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Top 20 Travel Resolutions You Can Make Any Day of the Year

Updated: 11/28/2022

When you think of “resolutions”, the first thing that likely pops into your mind is “New Year’s Resolutions”. Wikipedia uses the words continue, change, accomplish and improve in their definition of New Year’s resolutions.

So you could say, New Year’s resolutions are traditionally goals you want to achieve to:

  • change a habit
  • create a new behavior
  • accomplish new objectives
  • improve your life at the beginning of each new year.

Would you agree that most people have good intentions at the beginning of January to make a change, start something new, go on a diet, etc.? Even the New York Times weighs in with advice on how to make (and keep) a resolution.

Resolutions Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

The Franklin Covey Habit #2 of the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® suggests that you should begin with the end in mind. Envision what you wish to see and then work to make it happen.

Many of us have dietary resolutions, money resolutions, or fitness resolutions. How about some new year travel resolutions?

What is the Good News About Making Travel Resolutions?

New year and Christmas travel for best new year captions for Instagram

The good news? While it can be good to set goals and even to make travel resolutions, these new ambitions can be set any day of the year—not just January 1st.

The best place to record your travel resolutions and ideas is in a journal. What better place than a travel journal where you can create your goals and then write about them as you live them?

Dreams don’t become reality unless YOU make them happen.

Perhaps you have said before, “If I had a million dollars, I would go…” We all have a list of places we dream of going…someday. Stop dreaming and start planning.

PS. You don’t need a million dollars.

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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ~ Colin Powell

Why Make Travel Resolutions or Goals?

Venice Italy canals and super easy ways to save money for your travel resolutions

Why indeed?

Resolutions are usually made at the beginning of a new year, however, many resolutions are also made when you reach the point where YOU are ready to make a significant change in your life. Resolutions can be a goal to do or not do something toward accomplishing a new goal or to simply break a habit.

Travel resolutions are the best kind of resolutions.

They are a great way to improve your understanding of the world, learn a new language, build confidence in you, go on an adventure instead of accumulating more stuff, motivate you to achieve a health-related travel resolutions, and inspire you to simply travel more.

So, get ready to activate your “out of office” email reply.

Here are some great travel resolutions that you can set any day of the year—travel resolutions which you can actually keep! Whatever date you see on the calendar, today is the beginning of your NEW YEAR, NEW YOU and it is time to set some goals and travel resolutions!

Travel Resolution #1: Make Travel a Priority

To accomplish this travel resolution to make travel a priority, sit down at the beginning of the year and plan out your vacation time and scheduled holidays for work. Coordinate family schedules if needed. You have to make a travel a priority or it just won’t happen.

If you are new to travel and one of your travel resolutions is to make travel a priority, take time to educate yourself. Learn tips and advice to be a confident traveler, especially when you travel internationally and to Europe; invest in a travel eBook or online course.

SUPER EASY Travel Planning: Boost Your Travel Confidence

An eBOOK chock full of information to inspire you in planning your next adventure.

Super easy travel planning course to help you plan a trip
CLICK the PIC to learn more!

Travel Resolution #2: Plan Ahead

When you plan out your travel schedule, you are able to:

  • Purchase tickets in advance at discounted rates
  • Book excursions
  • Research
  • Create a backup plan
  • Fill your schedule with exciting adventures
  • Have plenty of time to review your itinerary
  • Look for travel deals
  • Travel in the off-season
  • Enjoy the ANTICIPATION

And don’t forget to document your travel resolutions with the Ultimate Travel Planner (hardcover)—the perfect complement to the eBook!

Travel Resolution #3: Use ALL of Your Vacation Days

Use LastPass to store travel documents securely

Change your mindset at work from “they can’t get along without me” to “I am a much more productive employee when I have had time to relax and be rejuvenated through travel.” And then believe it.

When you do go on vacation, make sure you leave with your work all caught up and with the ability to hand off projects and work to another capable co-worker if necessary. You want to be able to completely disconnect if you can.

Set your email to “Out of Office” and then allow yourself the freedom to decompress and enjoy your vacation. It usually takes my husband two to three days to have an “I’m on vacation mindset.”

Travel Resolution #4: Start a Vacation Fund

Best travel tips are to start a vacation fund web stories

The goal when you create a vacation fund is to establish the habit to be purposeful in saving money for travel each month. It means getting your financial house in order.

