. Aix-en-Provence, France

Pavillon Vendrome in Aix en Provence, France Europe Travel

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Aix-en-Provence in the South of France?

Did you know that it makes a great choice for off season romantic getaways for couples who love exploring charming villages and towns? Plan your visit in the Fall or Spring and you’ll encounter fewer tourists, temperate weather, and a more relaxed vibe.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Stroll along the Cours Mirabeau.
  • Stop by PAUL bakery and share a chocolate-filled beignet
  • Pack a picnic lunch and explore the nearby towns and villages together

Aix-en-Provence makes the perfect home base as you explore the South of France. You’ll definitely need to rent a car to make the most of your romantic getaway.

Discover Excursions in Aix-en-Provence

Book a Romantic Getaway in Aix-en-Provence

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2. Balatonfüred, Hungary

Balatonfured makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Cris of LooknWalk

Located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred features Baroque architecture, a traditional old town, and a gorgeous promenade. It can easily be visited as a day trip from Budapest.

Balatonfüred might be small, but it packs a lot of fun and romantic things to do:

  • Put on your walking shoes and, strolling hand in hand, explore the promenade
  • Visit in July to attend the annual ball at Anna Grand Hotel
  • Take the Loczy Cave tour
  • Splash around at Annagora waterpark
  • Visit  Vitorlázeum Sailing Museum and learn about the history of sailing and Lake Balaton

If you want to linger longer, just steps away from Lake Balaton, you can find Anna Grand Hotel Wine & Vital that not only offers the characteristic 4-star elegance but also a huge ballroom, incredible spa, and spacious rooms. If you want to learn about the local wines, make sure to book a wine-tasting experience.

Discover Excursions in Balatonfüred

Book a Romantic Getaway to Balatonfüred

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Victoria of Guide Your Travel

Bali is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and a favorite among honeymooners. Stay at a romantic hotel like the beautiful Uma Kalai Resort in Ubud and enjoy a floating breakfast and world-class massages.

Some of the best beaches can be found on the nearby island of Gili Trawangan where you can swim with sea turtles right at the beach which is an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget these romantic activities when visiting Bali:

  • Enjoy a couple’s massage
  • Relax by the beach
  • Visit the rice terraces in Ubud
  • Make your own silver jewellery
  • Swim with dolphins in Lovina

Discover Excursions in Bali

Book a Romantic Getaway to Bali

4. Boracay, Philippines

Boracay at sunset

It will definitely take a little effort to reach Boracay traveling by plane, bus and boat, but your time on this island paradise will be a welcome retreat while enjoying your romantic getaway as a couple. Boracay boasts pristine white beaches, water sports for your adventures by day, and romantic ocean views by night.

Romantic Things to See and Experience:

  • Stroll barefoot along the beach
  • Take romantic sunset selfies
  • Book a catamaran tour around the island

Discover Excursions in Boracay

Book a Romantic Getaway to Boracay

5. Cinque Terre, Italy

Monterosso is one of the villages to visit when planning things to do in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre features colorful old Italian fishing villages, beautiful beaches, hillside vineyards, hiking trails, and quaint restaurants with views for miles. If you are seeking romantic destinations for couples getaways, Cinque Terre is the place for you.

The five villages of Cinque Terre are part of the Cinque Terre National Park and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The villages cling to the rugged hillsides of the Mediterranean coast with brightly colored homes that seem to be stacked one atop the other.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Sunbathe at the beach and swim in the Mediterranean
  • Book a sunset cruise of Cinque Terre
  • Enjoy a refreshing spa day

Whether you are looking for popping nightlife for your visit or evenings more on the quiet side, you’ll find options to fit your needs. Quite simply, any of the villages of Cinque Terre are perfect romantic destinations allowing you to relax, explore and enjoy time together.

