Venice Italy canals and super easy ways to save money for your travel resolutions

6 SUPER EASY Ways to Save Money on Travel

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Is it safe for me to assume that you are curious about ways to make travel a part of your life? And save money while you are doing it?

You’re here. You’re reading.

Many people that I talk to say that one of the BIGGEST barriers to travel is the cost. Especially if you are interested in traveling overseas. (Well, and Covid. But I believe you will begin to see travel destinations open up.)

Would you AGREE?

How Can You Save Money on Travel?

What you really need are practical tips and suggestions on HOW to save money for travel that honestly work.

My first 2 tips start you on the “save money for travel” road long before you ever board an airplane.

You can begin to plan and dream about travel BECAUSE these two tips are in place.

And just an FYI, these tips work just as well if you are planning travel overseas or excursions a little closer to home.

I know these tips work because my husband, Chris, and I implement all of them in our travels and adventures.

Things to be thankful for Chris and Jolayne in Ghent

As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This page may contain affiliate links. I would love your support through clicking on the links. Read the full disclosure here.

TIP #1 Create a Vacation Fund

An ancient Chinese Proverb states,

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.

The same goes for starting a vacation fund and creating HABITS to save money.

The best time to start a vacation fund was twenty years ago. The next best time is now!” 

The goal when you create a vacation fund is to establish the habit of saving money SPECIFICALLY FOR TRAVEL each month. 

If you travel regularly, you will find that you build up your vacation fund, plan a trip, use up your fund, and then start to build again. So starting today versus twenty years ago is always do-able.

For many though, traveling, especially traveling to international destinations, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you start to save money today, your vacation fund will begin to grow until you are ready to go.

Where do you find the extra money to add to your vacation savings account?

Making travel a goal in your life might mean that you begin to make sacrifices in other areas—going to fewer movies, plays or musical performances, eating out less often, and limiting clothing splurges.

These sacrifices all support your dream of traveling and are worth the effort.

You do not have to have excessive wealth to travel, but you do have to make saving for travel a PRIORITY.

Do you need ideas on how to budget for your travel? Check out these 7 Tips for Creating a Travel Budget.

There are many creative ways that you can trim your budget and find a little extra cash to stash in your vacation fund.

TIP #2 Sign up for Travel Rewards or Travel-Specific Credit Cards

You might have seen the article I wrote about 6 Steps to Plan Travel with Reward Points. It outlines the goal of signing up for hotel rewards programs, enrolling in frequent flyer programs, and choosing which rental car agency to use on a regular basis in your goal to save money.

“… you should decide which airline, hotel chain, and rental car company you want to accrue points with and then stick with them as much as you can.

My husband, Chris, actually signed up primarily with Hilton and Marriott since some international cities only have one or the other brand (both chains have plentiful options across Europe with dozens of brands in their portfolios).

Consider which chain will work best for you. 

“Over the years, we’ve gone on many vacations where we have only paid for food and activities because reward points covered the hotel stay, our airfare, and the rental car. It has been a blessing and has allowed us to travel to a lot of amazing destinations.” 

Mom with daughters on a Sunday morning taking the subway to save money

If you aren’t a frequent traveler, then you might want to consider a travel-related credit card that will begin to accrue points with your purchases that you can then use for booking flights and accommodations. 

Here’s a BONUS TIP if you plan to travel with children or teens: Have them earn “FUN” money before the trip for the mementos and souvenirs they wish to buy.

TIP #3 Minimize Your Packing to Save Money

Some airlines charge baggage fees—fees you may not have been planning on—which add to the cost of your flight. 

Some carriers have even started to charge for carry-ons! 

Check Airfarewatchdog for an overview of major airline carriers’ baggage fees when flying from the United States and Canada.

Do your research and pack lightly. If you fly within Europe, you will most certainly encounter baggage fees.

Consider the weight of your suitcase. Luggage [affiliate] today is designed to be ultra lightweight making it easy to travel with, stow in overhead bins, and lift as you travel.

Now, to minimize your packing.

For those of you who typically plan an outfit where the pants and top match but don’t really go with anything else that you have packed, you need to adjust your thinking when traveling. 

Consider investing in travel-specific clothing that is lightweight and breathable with zippered pockets for safety.

Choose neutral pants, skirts, shorts, or capris that will match with more than one shirt and can be worn multiple days before being washed. Realize that wearing the same shirt a couple of times over the course of a vacation is perfectly acceptable.

I’d recommend packing an extra pair of underwear and socks and go light on matchy matchy shorts, shirts, and pants. Your efforts to coordinate outfits will definitely help you save money on baggage fees.

Oh, and rolling your clothes instead of folding them really does keep them less wrinkled.

NOTE: All liquids, gels, and creams must be within the 3.4 oz (100 ml) Liquids Rule of TSA. That’s a positive since it requires that you pack smaller sized containers.

TIP #4 Bring Your Own Snacks

It is totally doable and acceptable to bring your own snacks. We typically pack a duffel bag or backpack [affiliate] with snacks and as the snacks are depleted, the bag or pack is refilled with souvenirs and mementos.