The best time to start a vacation fund was twenty years ago. The next best time is now!” 

Starting today versus twenty years ago is totally do-able. If you travel regularly, you will find that you build up your vacation fund, plan a trip, use up your fund, and then start to build again.

Traveling, especially traveling overseas, is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many. Start saving money for travel today and your vacation fund will begin to grow until you are ready to go.

Where do you find the extra money to add to your vacation savings account?

  • Attend movies, plays or musical performances less often
  • Eat out less frequently
  • Limit clothing splurges and purchases
  • Bring a lunch for work
  • Cancel your music subscriptions
  • Cancel some or all cable tv subscriptions
  • Check out magazines and books from the library instead
  • Have a monthly budget
  • Bring your coffee from home
  • Buy store brand versus name brand
  • Give up smoking
  • Take a “staycation” now to save for a bigger vacation later
  • Use coupons
  • Have a garage sale
  • Institute a “no spend” day once a month

These sacrifices all support your dream of traveling and are worth the effort. You do not have to be excessively wealth to travel, but you do have to make saving for a trip a PRIORITY.

Travel Resolution #5: Plan Self-Care Travel and Celebrate You

NBC News suggests that there are scientifically proven reasons why travel can help you to be happier and healthier: travel relieves stress, inspires more creativity, and lowers the potential for depression.

In the next year, make travel resolutions to celebrate you and give yourself some much needed self care. Why?

The answer to that is different for everyone. Perhaps it means planning a getaway and adventure with your favorite someone. Maybe a trip with your girl friends or guy friends. Maybe you are ready to set out on a solo trip.

Here are a few ideas to spark your planning and travel resolutions:

  • Schedule a massage or spa treatment while on vacation. Yes, please!
  • Set aside time to meditate as you travel
  • Read or listen to a book while on vacation
  • Find a favorite podcast to listen to as you take the train from one destination to another
  • Get up a little earlier on vacation and enjoy the sunrise or visit tourist sites at a less crowded time
  • Enjoy nature with a hike.
  • Plan more outdoor adventures
  • Disconnect from social media while you travel
  • Take more pictures, be in more pictures
  • Plan your adventures so you don’t stress
  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Don’t overplan adventures or day to day activities…sometimes just wing it
  • Book a flight and enjoy the anticipation of an upcoming adventure
  • Make travel resolutions to fly somewhere new
  • Explore off the beaten path and try a new adventure

You may find that the anticipation and planning to accomplish your travel resolutions is almost as much fun as the travel itself. And you will likely come home rejuvenated to jump in to your day-to-day life again.

Travel Resolution #6: Save Money On Travel

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to making travel resolutions that many people list is MONEY!!!

There’s no doubt about it, you need money to travel. Lots of small money-saving steps for you add up to one giant leap to making and keeping travel resolutions. Discover 10 SUPER EASY Ways to Save Money on Travel to get you on your way.

If you are looking for more money-saving tips to change your life, consider checking out Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps and how they were successfully put to the test by a fellow blogger. You need to have your financial house in order to travel confidently.

You will find that the savings begin to add up and that your travel resolutions become a reality.

Travel Resolution #7: Choose to Eat Healthy as You Travel

Mahi Mahi tacos at Moondog restaurant

You may wonder, “Is choosing to eat healthy as you travel even possible?” Yes, it is possible and do-able. How?

Look for hotels that include breakfast with your stay.

If your accommodations allow, prepare at least one of your meals each day as you travel. If you stay in hotels, take advantage of the small fridge in your room and purchase lunch foods such as meats and cheeses or plan for yogurt and a muffin for breakfast.

Another option? If you choose a vacation rental or similar lodging, you should have access to a kitchen in your unit. Shop local markets for fresh and less expensive breakfast items and lunch fixings.

Bring a foldable cooler that fits neatly in the bottom of your luggage without taking up too much space. If you have a rental car, fill the cooler with lunch and healthy snacks and bring it with you.

You may find one of your greatest travel memories is the time you stopped for a picnic lunch along a French country roadside.

Plan ahead to eat healthy, and if possible, do some research in advance. Search Pinterest for healthy places to eat or even vegan options at your destination.