  • Riomaggiore – Great nightlife
  • Manarola – Fabulous views
  • Corniglia – Escape the crowds
  • Vernazza – Popular with a little something for everyone
  • Monterosso – Best beaches

Discover Excursions in Cinque Terre

Book a Romantic Getaway to Cinque Terre

6. Cotswolds, England

Chipping Campden, one of the pretty villages in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds cover an expansive area of almost 800 square miles. Spend relaxing days exploring delightful Cotswold villages with their charming markets and golden hued country homes.

Romantic Things to See and Do in The Cotswolds:

  • Visit the villages of Bourton on the Water, Broadway, Chipping Camden, and Lower Slaughter
  • Attend market day in Cirencester together
  • Wander through the charming village of Snowshill
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at Colosseo Italian Restaurant in Fairford
  • Walk hand in hand along the Cotswold Way National Trail

If you are looking for the best Cotswolds Village to stay in while visiting England, the quiet charm and storybook setting of Fairford should satisfy your needs. Staying in an historic limestone cottage should be on your bucket list.

Discover Excursions in the Cotswolds

Book a Romantic Getaway to the Cotswolds

7. Cruise the Caribbean

Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner on a cruise

Chris and I flew to Miami for the beginning of a nine-day date—that’s what our youngest called our cruise to the Caribbean.

Would you agree that a cruise is one of the most romantic, longest dates?

A cruise to a warm destination in the middle of winter is even better when you can put away your puffy jackets and break out the suntan lotion and swimsuits.

Romantic Things to See and Do on a Cruise:

  • Enjoy beautiful sunsets on the ocean
  • Relax on stunning beaches
  • Appreciate fine dining all week long
  • Snorkel in warm Caribbean waters

Prior to leaving on our cruise to the Caribbean, we stayed at the Conrad Miami with stunning views and beautiful amenities.

We were greeted with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries. Chris said, “I may or may not have told them we were on our honeymoon when they asked if we were celebrating a special occasion.”

We enjoyed those chocolate-covered strawberries regardless, while also enjoying the amazing view from our room.

Discover Excursions in Miami

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8. Evian-les-Bains, France

Park Benches Along Lake Geneva Evian les Bains

Évian-les-Bains is another one of the romantic getaways for couples that you will love, whether it is for a weekend or a longer stay to explore both Switzerland and France.

Romantic Things to See and Do In and Around Évian:

  • Pamper yourself with a day at the spa
  • Stroll along the promenade around Lake Geneva
  • Take the ferry to the Chillon Castle in Montreux, Switzerland
  • Take a day trip to Cailler Chocolate Factory and sample some seriously good chocolate!

Perfectly situated on the shore of Lake Geneva, the Hilton Évian-les-Bains welcomes all romanticists. It features an amazing spa with facials and treatments, a sauna, and an outdoor pool. Sounds like the perfect way to start and end your day together.

Discover Excursions in Évian-les-Bains

Book a Romantic Getaway to Évian-les-Bains

9. Florence, Italy

View of the Arno River in Florence

If you have never been to Florence before, I am pretty sure your perspective will be one of awe and amazement. It happens to be one of my favorite European cities.

It has been said that Italy is for lovers.

If you think the saying is referring to lovers of pasta and gelato, you may be right. But the saying also refers to lovers of the romantic variety. Add in breathtaking views, stunning architecture, and dreamy gardens, it is clear that Florence is a city that sparkles with effortless romance.

Florence is one of the best places to go in Italy for getaways for couples: young couples, 30-something couples, or couples celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Stroll along the Lungarno at sunset with views of the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River
  • View Michelangelo’s masterpiece of David at the Galleria dell’Accademia
  • Watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Propose to your sweetheart from the famous bridge Ponte Santa Trinita

If it is just two of you traveling for a couple’s getaway, consider splurging (or using reward points) at the 5 Star Sina Hotel Villa Medici, part of the Marriott Autograph Collection.

The King Suite—complete with two bathrooms, a sitting room, and a bedroom—is a charming and beautiful suite. With different levels of reward status, breakfast may be included.

