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The #1 Best Way to Follow Promptings

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It is crazy to think that we should follow promptings even when buying a car. Crazy…yet true.

How To Follow Promptings

Chris and I had to run an errand in Boulder, Colorado in July of 2018 and decided just to stop and look at the Honda Acura dealer there. We had been thinking that it was time to sell our 2011 Honda Pilot. We were just casually looking for a new car though not feeling as though we needed to be in a particular rush about it. 

We test drove a few cars but didn’t have a lot of time before the dealership had closed for the evening. So, we went back to Boulder another night the next week and drove the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX. We really liked both vehicles, but the Pilot was a lot more comfortable for the long-legged people in our family.

As we drove home that night, Chris and I debated back and forth. Do we need to buy a car now or wait? We both came away with the idea that we should follow a new prompting and wait. What?

The next morning (a Sunday) after our last test drive, I had the feeling again that we were supposed to buy a car. 

Two promptings. One, buy a car. Two, wait.

Kind of weird, but the more specific idea that we should prepare to buy a car kept coming into my thoughts and would not leave me alone. I told Chris about it, and so we decided to look a little more at a few other options.

That was in July of 2018.

That summer, all of Colorado seemed to be pelted with hail at different times and in different areas of the state. Fast forward one month to August. Our particular area of Colorado was hit with a huge hail storm. Our 2011 Honda Pilot was damaged. Since we had already been thinking about selling the Pilot, Chris and I now waffled back and forth between fixing it to sell or selling it “as is”. Chris suggested that we wait to see what the insurance people would say about it.

The lady from the insurance company totaled the Pilot. It was some pretty severe hail. (Even the roof of our home had to be replaced!)

The inspiration in all of this? 

Why Follow Promptings

My friend, Nancy, once shared this concise description of one way in which she knows when the Spirit is speaking to or prompting her: “In the scriptures when the Lord says, ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid’ (John 14:27), He is speaking to His disciples. When I hear it in my head, He is speaking to me.”

And I have learned over the years that fine tuning my ears to the impressions from heaven and then acting is the best way for me to follow promptings.

I had an epiphany that God really knows how Chris and I work best when it comes to making a big purchase. 

We like to do our research. With a car, that means test driving different models, checking out the interior, researching online, and weighing the pros and cons. The inspiration came that we should follow promptings to buy a car even though we really weren’t in any hurry do so. That inspiration spurred us to do our research. 

And when the hail came, we pretty much knew what we wanted to buy and how much we were willing to spend. The research was already done.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Follow Promptings

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The number one way to follow promptings? Just do it.

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7 months ago

This is an awesome message! I sometimes struggle to know if those promptings are my own voice or God’s voice in the moment but when I follow them, I always see God’s hand in it. It’s amazing what He can do when you follow His promptings!