Allow yourself some indulgences too. Who goes to Italy without trying gelato, gnocchi, or pizza or to France without sampling crepes?

Travel Resolution #8: Drink Plenty of Water as You Travel

Bring a water bottle or two with you and refill your water bottles each night and freeze or refrigerate them.

Travel Resolution #9: Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

If you will permit, I will get a little bit personal here:

In 2021, I was finally fed up with the way I looked physically and wanted to make a change. I was NOT feeling confident in my own skin.

I determined to set a goal for myself where I would feel confident in wanting to have my picture taken, especially as I traveled.

Jolayne at Mt. Evans in a before weight loss picture
Before in July 2021
Jolayne After picture for weight loss as a travel resolution
After in December 2021

My husband, who is my biggest cheerleader, often says with encouragement,

“You have to own it!”

I am learning to embrace confidence. And I mean, really wrap my arms around it and “own it” for myself.

This is NOT a post that espouses that everyone needs to lose weight to feel better about themself! I just knew it was the right choice for me to reach a healthy weight and to make a change.

So, how DO YOU feel confident in your own skin? How DO YOU wrap your arms around confidence and “own it”?

Be confident in what you CAN do. Try new things. Celebrate new talents and gifts. Find ways to improve to magnify you. Your differences in this life as a blogger, traveler, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, or neighbor make you unique and your contributions worthwhile.

Travel Resolution #10: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your routine takes a lot of work. Would you agree?

You and I, we are creatures of habit and making changes away from our daily routine can be difficult. It is WHY you want to set new year travel resolutions. There’s the famous quote that says, “There is no growth in the comfort zone!”

The point in stepping out of your comfort zone and setting travel resolutions is to embrace new experiences, new cultures, new foods… new something.

In early 2022, I told Chris that I would consider paragliding with him from Mt. Pilatus on our 25th anniversary trip to Switzerland. He promptly did some research, found a reputable company, and made reservations for the both of us (before I had a chance to change my mind!) I did not allow myself time to think about the possibility.

As time came for our scheduled tandem paragliding session, I was still trying not to be nervous about running toward the edge of a mountain and jumping off. And, do you know what? I did it, and it was awesome.

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Travel Resolution #11: Streamline Your Packing

There is the temptation when you travel to pack too much, thinking, “I might need that.” In reality, you will not likely use all of the items you pack. Learning what is necessary to pack and how to maximize your packing is essential.

Will you be buying new luggage or do you need to update?

If you don’t have wheeled luggage, that should be your first travel investment. Consider the weight of your suitcase. If you are traveling by train or you are simply having to lift your luggage to store it, be sure it is light enough that you can easily lift it over your head.

  • Invest in some travel essentials
  • Pare down what you bring in your carry-on
  • Check MY FAVORITE TRAVEL THINGS for ideas and recommendations on luggage, clothing, toiletries, etc.
  • Learn to repack your toiletries after you arrive home so they are ready for next trip
  • Use packing lists

Sign up below to receive the International Travel Planner complete with packing lists for women, for men, and for your carry on.

You might find it helpful to invest in some travel-specific clothing for men and women with zippered and secure pockets.

Travel Resolution #12: Take Care of Your Feet

Invest in good walking shoes for travel. You might love these Asics (they’re my favorite).

If you plan to purchase new shoes for your vacation, be sure to spend some time breaking them in before you leave home.

Even with the most comfortable shoes that you own, you might also want to bring along Band-aids or Moleskin.

Travel Resolution #13: Stay Healthy as You Travel

Often, the busiest days fall right before you leave for a trip. With all of the last minute to-dos, double checking reservations, and getting work ready to hand off to someone while you are gone, you may find that you aren’t getting enough sleep or eating well.

It would be a shame to spend so much time and money on a trip only to get sick right before you travel.

Tips for Staying Healthy When You Travel

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Make a plan to drink lots of water.
  • Pack some healthy snacks in your carry on: applesauce pouches, Built Bars, nuts.
  • Get up and move around during your flight.
  • Consider some compression socks for the flight.
  • Pack 2 or 3 days of your prescription medications in your carry on.
  • Also travel with over the counter medications such as decongestants, meds for a headache, or something for an upset stomach.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it often.
  • Use wipes to wipe down the area around you on the airplane and in your hotel room.
  • Be picky when you choose your seat on a plane.
  • Exercise or move!