Discover Excursions in Florence

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10. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a charming small town near France

You may not fully recognize the magic of Ghent as one of the world’s romantic destinations until you emerge from your hotel after a delicious European breakfast of pastries, breads, fruit, sliced meats and cheeses.

Step into a storybook setting of Ghent with the architecture, the canal, the cobbled streets, the smell, and the beautiful sunshine highlighting Korenlei (street) next to the canal in the center of the historic district. The sights and sounds are simply amazing.  

During your visit to Ghent, be sure to visit St. Bavo’s Cathedral. Every 15 minutes the bells of the belfry play.

Romantic Things to See and Do in Ghent:

  • Take a boat tour along the canal
  • View the Instagrammably beautiful St. Michael’s Bridge
  • Visit St. Bavo’s Abbey
  • Peruse the Vrijdagmarkt (Friday Market) in the city square of historic Ghent
  • Take an evening stroll as the nighttime views in old town Ghent are inspiring

From the front entrance, the Ghent Marriott is totally modern where the inside is a spectacle of glass and structure. The back of the hotel with its charming stained glass windows, wood floors, and fantastic wooden beams… now that is a different story. A fairy tale kind of story.

Discover Excursions in Ghent

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11. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs pool in the evening

I have to give kudos to my husband for planning romantic getaways for us. He surprised me with a train excursion to Glenwood Springs from Denver with a stay at an adorable vacation rental.

Ready for a little change of scenery and a whole lot of adventure? Climb aboard Amtrak for the beginning of your adventures in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

If you like to fill your days with outdoor adventure, Glenwood Springs is great for:

  • Snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing
  • Ice Skating and cross country skiing
  • Rafting, fishing and hiking
  • Paragliding
  • Golfing

After a day of outdoor activities, discover the Romantic Side of Glenwood Springs:

  • Visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs for a luxurious soak
  • Book a massage
  • Visit the Vapor Caves at Yampah Spa

Take the Amtrak from Glenwood Springs

Book a Romantic Getaway to Glenwood Springs

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12. Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Hungary makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Elena of The Carry on Chronicles

Hvar island is a dream destination for a romantic escape. Located along Croatia’s coveted Dalmatian coast, the island offers ample amenities for couples.

The most romantic things to do on Hvar include:

  • Hiking as a duo to the best view in town – One of the best ways to connect is with a couple’s hike up Trdava Fortica, the Spanish Fortress. This iconic Hvar spot offers the most romantic views over Hvar Town.
  • Visiting the charming town of Stari Grad – Located 50 minutes from Hvar Town, Stari Grad is a storybook paradise for couples. Here, duos can walk hand-in-hand along the picturesque harbor and the dreamy cobblestone streets.
  • Dining at Eremitaž – Located under a charming canopy of trees, Ermitaz is one of the most romantic restaurants in Stari Grad. Reserve a table for two and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner amongst a tranquil setting with harbor views.
  • Staying at one of the best hotels on the island – The incomparable Palace Elisabeth is one of the special places to stay on Hvar. This 5-star heritage property is the oldest on Hvar, featuring elegant furnishings, gorgeous harbor views, and a state-of-the-art spa.

Discover Excursions in Hvar

Book a Romantic Getaway to Hvar

13. London, England

Parliament and Big Ben are things to do in London

London is a vibrant city with major landmarks and tourist attractions all over the city. If you are planning a romantic getaway as a couple, be sure to save a little time to see Big Ben, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, watch the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, and discover the markets and shops at Covent Gardens.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Take a river cruise along the Thames
  • Go for a slow spin on the London Eye
  • Book tickets for an evening out and a Play

You’ll have plenty of options for romantic getaways for couples and accommodations in London. If you want to be in the heart of the action, the DoubleTree on Pepys St. is just a stone’s throw from Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Discover Excursions in London

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Recommended by Angela of Where Angie Wanders

Without a doubt one of the most romantic places in the world for couples is the Maldives. Hundreds of tiny islands float in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and one resort that wins awards year after year for romance is the exclusive BAROS resort. It is a combination of beach and overwater villas and defies excellence in all senses of the word from accommodation, to service to fine dining.