There are some members of our family (me included) who need to eat regularly otherwise we crash with low blood sugar, no energy, and crabbiness.

If this is you, you might be affectionately called “hangry”—a combination of hungry and angry! 

We travel with snacks. Snacks that we like to eat. It cuts down on the “Mom, can I buy…” as you travel. It is another EASY TO FOLLOW step to help you save money!

Three girls next to fountain in the gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace

Our girls like Goldfish Crackers and some type of gummy treats that come in single-serve or small packs. Chris also includes Peanut M&Ms, Built Bars, microwave popcorn, trail mix, nuts, applesauce pouches (ingenious), and Crystal Lite [affiliates] single-serve drink mix. You can find all of these items listed on My Favorite Travel Things page.

We have tried a variety of power bars, and no doubt whichever kind we pack, we are pretty sick of them by the end of a two-week trip. But when you need food and miss meals due to travel, AND that is what is available, the whining is minimal…never mind, the whining still happens. Built Bars are our new favorites.

Bonus * Use Code SJTRAVELS at checkout for 10% off your Built Bar purchase.

We also travel with Clif Bloks energy chews and Jelly Belly Sport Beans as well as electrolyte packets, and ZipFizz powder to add to water for a quick burst of energy when we are lagging after a long, hot day of walking and being tourists. You’ll find these on My Favorite Travel Things page under Snacks!

The food on planes is not always great, so be sure to add some snacks to your carry-on as well. 

Oh sure, we all still get hungry as we travel and sightsee; we often treat ourselves to local snacks and treats.

Misha eating bread in Orvieto, Italy

TIP #5 Bring a Camelbak Hydration Pack Reservoir 

Now, I know some of you may prefer other options than this, but this is something that works for our family. 

One of the must-haves on our family vacations is a 3.0L Camelbak Hydration Pack Reservoir with a high flow, self-sealing, bite valve.

Say what? Sounds weird and strange, I know. 

Chris’ carry-on backpack [affiliate] with the padded laptop section is perfect for transporting his electronics on the plane to our destination, but transforms to a day pack which we fill with snacks, the Camelbak, and extra water bottles once we begin sightseeing.

If you are wondering exactly what I am talking about, I have a list of My Favorite Travel Things here.

You can learn more about the Camelbak Hydration Pack Reservoir here.

The laptop section of Chris’ backpack is padded enough to keep the water in the reservoir cool and minimizes any leaks to other sections of the backpack. 

Resting on Venice Waterfront next to Gondolas Europe Travel
Venice Waterfront

I will say, you REALLY have to like the people you travel with to use this method. We all drink from the same bite valve! 

If you are traveling solo, or with people you’d rather not share with, consider investing in a smaller sized Camelbak reservoir.

We fill the Camelbak reservoir each night with water and put it in the fridge in our hotel room if a fridge is available. (If a freezer is available, only fill the reservoir half way and lay it flat.) If no fridge is available, add ice to the reservoir and fill it with water in the morning before you head out for the day. On a hot day, we refill the Camelbak at least once. 

Hint * If you stop for lunch at a restaurant, ask for water and refill the reservoir. That is a SUPER EASY way to save money over buying bottled water.

Chris also notes that the chilled water keeps his back cool throughout the day, and fortunately, it gets lighter as the water is consumed.

Another bonus * our girls are big enough that they each get a turn to carry the backpack too.

We have not encountered any tap water in Europe that is not safe to drink. If you are concerned, ask.

It is also common for us to bring a couple of empty water bottles from home (and we usually collect more during our travels) and fill those for me to tuck into the external side pockets of my backpack. Having the water bottles makes it easy to add a single-serve Zipfizz (peach mango is my favorite flavor) or Electrolyte pack to a bottle.

When you are in the hot sun and walking all day long, water is essential.

TIP #6 Use FREE WiFi to Save Money

If you can handle only using your phone when you have free WiFi access, you can save money. Many cafes and public places offer free WiFi; it is definitely becoming more accessible throughout the world. 

Just be mindful of the websites you visit and the login information you use on public WiFi. Hackers set up imposter networks surprisingly similar to legitimately offered networks in an attempt to steal your data.

To save on fees when making phone calls, I recommend that you connect with family and friends using Google, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger as long as you have a reliable internet connection. It is not quite as convenient, but a whole lot cheaper.

To avoid international cell phone bill shock for those of you who are infrequent travelers, for those who just need a reminder, or for those who may be traveling with kids who are normally glued to their devices, it is worth your time to research your provider’s international phone plans. Contact your provider’s customer support if you have questions. 

FYI, many international plans are offered at slower speeds.

Consider setting up a VPN connection to establish a secure connection between the internet and you.

“When you connect to the internet through a VPN, all your data traffic is sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This has multiple advantages:

1. You’ll be more anonymous on the internet: your IP address and location won’t be visible to just anyone anymore.

2. You’ll be safer on the internet: the encrypted tunnel will keep away hackers and cybercriminals and your device won’t be as vulnerable to attacks.

3. You’ll be more free on the internet: by using different IP addresses, you’ll be able to access websites and online services that would otherwise be blocked.”

VPN Explained

If using a VPN is an option for you as you travel, you will want to do some research before you leave home to get it set up.

