Boost your travel confidence

You will learn to:

Book air travel

Find lodging

Make transit reservations

Collect necessary documents

Plan your day trips

Fine tune your packing 

Make use of travel apps and websites

Confidently plan your travel

Jolayne in New Zealand

Hey there, Jolayne here!

I love to travel.

I especially love to travel to Europe, which is crazy because most of the time I am a homebody!

Almost ten years ago, I ventured out on my first international trip to London. SOLO! I was so nervous. I was pretty much an international travel newbie.

Do you have dreams of traveling and exploring the world?

Do you need to know where to start? And then the next step? And the next step after that?

I can teach you all of that! And you’re in luck, the SUPER EASY Travel Planner is an easy-to-follow online course that will be launching soon!

What is the SUPER EASY Travel Planner?

A course designed for women, men, families, and first-time travelers alike to build your confidence to begin travel adventures around the world.

Knowledge. Based on tried and true advice, first-hand experience, and tips to lead YOU through the steps to plan amazing and memorable vacations.

Inside the SUPER EASY Travel Planner you’ll find resources on everything from applying for your passport to packing lists to booking your air travel.

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