The island is breathtakingly beautiful and the Baros over-water villas are in a league of their own with private plunge pools on large decked areas complete with a daybed to allow couples to relax in the comfort of their own villa. A truly spectacular resort to choose for a romantic getaway.

Romantic Getaways for Couples at Baros include:

  • Swimming in the ocean from steps leading from your overwater villa
  • Dining in the lighthouse restaurant and see the aquatic life swimming beneath you
  • Enjoying a spot of pampering in Baros Spa
  • Booking a romantic dinner for two on the private sandbank in the middle of the ocean
  • Watching the sun go down from your private daybed

Book a Romantic Getaway to Baros Resort in the Maldives

15. Malta

Bougainvillea in Mdina Malta by blue door Europe Travel

Located in the Mediterranean close to Sicily, Malta is the world’s 10th smallest country.

Did you know that Malta is one of the top ten dive sites in the world with the crystal-clear waters? On a good day, you can have visibility up to 130 feet (40 m). If you are an adventure-seeking couple, you may enjoy diving together in Malta’s hidden coves. On Malta, you are never more than 15 minutes away from the ocean. 

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Explore the Upper Barrakka Gardens next to the Castille Palace
  • Discover Blue Hole at Dwejra on the Island of Gozo
  • Visit Marsaxlokk Bay
  • Explore the fortress city of Mdina
  • Ride horses at Golden Bay
  • Schedule a couple’s massage

Let me just say, if you are traveling to Malta and want to stay in a stunning location, choose the Hilton Malta located along the Portomaso waterfront in beautiful St. Julian’s.

Discover Excursions in Malta

Book a Romantic Getaway to Malta

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16. Melbourne, Australia

Beach boxes in Australia

You’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Melbourne for couples, whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or your 10th wedding anniversary. Discover unique shows, outdoor adventures, live music, open-air movies, chocolate tours, and graffiti alleys.

Romantic Things to See and Do on Your Couples Getaway:

  • Discover the beach boxes along Brighton Beach
  • Book a Yarra River dinner cruise on the Spirit of Melbourne
  • Enjoy a picnic for two at the Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Book a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the city

Plan your romantic getaway in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. It’s just a short stroll in the evening to restaurants, shopping, and featured landmarks.

Discover Excursions in Melbourne

Book a Romantic Getaway to Melbourne

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17. Milan, Italy

Duomo in Milan Italy is a perfect place to enjoy a getaway for couples

While long considered one of the “fashion capitals” of the world, as the 3rd largest city in Italy, Milan is also thought of as one of the most romantic cities in all of Europe.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Book a tour to see The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Tour the rooftop of the Duomo
  • Attend a performance at the world-famous Teatro alla Scala or Scala Theatre
  • Wander along Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Find the bull mosaic, place your heel inside the hole, and spin 3 times. Tradition says to make a wish and hope it comes true!

Discover Excursions in Milan

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18. Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

Couple at sunset holding a crossbody bag

Visiting Mt. Pilatus from Lucerne, Switzerland was pretty high on my husband’s bucket list when we began planning a recent 25th anniversary trip to two of our favorite countries—Italy and Switzerland.

And visiting Mt. Pilatus, even on a day trip, is totally worth your time. If you have the opportunity to stay overnight, the atmosphere is welcoming, peaceful and romantic. It is a perfect destination for getaways for couples young and old.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Hike in the evening to Tomlishorn
  • See views for miles of the Swiss Alps
  • Watch dramatic sunsets and sunrises
  • Tandem paraglide off the top of the mountain!