I hope that I have sparked your thoughts with some ideas on SUPER EASY Ways to Save Money on Travel that you hadn’t considered before. 

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Super Easy Ways to save money on travel like a pro

Final Thoughts on 6 SUPER EASY Ways to Save Money on Travel

If you are a first-time traveler planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy, just remember to take your planning one step at a time. Travel can be exciting and fun. Begin building your vacation fund today and then start to implement these additional money saving ideas into your planning.

Want to know more SUPER EASY Ways to Save Money as You Travel?


Hint * TIP #10 is my favorite for making great family memories in the French or Italian countryside.

Do these tips make you excited to travel? Perhaps you are beginning to think, “Yes, I can actually do this!”

Do you still need a little more guidance? Want tips and suggestions for all aspects of your travel?

You’re in luck.

My SUPER EASY Travel Planning online course JUST LAUNCHED and guides you through the process of planning your trip and gives you confidence to:

  • Book air travel
  • Find lodging
  • Make transit reservations
  • Collect the necessary documents
  • Plan your day trips
  • Fine tune your packing for luggage and carry-ons
  • Make use of travel apps and websites
  • And so much more

This course is packed full of the essential advice you need as you begin your travel adventures—especially if you are traveling to Europe!

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1 year ago

I seriously can’t wait to travel again without all these COVID restrictions. Money-saving trips for travel are always so helpful and needed. 🙂

1 year ago

You are a pro! Love all these tips. I’ve never taken advantage of a pre-downloaded audio tour before, but definitely need to add that to our travel checklist for trips in the future!

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My husband and I are planning a trip in August for our anniversary. These were some good tips as we want to save as much as we can!

Timea Szoke
1 year ago

Great tips! Thanks for sharing them, some I’m already using but many to implement still.

1 year ago

Some great minimalist tips in this article!!

Pamela Malu
1 year ago

Seriously these tips are great, especially for people who have children. I have 4 kids, and my dream is to take them to Africa. I was planning to it this summer, but with COVID-19 restrictions, it didn’t work. I love your tips, and I enjoy saving money for later use because it is the only way to help me reach my goals. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

I’m a big fan of a picnic lunch or a super cheap bite to eat at a local spot. Also travel points are my best friend!!

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Great tips! I am huge on the miles and points. Life changing.

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So many great tips, thanks for sharing these!

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Ohhhh now I’m itching to travel! Great tips!

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1 year ago

Enjoyed. This was different.

1 year ago

These are amazing tips! I can’t wait to start traveling again. I’ve marked a few of these down for the future vacation! Thank you for sharing!

Heather LeGuilloux
1 year ago

This is a great reminder to start working on my vacation fund again.. it can be so helpful to have money put aside for a holiday and the pandemic has put this priority to the back of the list but I am hopeful that this changes soon! Thank you for all of these ideas about how to save money on traveling!

1 year ago

Oh, this post is giving me such an itch to travel again! These were great tips and I definitely agree that no matter where you go, it’s possible to save money while travelling. My most recent trip was to Japan, which everyone said was going to be so expensive. But I stayed in capsule hotels for only 10 dollars a night (and they were amazing and super comfortable) and ate like a local and my trip was not any more expensive than usual! I especially agree with your suggestion to travel like a local. It can be confusing to use subways at first but definitely saves you money!

Kelly Bolen
1 year ago

Great tips! I cannot wait to start going overseas again!!!

Sarah Waterbury
Sarah Waterbury
11 months ago

I agree about the hydration pack. We always bring one when we travel to Disney and get so many comments about it.

11 months ago

Great tips! I can’t wait to start traveling again

Sandra Whitmore
11 months ago

Like you, I get crabby when hungry so I always pack granola bars. I have paid for many flights with points from my Delta credit card. Good tips.

11 months ago

Minimizing packing is great advice! I always make sure to pack only what I know I’ll use.

11 months ago

Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

11 months ago

These are such great tips. If travel is something you love you really do need to prioritise it and start a vacay fund. At least, we can all start on that one before we open up for travel again… can’t wait!

11 months ago

These are very good tips, I should start looking into it again, particularly tip no.2. I feel like in Europe there aren’t that many good deals in terms of credit cards as there are in the USA. Maybe, I’m wrong…

11 months ago

These are great tips! I’m definitely going to look into the VPN, thanks!

11 months ago

Great tips, especially #3, although I’m still working on streamlining my packing!

11 months ago

These are all awesome tips! Creating a travel savings fund was such a game-changer for me. It’s great to know that there is money specifically set aside for traveling, so you don’t have to feel “guilty” pulling out of your savings. Also, I love bringing my own snacks! It saves so much money, and then you can spend money on the “foodie” experiences you really want to enjoy.

10 months ago

These are some very practical ways of saving money. I have been using all of them for my trips and they’ve been really helpful. Best thing I did was to sign up for a travel credit card, seriously made life so much better.

10 months ago

Use most of these money saving tips. #1 is especially important, just start with it.

Travel Addicted Unicorn
10 months ago

Those are some good tips, vacation fund is really good idea to have as traveling is not cheap especially now with covid.