California coast at sunset

15+ FREE Gorgeous Photos: Wallpaper for Your iPhone to Inspire Travel

Are you looking to add a little Instagram-worthy eye candy to your LOCK screen or HOME screen on your iPhone? Eye candy that inspires travel? You can do that by adding gorgeous photos to use as wallpaper for your iPhone.

I love to take photos as I travel, and while you might find some of your favorites from simplyjolayne as you scroll through Instagram, now you can save some of my favorites to your phone too!

Heather in Bologna Italy shows a creative way to display travel photos
Heather in Italy

If you need similar instructions for adding photos to the wallpaper of your Android phone, Google offers some easy-to-follow instructions.

Why Do You Need Wallpaper for Your iPhone?

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I spend a lot of time on my iPhone (and iPad) blogging, posting to social media, wasting time, and doing blogging STUFF. Let’s face it. I bet you do too.

We all spend time on our phones.

IMPROVE your phone experience with aesthetic photos perfect for your HOME screen and LOCK screen. PLUS, if you are dreaming of travel, I’ve got some great photos to inspire your travel wanderlust and encourage you to create the travel bucket list of your dreams.

The photos on this post are FREE for you to use and are all taken by me.

If you need guided tutorials on how to start your own blog, check out these posts:

How Do You Save These Photos as Wallpaper For Your iPhone

You have the option of saving photos for your HOME screen or for your LOCK Screen. Your Lock Screen photo is the background photo you see each time you “wake up” your phone.

Your Home Screen appears when you unlock your screen and see all of your APPS overlaying the background photo on your screen.

There are even options for setting dynamic or live photo wallpaper. The options for personalizing your lock screens are growing all of the time.

The best way to save these photos as wallpaper for your iPhone is to upload them to the phone itself. Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you how!

How to Add an Image to Your Photo Library

Be sure you are viewing this blog post on your phone.

Scroll to the FREE image in this post that you want to save to your phone.

Haiyaha Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in the world
Lake Haiyaha in RMNP Colorado

Hold your finger on the photo until a box pops up on your screen prompting you to Share, Save to Photos, or Copy

How to save pics as wallpaper for your iphone

Save the image to your camera roll by clicking “Save to Photos”

How to Save an Image as Wallpaper for Your iPhone

Now, find the image in your camera roll and click the icon on the bottom left side that looks like a document with an arrow pointing up.

Camera roll app icone
Camera Roll App Icon
Save photos as wallpaper for your iPhone

When prompted, scroll down to “Use as Wallpaper”.

How to save pics as wallpaper for your iphone

You may wish to adjust the photo on your screen using two fingers to move or crop. Due to the varying nature of screen sizes, you may need to adjust the photo to the right or left, up or down, or zoom in or out to make the photo fit your screen just the way you want. Then click “Done”.

How to save a picture as wallpaper for your iphone

You will have the option to “Set as Wallpaper Pair” for both the Home and Lock Screen or to “Customize Home Screen”.

How to save a picture as wallpaper for your iphone

Choose “Set as Wallpaper Pair”.

Click the “Customize” button to change either the Lock Screen (on the left) or the Home Screen (on the right).

When you have your Lock Screen set, you can use the same photo for your Home Screen or add another photo by clicking the “Customize” button. Unless you like the blurred look, be sure to turn off “Blur” so that you can see the picture clearly.

How to save a picture as wallpaper for your iphone

I added a different photo to my home screen.

How to save a picture as wallpaper for your iphone


Fall Photos for Wallpaper for Your iPhone

Vibrant fall color in Varenna Italy
Varenna, Italy in the Fall
Seeing Fall Foliage at Endovalley is one of the best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park as well as use the gypsy guide audio tour
Fall in RMNP Colorado
North Carolina Fall foliage
Fall in North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Images from Europe as Wallpaper for your iPhone

Freddy Mercury Statue Montreaux, Switzerland Europe Travel
Freddy Mercury Statue in Montreux, Switzerland
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland-with tips to take better travel photos
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland
View of Monterosso in the best things to do in Cinque Terre
Monterosso in Cinque Terre, Italy

Iconic Photos for Your iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

Red phone booth in the United Kingdwom
Red Phone Booth in the United Kingdom
Eiffel Tower in Paris France in black and white offering great reasons to visit Paris as romantic getaways for couples
Black and White Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Fun things to do in San Francisco with kids
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

Sunset Photos for Wallpaper on iPhone

Sunset in Oceanside California Spring Break
Sunset in Oceanside, California
California coast at sunset
Big Sur at Sunset, California
Sunset from Oberhaupt on Mt. Pilatus
Sunset at Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

Scenery Photos for iOS Aesthetic Wallpaper

Snowshill is one of the pretty villages in the Cotswolds
Snowshill, Cotswolds
Cow in Switzerland
Cow in Switzerland
Blue door in the Cotswolds
Blue Door in Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Camera Gear You Can Use to Take the Best iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper Photos

Whether you choose to use any of these photos from simplyjolayne or take photos of your own, you will need some camera gear or the camera on your iPhone to take the photos (and to add to your iPhone wallpaper).

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Final Thoughts on 15+ FREE Gorgeous Photos: Wallpaper for Your iPhone to Inspire Travel

I hope that you find a picture or two that you love from this list of gorgeous wallpaper for your iPhone photos. More importantly, I hope these pictures inspire you to create a bucket list, to plan travel, and to post and share your photos.

Your friends might just marvel at your wallpaper iPhone lock screen. If they do, point them to this post so they can add a little eye candy and travel inspiration to their phone too.

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1 month ago

What a lovely idea to use your photos as wallpaper. Also, you’re photos are amazing! I especially like the cow one. That should add some spice to my phone.
Thanks for sharing!

1 month ago

The pictures are so soothing to the eye. It’s a great view to start your day!

1 month ago

Thanks for sharing. I have so many photos on my phone that I could use, so those tips come really useful. Many thanks!

1 month ago

Wonderful tips! I just got a new phone about an hour ago, so I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon 🙂

Laureen Lund
1 month ago

Cool post and the tutorial is awesome and easy to understand. Thanks.

1 month ago

Thanks for sharing these wallpapers with us. Happy new year!

Andrea Cannon
Andrea Cannon
1 month ago

Love these so much for travel inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

1 month ago

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing these so that others can enjoy them too.

1 month ago

This is such a creative blog post. I love the pictures you provided and the great step-by-step instructions. Thank you!!

29 days ago

This is eye candy! I love all the travel inspiration wallpapers!

Jenn Record
29 days ago

Great photos! I am grateful for your instructions on how to use the technology, which is always my biggest struggle!

28 days ago

This is such a great idea!! I am going to save this article and update the background of my phone all the time.

27 days ago

I need to step up my phone wallpaper situation. Looking at a beach all day would help my mood for sure. 🙂

26 days ago

I love the Lucerne wallpaper!