You can experience Pilatus as a day trip or have a truly fantastical couple’s getaway and spend the night at either Hotel Bellevue or the Hotel Pilatus Kulm.

Chris and I stayed at Hotel Pilatus Kulm and LOVED it. It was getting close to the end of the summer season, so when the last Dragon Ride and cogwheel train left the top of Mount Pilatus, the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed.

Discover Excursions in Mt. Pilatus

Book a Romantic Getaway to Mt. Pilatus

19. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Lisa of Planning Away

One of the most romantic getaways for couples is Oahu Hawaii. There are so many fun activities that will build that forever bond with your significant other. The beauty of Oahu sets a romantic atmosphere you will never forget. 

If you are looking for the best resorts on Oahu that are perfect for couples, consider the Westin Moana SurfRider. It is a historic landmark as the first hotel ever built on Waikiki beach in 1901. The location is by far the best in all of Waikiki. 

You can walk right out of your hotel and enjoy the beach. The Moana Surfrider offers seating with incredible views. You will be able to enjoy the view of the ocean and a romantic sunrise as you get ready for your day. 

Best Romantic Things to Do and See in Oahu:

  • Drive to Halona Blowhole Lookout
  • Experience an Oahu helicopter tour
  • Take surfing lessons together
  • Hike Manoa Falls  
  • Attend a luau 

Spending time together is the most important part of a couple’s getaway! No matter which activities you decide to do, Oahu will not disappoint. It is one of the most romantic destinations in the United States!

Discover Excursions in Oahu

Book a Romantic Getaway to Oahu

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20. Paris, France

Favorite photography of France and a destination for adventures as a couple

Is it any surprise that Paris makes the list on a romantic destinations roundup?

There’s a reason why so many couples plan their honeymoon or romantic getaways in Paris: the ambience, the lights, the Eiffel Tower, picture-perfect cobblestone streets, and the scent of freshly baked baguettes.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Capture Instagrammable moments around this romantic French capital
  • Enjoy a picnic at Trocadero with the stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower
  • Stroll hand in hand through the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Jardin de Tuileries
  • Book an evening river cruise along the Seine

On a recent visit to Paris, Chris and I stayed at the Hilton de L’Opera (Hilton Paris Opera) located at 108 Rue Saint Lazare. The charm and luxury of this beautifully appointed hotel was evident the moment we stepped inside the front doors.

The hotel is only 15 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. Be sure to chat with the hotel concierge to find the most amazing sites to visit during your stay in Paris.

Discover Excursions in Paris

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21. Santorini, Greece


Recommended by Roxanne of Far Away Worlds

Santorini is known as one of the world’s most romantic destinations and not without reason. White houses are sprinkled across the clifftops and the views from the eastern side of the island are truly spectacular.

Spend your days exploring the island, visiting villages, sampling local wine and discovering the volcanic beaches. Take a boat to Thirasia Island and climb the volcano to see the remarkable views of Santorini.

For a truly romantic visit, pick a hotel with a caldera view in Oia, a traditional village and one of the best places to stay in Santorini for couples.

Romantic things to see and do:

  • Walk along the coastal path from Fira to Oia
  • Stay at the beautiful Oia Mare Villas
  • Watch the sunset over the Caldera
  • Go sailing in the Caldera and see the island from the water

Discover Excursions in Santorini

Book a Romantic Getaway to Santorini

22. Savai’i, Samoa

Savii makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Jenny of Charge the Globe

Just a short two-hour flight from Fiji, Samoa is a tropical paradise that is perfect for couples. Dotted with small villages and beachfront fales, Savai’i is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. This low key tropical paradise is home to swaying palms, crystal clear waters and is known for its pristine environment.

Step out from your bungalow straight into the warm waters of the Pacific and spend your days:

  • Snorkeling in the bay
  • Going for a couple’s sea kayaking excursion
  • Enjoying sunset cocktails on the deck
  • Dining at the onsite restaurant

Le Lagato Resort and Spa is a hidden gem that sits oceanside on Savai’i’s north coast.  Couples can soak up the sun on the white sand beach or take a dip in the infinity pool. With only 10 bungalows on site, your privacy is of the utmost importance and you will never find yourself competing for a sun bed here.

