Family Scavenger hunt

Fun Scavenger Hunt for Families

During Covid, when everyone was staying home but looking for things to safely do to get out of the house, my girls created a scavenger hunt that our family could creatively do from our car.

Our girls drove in one car (they were licensed drivers!) and my husband and I climbed into another car. We did make a ground rule that we couldn’t mark any of the items from the scavenger hunt list off until we left our neighborhood.

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Starting the Scavenger Hunt

Our girls drove in one direction, and Chris, my husband, and I navigated to another neighborhood.

Girls on a car Scavenger Hunt

I managed the list as Chris drove, and we both looked for items along the way. It helped to scan ahead on the list to get an idea of things you should be looking for in case you happen to come across scavenger hunt list items along the way.

Compete with your family and friends whether they live close to you or across the country.

You don’t even have to start at the same time! The activity is a 90-minute timed scavenger hunt.

Find as many of the items on your scavenger hunt list as you can within the 90-minute time frame. Be sure to follow all traffic and safe driving rules.

Post your total score and favorite pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #simplyjolaynescavengerhunt.

Rules for the Scavenger Hunt

  • Designate a boundary for your hunt. It could be within the limits of your town or towns that are close together, a neighborhood, or sections of a city.
  • Drive within the area and take pictures with your cell phone [affiliate] of as many scavenger hunt items as you can in 90 minutes.
  • Follow ALL traffic and driving rules. No speeding.
  • All scavenger hunt items should be found outside your own group or family and vehicle. Items on the list were chosen with the idea that you should not have to interact with others at a close distance, with the exception of the family selfie (or selfie of those in your car).
  • Fifty items are available with various point values. Mark scavenger hunt items off your list in any order you wish.
  • Use your own stopwatch. Highest points wins!
  • Post your total score and fave pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #simplyjolaynescavengerhunt

Easy (worth 1 point each)
❏ Family selfie (or selfie of those in your vehicle)
❏ People NOT social distancing
❏ Red truck
❏ Police car
❏ Dog walker
❏ Drive-thru
❏ Trampoline (not in your neighborhood)
❏ United States flag
❏ Church
❏ Road on a hill
❏ Mall
❏ Movie theater
❏ House under construction
❏ Car dealership
❏ High School

church in a small town

Medium (worth 3 points each)
❏ Swing set with a slide
❏ Empty parking lot with over 20 spots
❏ Gravel road
❏ Boat out of water
❏ People holding hands
❏ Someone wearing face mask
❏ Bus
❏ State flag
❏ Home improvement project
❏ Large mud puddle
❏ Delivery truck
Chick-Fil-A billboard
❏ No U-TURN sign
❏ People poorly dressed for weather

Someone wearing a mask
Someone wearing a mask

Difficult (worth 5 points each)
❏ Garden gnome
❏ Birds nest in tree
❏ Factory
❏ Clean car next to a dirty car
❏ Water tower
❏ Somebody you know
❏ College or University
❏ ABSURDLY large driveway
❏ Abandoned shopping cart
❏ Plant nursery
❏ Wheelchair
❏ Dispensary
❏ Roundabout sign
❏ Road Construction sign
❏ Sign mentioning toilet paper
❏ Quarry

Super Difficult (worth 10 points each)
❏ Airplane on the ground
❏ House with 3 or more paint colors
❏ Weather-vane on top of house
❏ Flying helicopter or drone
❏ Someone with a musical instrument

Download the scavenger hunt and get set for an afternoon of fun.

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Super fun scavenger hunt for families

Final Thoughts on the Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are in a quarantine or not, this is a fun activity to challenge your family or friends. Looking for a great Friday night date activity? Something to do to get out of the house? This scavenger hunt is the perfect activity.

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klinebch ADMIN
klinebch ADMIN
2 years ago

Kline fam high score 158!

Corey Lorenz
Corey Lorenz
2 years ago

Lorenz family – 152

Willa Truter
1 year ago

what a lovely idea! We have cold wet weather at the moment – but this is now on my list of things to do when the sunshine is again.

1 year ago

This is such a fun idea for a COVID-safe activity! I love scavenger hunts 🙂

1 year ago

This is such a cute idea! What a fun family day.

1 year ago

What a fun thing to do so much better than feeling hemmed in at home. I guess you can adapt the idea too to suit your own locale.

Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith
1 year ago

What a fun idea! We could do this on long stretches of driving on road trips! 🙂

1 year ago

What a fun scavenger hunt. Will look into doing this later in the year!

1 year ago

Love this! Printed copies for a family road trip.