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Travel Resolution #14: Create a Bucket List

Have you ever thought, “I would love to go there someday…“?

If yes, that’s the first step in fulfilling another one of your travel resolutions. Grab your travel journal and add the location to the wish list of your travel dreams.

You could also map your dream destinations on a map with brightly colored push pins.

Start a travel bucket list as a means to stay motivated to reach your travel resolutions. It really is a goal that is easy to keep. Once started, you can check “Create a Bucket List” off your travel resolutions list and then keep adding to it as new ideas come to mind.

You might want to start by brainstorming a few ideas on your own, with your family and friends, or with a significant other. You can also research online, make notes of ideas you find on social media, or search on Pinterest.

Here are a few ideas of destinations that might spur some ideas for your own Bucket List:

  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. Visit all 7 continents
  3. Hike to Machu Picchu
  4. Cruise the Mediterranean
  5. Take photos of hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey
  6. Explore Jerusalem
  7. Hike through Cinque Terre
  8. Go on a safari
  9. See the Northern Lights

What would you add to your list?

Travel Resolution #15: Consider Travel Close to Home

Plan a staycation at home or state-cation within your home state or area.

A staycation suggests searching for events, hikes, or adventures that allow you to stay home and then plan day trips.

In order to really make this work, you would need to take time off, disconnect from work and answering emails, and allow yourself to unwind with lazy mornings and no chores…just as you would if you were on vacation.

With a state-cation, you might find that you are finally able to visit some of those places closer to home that you have always wanted to see.

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Ideas for Travel Close to Home:

  • Go camping
  • Plan hiking trips
  • Visit national or state parks that are close by (or a local park)
  • Check out “Things to Do In…” on TripAdvisor and be a tourist in your own town or nearby
  • Stay in an Airbnb
  • Go to a museum, zoo, or art gallery
  • Book a spa day
  • Look for a cooking class or food tour
  • Go to the beach, pool, or local recreation center
  • Go shopping
  • Watch a movie in your backyard
  • Take a nap
  • Play tennis, golf, or go mountain biking
Hanging Lake hikes in Colorado and adventures in Glenwood Springs

Travel Resolution #16: Plan for Weekend Getaways

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I do believe it is time for another adventure,” consider making plans for a weekend getaway. Getaways and adventures are a great way to reconnect as a couple, explore with your family, and see the world.

Just getting away from the same old same old for a weekend can be rejuvenating.

And it is another one of the travel resolutions that can be easy to keep. Plan around school holidays or take off after work on Friday afternoon and be back home again Sunday evening to start back to work Monday morning.

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Travel Resolution #17: Be Spontaneous

Girl jumping at the beach

With all of this talk of planning and travel resolutions, allow yourself to be spontaneous too. Don’t be afraid to toss the schedule and “wing it.”

When our daughter contracted Covid in 2022 right before we were supposed to leave on a cruise to Norway, Chris and I had to quickly make alternative plans. We found ourselves in the Cotswolds for a week without a prior plan (’cause we are planners and that’s how we like to roll).

But we had the best week exploring and making plans on the fly. It really helped us to see that spontaneity in travel is a good thing.

Leave room in your travel for a quick stop at an unplanned destination, for a chance to explore an amazing neighborhood, or especially for down time if you are traveling with kids! Some of our most memorable moments come from simply wandering around a new city.

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Travel Resolution #18: Be In More Pictures

Because I am a adventurer who is also all about taking pictures when I travel, my Canon 6d Mark II camera, lenses and accessories are essential to bring along when I travel. Seriously, I don’t leave home without them!

But that means that I am not always in pictures. If this is you, hand over the camera. Prove that you were on vacation too!

Travel Resolution #19: Use Technology

Gypsy guide audio tour and best travel apps

Technology will often be your lifeline as you travel.

Be sure to charge all of your devices and portable chargers the night before you leave for your trip. And every night while traveling.

I highly recommend that you also password protect all of your devices.

If you are using your phone throughout the day for taking photos, getting directions, checking maps, figuring out transportation, or using the internet, don’t forget to pack a portable charger (or two) so you can recharge your phone when needed. Charge them each night.

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Travel Resolution #20: Try New Foods

I’ll be honest. I am not very good at this.