Alternatively, make use of the hotel’s spa which offers a range of beauty treatments and couples’ massages. 

Even a few days at Le Lagato Resort and Spa will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated & reconnected with your loved one… and ready to plan more getaways as a couple.

Book a Romantic Getaway to Savai’i

23. Seychelles

Seychelles makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Samantha C. of Undiscovered Path Home

Are you looking for a secluded, tropical paradise for a romantic getaway? The Seychelles might be the perfect pick for you. The white sand, crystalline turquoise waters and ultra-luxurious hotels are the perfect combination for a relaxing, romantic vacation together.

Located in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago islands include more than 100 islands, though only a few are inhabited. One of the best reasons to visit? The best time to visit the Seychelles is just about year-round, meaning you can get away any time you want. 

This remote destination caters to luxurious travelers seeking out boutique experiences you won’t find elsewhere. One of the most romantic hotels for couples is Constance Lemuria on Praslin Island, with its own golf course, relaxing spa, and pool bar.

There are plenty of romantic things to do on the islands: 

  • Enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach
  • Snorkel in crystal clear waters
  • Relax with a couples massages with a view
  • Feed giant tortoises together

Discover Excursions in Seychelles

Book a Romantic Getaway to Seychelles

24. Sicily

Palermo makes a great getaway for couples

Recommended by Caroline of Veggie Wayfarer

The Mediterranean island of Sicily is arguably the most romantic place in all of Europe. Pristine beaches, ancient ruins and hilltop castles coupled with some wonderful food and lush wines make it a popular destination getaway for couples.

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Palermo as well as around the city:

  • Visit the UNESCO classified Palatine Chapel (Palermo)
  • Grab a drink in a rooftop bar overlooking the city. Rinascente department store has a great rooftop bar/restaurant (Palermo)
  • Stroll along the beach in the Mondello neighborhood of Palermo
  • Explore the tiny fishing village of Cefalu – a one-hour drive from Palermo

Base yourself out of the capital, Palermo, for your trip to Sicily. Villa Igiea is a former palazzo located at the waterfront in a quiet neighborhood of the city.

Discover Excursions in Sicily

Book a Romantic Getaway to Sicily

25. St. Lucia, Caribbean

Piton Mountains in St. Lucia

Recommended by Samantha M. of PA on Pause

St. Lucia is often considered the most romantic destination in the Caribbean. The island is full of vibrant culture, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Stay at the Ladera Resort, overlooking the twin Pitons and Pitons Bay. Each of the 37 suites only has three walls, with the fourth open to vast views of the Caribbean and the Piton Mountains. Private plunge pools for each room open to the views as well.

While the accommodations at Ladera are impressive enough that you will never want to leave, there are so many fun and romantic things to do and places to visit on the island.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Stroll through Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall
  • Cover each other in mud and take a dip in the thermal Sulfur Springs
  • Sail and snorkel the Caribbean on a sunset cruise
  • Challenge yourselves to hike the Gros Piton

Discover Excursions in St. Lucia

Book a Romantic Getaway to St. Lucia

26. Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Recommended by Emily of The Mandagies

When planning a Vancouver Island road trip, stopping at Dolphin’s Resort in Campbell River is a must. This historic resort specializes in getaways for couples and destination weddings along the Discovery Passage.

The mild temperature of the nearby coastal rainforest makes it an enticing destination year-round. Some romantic things to do and see nearby:

  • Dine at the Anglers Dining Room on site, using fresh local ingredients
  • Visit Elk Falls Provincial Park and see the 25-meter tall waterfall
  • Watch the sunrise from the Coastal Mountains across the water
  • Take a walk on Discovery Pier
  • Try your hand at fishing the area’s famous salmon in August and September

Discover Excursions on Vancouver Island

Book a Romantic Getaway to Vancouver Island

27. Venice, Italy

Venetian Gondolier on the canal using cell phone Europe Travel

Venice is another city perfect for lovers on a romantic getaway. As a top destination for honeymooners and couples celebrating anniversary milestones, Venice will delight you from the moment you arrive.

You will love the winding canals, gorgeous piazzas and charming bridges throughout the city that become the backdrop to romantic getaways for couples.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Enjoy a gondola ride along the canals
  • Spend the day exploring the islands of Burano and Murano
  • Share a gelato in Piazza San Marco

With so many options available for your stay in Venice, choose from hotels that are just as stunning as they are romantic with hotel interiors that are luxurious and grand. Did you know that your luggage is often delivered to your hotel via boat?

Search for hotels that offer dreamy canal views, elegant rooms, and a high standard of service. You may wish to try:

  • Bauer Palazzo
  • Metropole Venice
  • Sina Centurion Palace
  • Carnival Palace with in-room jacuzzis

Discover Excursions in Venice

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28. Vienna, Austria

Ruins at Schonbrunn Palace Austria Europe Travel

Chris and I began our exploration of Vienna with the voice of Rick Steves in our ears. While not quite as romantic as “sweet nothings”, Rick helps you to explore the romantic side of Vienna.

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is a city rich in culture, architecture and romance. Whether you choose to stroll through the streets of Old Town Vienna, listen to a classical opera or concerto, or enjoy one of Europe’s best Christmas markets in the winter months, you’ll find something perfect for your romantic couple’s vacation in Vienna.

Romantic Things to See and Do:

  • Ride bikes along the Danube
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch then stroll through the gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace
  • Savor delectable bites of chocolate mousse cake from Demel’s

As a beautiful place for a romantic holiday, Vienna offers world-class accommodations for your stay. TripAdvisor ranks the top five romantic hotels in Vienna:

  1. Boutique Hotel am Stephansplatz
  2. Hotel Kaiserhof Wien
  3. Hotel Sans Souci Wien
  4. The Harmonie Vienna
  5. Zoku Vienna

Discover Excursions in Vienna

Book a Romantic Getaway to Vienna

Tips for Choosing Romantic Getaways for Couples

When you begin to plan your couple’s getaway, give some thought to the destinations on your bucket list (or maybe you need to sit down together and brainstorm ideas for your bucket list). Have you been saving ideas to a Couples Bucket List board on Pinterest?

Considerations on how to choose your romantic getaway:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you have? If it is just a weekend, maybe consider destinations close to home. If you have one to two weeks, consider international destinations.
  • Will you have to recover from jet lag?
  • What type of weather or experience are you hoping to have, ie., relaxation at the beach or hiking in the mountains or skiing in Switzerland?
  • If you have children at home, can you get someone to watch them?
  • Obviously you will want to check for flight and hotel availability.

The most romantic hotels Chris and I stay aren’t typically ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ accommodations; our getaways as a couple are memorable because of the time away together.

Tips for Choosing A Place to Stay for Romantic Getaways

Whether you are using reward points to plan your accommodations, booking a hotel room, or planning a stay at a vacation rental, here are a few questions to consider—especially if your romantic getaway will last longer than a week:

  • Is breakfast included?
  • Are your accommodations close to the main tourist areas?
  • Will you need to rent a car? Is parking included?
  • Are you staying within your budget?
  • Will you need to do laundry?
  • Are you interested in making your own meals?
  • How many flights of stairs will you have to climb to reach your accommodation (in Europe the first floor is actually on the second level)?
  • Is there an elevator in the building?
  • Is A/C mentioned in the rental listing? If not, it likely is not included. Is that important?
  • Are your accommodations in a safe part of the city?
  • Have you checked the cancellation policies for all of your lodgings?