My husband, who travels for work, is much more adventurous at trying new things. Foods such as larvae, crickets and guacamole, ant eggs, and cow tongue tacos. That is not my thing.

There are some foods that I am totally open to trying though: beignets, crepes, white asparagus soup, gnocchi, tarte flambee…mmmm.

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Travel resolutions to make any day of the year

Final Thoughts on the Top 20 Travel Resolutions You Can Make Any Day of the Year

Pick one or two of these travel resolutions and begin working on them today.

If you love these ideas on how to make great travel resolutions any time of the year, consider signing up to receive my monthly newsletter where I share travel tips, my favorite travel items, travel news, and recently posted travel articles. The newsletter is sure to spark some ideas.

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11 months ago

These are great resolutions! My tip travel resolution this year is to eat healthier while traveling. I tend to go overboard and end up gaining weight every trip I take

Travel A-Broads
11 months ago

Love this list! I especially would love to focus on self-care travel in the new year. Xx Sara

11 months ago

I love all of these resolutions – but especially feeling good in your own skin & making sure you use up all of your vacation days! It’s so easy to forget that self care can go hand in hand with traveling as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

11 months ago

These are great. I also like how you integrated the products and not just listed them as I have seen on many sites.

11 months ago

Love this post! Such practical and inspirational resolutions and tips to make travel a reality any day of the year!

Linda (LD Holland)
11 months ago

I like the idea of setting travel resolutions. And to think about things to do and not to do. Many of the resolutions you shared sure resonate with me. Even if I never seem to pack less. I would add trying not to be penny wise and pound foolish. Sometimes a little extra cost is worth it to save time or a lot of work! 

11 months ago

Great ideas for travel resolutions! I really need to plan more weekend getaways this year.

Lenore | The Nitty Gritty Travel OT

I love these resolutions and I’m happy to say I practice a few on the list. I love self-care travel, and saving for travel. Incorporating travel into my life is so important and you’re right, resolutions can be enacted any time of the year!

11 months ago

These are great travel resolution suggestions. I will probably try to do weekend getaways more. Definitely going to incorporate healthy eating in my travels.

11 months ago

We’ve started to really love taking little trips close to home. It’s fun to discover new places where you live!

11 months ago

I like your resolutions. My favorite is to travel more! There is always something new and exciting to see.

11 months ago

This is such a fun post! I love making travel resolutions for myself each year. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

Travelling Tam
11 months ago

Cute ideas! It’s been a tough 2 years with no travel so perhaps I should jot some of these in my journal to make me feel a bit better about the upcoming year

11 months ago

I love these travel resolutions! Eating healthier when we travel should definitely be up there on my list! I’ll work on that in 2022! Thanks for the inspiration!

11 months ago

I love, love, LOVE your travel resolutions! I will definitely refer to it again 🙂

10 months ago

Love these tips! You’re so right that it doesn’t need to be new years to make a resolution. For me it was always just diving in and stopping thinking about it.

Alaina Thomas
10 months ago

I love how you mention a goal of disconnecting from social media while traveling. Often people log in to social media to document their experiences, but putting the phone down and waiting until travel ends can provide a much needed break.

Hanna Long
10 months ago

Love this! I am especially loving: Plan Self-Care Travel and Celebrate You – I am going to do this for sure!

Josy A
10 months ago

Loads of great ideas here – you have enough ideas to make resolutions for years! I especially like the emphasis on staying healthy and making a positive impact as you travel.

10 months ago

These are all really great ideas for resolutions! Self-care travel is a great way to go — I’m hoping to get to travel more again if things ever calm down over here!

John Brown
10 months ago

I love the resolutions, this is change your life! That’s too helpful!

10 months ago

I love your list of 10 Travel Resolutions. It’s so inspirational and motivated to travel. For sure, Travel More and Make It a Priority is on the top of my list as well.

Renata -
Renata -
10 months ago

These are very interesting and also inspirational ideas. However, since I’m a devoted planner, my goal should rather be to organize less and let go more often. I guess any approach has an upside and a downside, right?!

Nomagugu Hlatywayo
Nomagugu Hlatywayo
21 hours ago

I struggle with maintaining healthy eating while traveling because I’m always eating out. From now on, I’ll put the hotel bar fridge to good use!

14 hours ago

Great ideas, thank you for sharing these!! 🙂