Be sure to read the reviews and do your research to see what previous guests have to say about the accommodations.

Sign Up for Travel Rewards and Cards

If you are not a member of the Hilton Honors Reward Program, now is a great time to sign up. The benefits of being a Hilton Honors Reward Member include:

  • Free WiFi
  • Digital check-in
  • Accrue points toward FREE night stays
  • Exclusive rates
  • Choose your room

When you love to travel and romantic getaways for couples are on your travel radar, signing up for reward travel should be first on your list of things to do.

>> Related: How to Use Travel Reward Programs to Plan Adventures

Tip * If you are celebrating a special occasion, be sure to let the hotel know when you make reservations or check-in. They might just do something special to celebrate you!

If you do not travel frequently enough to accrue points, signing up for a credit card that helps you earn points with your everyday purchases to be used toward travel expenses is also an option.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Romantic Getaways for Couples

There is nothing like time away with your sweetheart. Whether you plan it as a surprise or work together to coordinate details, romantic getaways for couples are perfect for reconnecting with your partner.

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26 days ago

Aaand now I want to travel:)) Everything here sounds and looks tempting.

25 days ago

I’ve been to some of these places and agree that they are super romantic! Santorini, Samoa and Sicily are my top choices. Thanks for including places we now have to visit!

25 days ago

Goodness the amount of work you’ve put into writing your post. It’s really great. I fancy the Cotswolds.

25 days ago

With so many it’s so hard to choose, though our ideas of romance is either dining or waking to some point together LOL…the Cinque Terre would be wonderful to do together.

25 days ago

Oh I love these! Particularly France! I’d love to sneak in a wee romantic getaway!

23 days ago

I kept scrolling through the list wondering why you haven’t included Seychelles. But, yes, it finally showed…towards the end of the list.
I feel lucky to have been there for our honeymoon.

Nicola Lavin
23 days ago

I loved this post and the idea that travel hits all five love languages. Myself and my husband also focus on couple travel so we have found quite a few new places to visit on your list.

23 days ago

My husband and I went to London, Paris, and CInque Terre on our honeymoon, so I was happy to see all these on your list. Now, we just have to check off more of these destinations the next time we travel overseas. Thank you for sharing!

23 days ago

What a great list! We’ve only been to a hanful of these, but totally agree!

22 days ago

This is such a great list! I am happy to say that I have visited many of these, but not all of them, so thanks for adding to my list!

22 days ago

All of these places sound incredible for a romantic getaway! Thanks for sharing.

Goya Galeotta
22 days ago

Such a great list… Thanks for sharing!
I can’t wait to visit Cinque Terre with Mister!

22 days ago

What a great list of romantic getaways for couples! I have some new places to add to my bucket list!

15 days ago

I love all your recommended romantic getaways for couples. We recently returned from England and fell in love with The Cotswolds. Need to return!

15 days ago

Italy and Greece are both top of our joint lists, and Hawaii is never a bad option. But so many other great places here I hadn’t really considered. Time to get planning I think

15 days ago

Have been to most of the ones in Italy with my Italian boyfriend. Would add Amalfi Coast as well! We live in Paris so we’ll have to explore the ones in France!

Tanya T
15 days ago

This…”couples who travel together are “significantly more likely to be satisfied in their relationships” I believe this is true. My husband and I are so busy that traveling allows us to reconnect and reacquaint ourselves. After so many years, we still choose one another.

Jennifer Record
15 days ago

ekkk! so many incredible spots… I think Seychelles and Croatia would be at the top of my list for non traditional spots.

Linda Jane
14 days ago

So many great places to go for a romantic holiday. I think Venice or a Greek Island like Santorini would be at the top of my list. Thanks for this!

12 days ago

Great round-up of romantic trip ideas! For me, anywhere in Europe is the most romantic place. And a lot of these destinations I can vouch and say….YES, they are. Hungary and Malta are on my list still to experience.